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notablyunfamous t1_j6bev0p wrote

If you can get into a nice area it’s great. My wife and I regularly got into New Haven for bars, restaurants, for music, plays, entertainment.. etc.


rysimpcrz t1_j6bq26y wrote

I think New Haven is much nicer now then when I was there for 2 years in the late 90s. The cost has definitely crept up over the years.


as1126 t1_j6cx7g8 wrote

It's on the NY Times list of 52 places to visit in the world in 2023, so someone thinks highly enough of it to get recommended. I'd say it's trending in the right direction.


radish-slut t1_j6blxv3 wrote

i personally enjoy new haven. i don’t live there but i do have a good time whenever i go. plenty of culture (by usa standards) concerts at college st music hall or woolsey hall if you like classical, good food, especially pizza, quite walkable for the most part (again, by us standards). however, all that stuff is mostly clustered around downtown, once you get into the suburbs it gets kinda shitty/boring


D_Squiz t1_j6cwdra wrote

My wife and I lived in New Haven for over 3 years (1 downtown and 2 East Rock) and loved it. The city is fantastic, super walkable, with lots going on. We moved there not knowing anyone and joined an adult kickball league (WAKA) and meet basically all our current adult friends there.

Other then a single nighttime parking garage car break in (which can happen anywhere) we had zero issues with crime or feeling unsafe. It’s the perfect small city with museums, concerts, epic food, and fantastic train access. I’d highly recommend New Haven.


keepitupxxx t1_j6d0f3z wrote

If you find a nice location you will enjoy New Haven offerings


beaveristired t1_j6eznr2 wrote

I’ve lived in New Haven for 15 years. Moved here from Boston. It’s a great little city, with much of the culture, arts, dining, music, nightlife, theater, that you find in a larger city in a smaller, more accessible package. Best neighborhoods: East Rock, Westville, Wooster Square, downtown, Beaver Hills.


VapedScoops t1_j6bnega wrote

I lived there for 2 years and hated every minute of it, but I also lived on Winchester Ave lol. Lots of crime/police activity, idiotic drivers, and both my gf’s car and mine got hit and run a few weeks apart from each other.

Sure there’s night life and restaurants but that wasn’t our thing. We are much happier in rural CT now


Old_Size9061 t1_j6d1ont wrote

Yeah, Winchester Avenue isn’t where I’d suggest living tbh


daveashaw t1_j6dotfp wrote

Should change the name to Glock Avenue to stay current with the times.


EmuBoth t1_j6ih49g wrote

walking in neighborhoods. good parks. schools are better than people say and kids can graduate with free college Promise scholarships, more cultural festivals and arts than ever, diversity, farmington trail walking path. small town vibe with bigger city offerings.


Ok-Shame5542 t1_j6dln7m wrote

I live in Hamden, near state street in the suburbs. Its nice, til you get on Dixwell Ave


IMNOT_A_LAWYER t1_j6fh64p wrote

The city has great food and great culture. However, owning in New Haven comes with much higher taxes than some surrounding options you may want to consider (Milford, Orange, or Woodbridge).


Taurus-The-Bull t1_j6dhpqn wrote

Pros: The proximity to good food.

Cons: Everything else.


letstry822 t1_j6cwz7x wrote

Property taxes just went up, my mortgage jumped $170 a month and for what? So I can hear the drag racing on Rt 80 again? That went on for years, finally the city and police chief made a statement regarding the interruption of the businesses on the street, nothing of the people that live there and have to hear that still going on at 2am. The drivers here and the state in general are horrendous. Had a roommate rip me off a few years ago, cop said they really couldn't do anything, only to find out yes he could have only he was too lazy to do an actual investigation. I won't even talk about what happened in the back of the prisoner transport van recently. Yale owns practically all of downtown, so there goes tax revenue. If it wasn't for Yale, New Haven would be another Bridgeport, and Yale knows it so they get a pass from the city. If I could afford to move I would, this city sucks.


Old_Size9061 t1_j6d1tbv wrote

To be fair, you’ll have no luck finding better police elsewhere.