Submitted by NLCmanure t3_10azlno in Connecticut

Cruising along at 50mph in a 50 zone. Got a bunch of vehicles in front of me. I give the vehicle in front of me some room so I don't risk a rearend job. Don't know if someone in the line needs to take a left turn or stop unexpectedly. Clown behind me is so close I can't see his head lights. I don't want to get rear ended because of what's in front of me. WTF. I can't make everyone in front of me go faster so back TF off and calm down.

EDIT: some seem to think I'm talking about a limited access highway like 95 or 84. Instead this is on a secondary 2 lane highway with driveways and side roads.



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AdminsDontListen t1_j478s12 wrote

General driving advice: get a dashcam


NLCmanure OP t1_j47f1mx wrote



Kodiak01 t1_j47lsrp wrote

Front AND rear-facing.


AdminsDontListen t1_j47ra4g wrote

And spend the extra money to get one with GPS/speed too

If you ever need it, it will be worth its weight in gold; mine has saved me from 3 bogus tickets since the pandemic started. Hundreds of dollars in fines/fees dodged!


Kodiak01 t1_j47w7av wrote

/r/dashcam is a good place for anyone to start their search.


NLCmanure OP t1_j480j9o wrote

Thanks everyone for that. Everyone has some great info on dashcams


EdRedSled t1_j47vild wrote

With the amount of hit and runs on the news I am wondering if a CDL sticker is a smarter option


TheSmokingLoon t1_j48h27a wrote

Why advertise you can drive truck?


EdRedSled t1_j49i6om wrote

I must have the acronym wrong. … I see those stickers around conceal carry permits or something like that…


TheSmokingLoon t1_j49vgzk wrote

I was hoping to use the letterkenny reference. But seriously tho. If you use one of those Even then... If you do have a permit to carry a concealed weapon to advertise that you have one is a stupid mistake. I've always wondered why people get those it just makes you a target for gun thieves, it literally yells I have a gun which defeats the purpose of having a concealed weapon for your own/family defense.


Beamarchionesse t1_j49j9kd wrote

A CDL is a commercial drivers license. It's what qualifies a person to drive a commercial vehicle, like it says. According to the Internet it can also stand for "Call of Duty League" but most people I know with CDL decals on their cars are advertising that they're truck drivers. You might be getting it mixed up with a CCW decal. I've never seen one but apparently they exist, and it looks like they're done in the same black & white format.


mischavus618 t1_j4awe1k wrote

Can ANYONE make me replay the footage to them? Or worse, give them a copy? Let’s say a cop wants to see it at the site of an accident and I know it won’t help me? Would an insurance company subpoena it? It would be gone by then.

Before I jump I figured I’d ask.

Thank you!


marche_au_supplice t1_j4bl17d wrote

If there were a lawsuit over an accident or other incident where your dash cam recorded something relevant, then yes, you could likely be forced to turn it over to the parties to the suit.

I don’t think people get dash cams planning to themselves be bad drivers. If you’re planning to break the law, it’s generally a bad idea to record yourself doing it.

And destroying the video could be a crime or sanctioned.


SnowTech t1_j479f6t wrote

I call them snowless plows.


_343_Guilty_Spark__ t1_j4778ho wrote

Just take your foot off the gas. Don’t brake check obviously but they need to respect your space and proper driving safety. Do you have dash cams?


NLCmanure OP t1_j47ezw0 wrote

I don't have one but have thought about getting one for myself and the wife.


scooobsmama t1_j47g5pz wrote

Do it for sure. I actually am looking for one myself after hearing testimonials from people on reddit saying the dashcams eventually pay for themselves when they catch something important.


NLCmanure OP t1_j47jffd wrote

have you gotten any recommendations from anyone on a particular cam to purchase? I'd be interested in knowing what is a good one for a reasonable price and what features to look for. Thanks.


scooobsmama t1_j47lojm wrote

BlackVue or Garmin seem to be the most favorable options based on the research I've done!


Fight_the_bastards t1_j47rvw4 wrote

R/dashcam has more information than anyone could ever need about, well, dash cameras.


Poseylady t1_j47kgfi wrote

I’d love to know this as well!


scooobsmama t1_j47lswt wrote

See above comment where I replied to OP!:) just replying to your comment so you see it now that I posted it. Stay safe out there!


LittleJohnStone t1_j47l6m4 wrote

I feel like the dashcam industry has probably shot up with the popularity of r/IdiotsInCars


uuuge t1_j48myct wrote

Best 200 I ever spent. It records a 4 hour or so loop and then starts to record over itself. Any crazy shit goes down I just tap the button and it downloads it to my phone. Then I can upload it to YouTube or send it to the police.

I also have used it to get out of an insurance fraud case where a new york driver and his wife lied to the police about crossing into my lane and hitting my vehicle. I showed him the footage on scene and he wrote them a ticket, and I used the footage in court, and got my brand new 60k truck totalled and replaced no questions asked from their insurance company.

If you don't have one, depending on the state, it's your word against the other driver, and the insurance company will just do what saves them the most money.


EccentricNarwhal t1_j47lc2b wrote

I didn't that after an accident and a few other close calls. Thankfully it hasnt caught anything good since I got it.

Its cheap insurance


FluffyBiscuitx2 t1_j47vra8 wrote

Someone traveling that close to you doesn’t care about your personal space, but it’ll probably make them aggravated enough to go around you.


