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ImaginaryStrike5936 t1_j5ptr0o wrote

I had my 14kw roof mounted system installed for around $35k in August 2022 by Trinity Solar. They did great work and were reasonably priced, based on other quotes. We bought the panels but financed them through Sunnova. It was no money down and a decently low rate. Plus we will be getting almost $10k in rebates from the feds with our taxes.

You make a good point about that rate hikes. That plus inflation may be the reason for the increase.


fluffheaaaaad t1_j5pv8d9 wrote

Interesting. Trinity actually reached out to me first, then told me I wasn’t worth their time if I wasn’t going to cut a large tree down.

Other Solar estimates with the tree in place still appears to save me money.

Maybe I’ll try them again, but not off to a great start.


Kindly_Vanilla4928 t1_j5qc9ai wrote

Be sure to read the sun nova loan details. At one point they had thousands of dollars as a fee, which is not required to be added to the APR calculation. So they advertised .99% APR but fine print had a ridiculous 8k fee.


ImaginaryStrike5936 t1_j5rt8mr wrote

Not sure if it’s the same deal but Sunnova deal had an option to pay them $8k after 18-months to keep the rate around $100/ month. If I didn’t the rate went up to $150/ month. But the rebate from the feds is essentially $8k. But I’m keeping the $8k from the feds and will pay a bit more every month.


quantum_guy t1_j5rq217 wrote

I just got a $52.8k quote for a 16.8kw roof system.


yudkib t1_j5rw913 wrote

That’s definitely high but like you said you’re not their only caller right now


ManhattanMadMan t1_j5rzkuu wrote

Paid about 51k before incentives for a 14.5kw system about 1.5 years ago. Sunpower.