Submitted by Avator_ t3_10k86je in Connecticut

I arrived in the US with a State Department-funded student program and later sought protection in fear of persecution in my home country when I return. I saved some cash during the program and lived with it, but now I am short on cash. I looked for a job online to get by, but most jobs require SSN and a work permit, which I would receive in July or August.

I am wondering if there is any cash job/employment available in Connecticut. Could you please share the information about where I can search for a job (Agency) or any organization that helps with employment?




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Saint_Chrispy1 t1_j5oxn7v wrote

You could contact the department of labor with your state department information and registration papers for your SSN and see if the can either expedite it or hook you up with a tax id number for now


Yum_Kaax t1_j5p57yp wrote

Those would more or less be the same jobs for undocumented immigrants. Washing dishes, landscaping, construction, stuff like that. The suggestion below of contacting the DoL is good but the DoL can be less than helpful.


Malkor t1_j5qdbnl wrote

>State Department-funded student program

Assuming you're in school... check with your school. There's on-campus jobs, and there is usually a Career Development office. USE THEM, make them rue the day you asked for a resume once-over, and don't feel bad about it!