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namastayhom33 t1_j5qihay wrote

How will Eversource feel about this..


Burwylf t1_j5qikky wrote

They couldn't be reached for comment


BenjTheMaestro t1_j5ra6dr wrote

They’re too busy working on a giant machine to block out the sun so we need more energy.


auntiemaury t1_j5sd3ny wrote

They've been watching that episode of the Simpsons on repeat


ThemesOfMurderBears t1_j5qott3 wrote

You were charged a delivery fee because you posted this comment.


namastayhom33 t1_j5rcmpu wrote

Sucks for them, I’m solar


turboda t1_j5rg9j6 wrote

Your still using them if you are.


NotSurHowTitanicEnds t1_j5rrz1y wrote

Youre actually helping them out too. They’re selling energy you overproduce to your neighbors. They charge your neighbors the same high price as everyone else but it cost Eversource very little. Im all for solar, just not Eversource benefiting from it.


russsl8 t1_j5qmpfj wrote

They're ecstatic; it just means your meter is gonna start whirring once you turn on your lights.


justweazel t1_j5qqzui wrote

While funny, LED bulbs are cheap and efficient. I’m starting to think I’m the outlier who barely lights the house and has the blackout shades pulled during the day if I’m at home.

Someone tell me I’m not the only one


BisexualDisaster29 t1_j5qsezh wrote

I don’t have blackout shades, but I only turn on the lights if I need them, like when I’m cooking. Otherwise, I maneuver in the dark.


russsl8 t1_j5qvlnn wrote

Well, it was meant as a joke. 😜

We, too, have all LED bulbs in our house, and my wife and I do make an effort to turn off lights in the house in rooms that are currently uninhabited. But as anyone with kids can attest there's always wasted electricity due to rooms with lights on and no one in the room.


crazybipolarbabe t1_j5r4bdy wrote

I can attest. Walking around the house multiple times a day to turn off all the lights the kids left on is how I get my exercise.


Jackers83 t1_j5rvaen wrote

Omg, that is the truth. Everyday I remind my kids. In one ear out the other.


tdawg210 t1_j5rvf9y wrote

Motion sensor switches! Legrand sells them in the box stores. The adorne collection is aesthetic and has numerous options.


Quenz t1_j5t56em wrote

Cellphone light only, unless I'm actively doing something with my hands.


FancyStegosaurus t1_j5rb1ya wrote

Hello lamppost

Whatcha knowin'?

I've come to watch

Your power flowin'


Ihavedumbriveraids t1_j5r4doj wrote

It's adorable that you think Eversource has feelings. It's as if you expect them to give a shit which they clearly do not.


ProInvestCK t1_j5rckgf wrote

They will always be Candle Lights & Propane to me


Sunsailor76 t1_j5qrv8a wrote

Eversource will feel Ike “The future is bright.”


dirtyMETHOD t1_j5rs1q4 wrote

Probably just raise some prices, that’s how they feel


AConnecticutMan t1_j5s3dh2 wrote

They are still assessing your comment, reaction estimated at 5 p.m. tomorrow


Enginerdad t1_j5tn1lf wrote

If it was scientifically possible, Eversource would shift the tilt and rotation of the earth to place Connecticut in the dark for 80% of the year.


JZup t1_j5ulqgw wrote

They are prepared to charge us and arm and a leg...also they are prepared for us to lose power with any storm.