Sofa_king1175 t1_j478zw7 wrote

This is driving in Connecticut. If you drive the speed limit, no matter what road( residential streets, highways, freeway), or time of day, people will tailgate you. It’s fucking absurd. I’m originally from the DC metro and I have to say for all the shithead driving that goes on down there, I find CT drivers far worse.


JesusGodLeah t1_j49brb6 wrote

It's not even that. You can be going 20+ over the speed limit and people will still tailgate you.

Why would I be driving 20+ miles over the speed limit? To try and create some space between me and the person who has been tailgating me. 😔


Flimsy-Field-8321 t1_j47irzv wrote

I had something terrifying happen on 15 the other day in Hamden. I was in the fast lane, in traffic at the going speed. Asshole tailgates me so close it was crazy. I couldn't move over because there were cars on the right. Asshole doesn't care and zooms around to the front of me and SLAMS on his brakes. As in he comes to a stop. Thank (inset deity here) my reflexes are good and I was able to stop. Further thanks that the guys behind me was not a tailgater and was also able to stop. Asshole took off before I could get his plate. I have heard from friends that they have also had this happen. I bet it is an attempt to get rear ended and sue.


crankygeese t1_j4hotlc wrote

Saw someone do that in Fairfield yesterday. Was swerving across two lanes brake checking constantly and trying to get people to hit him. Absolutely insane.


MenaciaJones t1_j48o8ra wrote

So glad I never go to Hamden, it’s really gone downhill. Scary!


dmillzz t1_j4961o8 wrote

Ah yes, because the only people who drive on the Merritt in Hamden are residents of Hamden.


theundeadpixel t1_j47yci2 wrote

No matter how fast you get they’ll always be right there behind you, you could be going 60 65 70 in a 50 and they’ll still be right there behind you


JesusGodLeah t1_j49bdfs wrote

Then as soon as they spot the smallest possible gap they'll get over into the other lane and tailgate that person until they spot another gap and get back over into your lane and tailgate the person who was in front of you, and on and on and on. They never use turn signals, and they never turn their lights on if it's dark and/or weathering out.


crownemoji t1_j49qzsn wrote

And if they do turn their lights on, you know it's gonna be the brightest fuckin blue LEDs you've ever seen. Instant daylight.


empire161 t1_j4d711b wrote

And these are the same people who will post in here about people driving slow in the left lane.


[deleted] t1_j4ae7at wrote



Phantastic_Elastic t1_j4itr7q wrote

No one owes you anything. The person in front of you has the right of way. And tailgating is illegal and unsafe.


[deleted] t1_j4izhj9 wrote



Phantastic_Elastic t1_j4j2drl wrote

Sure but I'm not a left lane camper generally. But I have no sympathy for people who happen to be behind me when I'm passing- that's their problem, not mine, by law.


[deleted] t1_j4j3lu4 wrote



Phantastic_Elastic t1_j4jpjnq wrote

My parents are boomers... and my father is a habitual tailgater. I'm someone who values human life and thinks reckless driving is retarded and maladaptive. It has nothing to do with age, except I guess some young people are still caught in the fallacy that bad things can never happen to them. If you're behind me while I'm passing, you get to wait until I'm done, and if you tailgate, it's going to take longer until I'm done. Maybe someday you learn. Some people never do.


RoboticGreg t1_j47j75p wrote

I always set adaptive cruise control, and some jackass behind me, swerves around and swerves themselves in the gap cruise control left.

It's like.... THE GAP IS FOR SAFETY!!

and they are still going the same speed just one car ahead


wydellasaurus t1_j482hki wrote

But a whole car could fit there! Isn’t that space for me and me only?!

These people do not have a thought in their brains.


TreeEleben t1_j4a7dpx wrote

Adaptive cruise is often unusable due to this. It leaves a gap big enough to fit a car in, so people swerve in, your car hits the brakes to create another gap, only to have another car swerve in, causiyour car to brake and create another gap.

After a few people squeeze in, you're basically stopped and making traffic worse and risking getting rear ended.


Mooselickle t1_j47ti63 wrote

My favorite is when all the lanes are clogged but they still try to change lanes to get past you, and if they do get ahead of you they’re just as stuck as they were before.


Mr_Smith_411 t1_j48mysp wrote

I had a guy, in your scenario, 2 lane stretch of 84, pass me on my left, half on the shoulder, half in the same lane as me, then proceeded to weave through traffic in a manner I wouldn't have done on my motorcycle (did I mention I was in my motorcycle?).... Got off a few exits later and there he is waiting at the light.


Phantastic_Elastic t1_j4iu110 wrote

They're always waiting at the next light. That's why Google can tell you it's 30 minutes to your destination, and it legit takes you 29-31 minutes.


Aviendha00 t1_j47g55l wrote

That’s why if I can, I’ll move to another lane. And yes it doesn’t solve their problem they just get stuck behind the next car but at least I avoid an accident.

As a general rule I think it’s prudent that if you want to drive the speed limit move to a right lane if it’s possible.


kesagatame-and-Chill t1_j47h29i wrote

I was doing 80+ on Route 8, and no matter the lane I was tailgated.


iwanttobehappy2022 t1_j49tuop wrote

I move over for those people. On the mass pike cops will tailgate you and get you up to 90 mph, turn their lights on…you die inside and move over thinking you got set up to be arrested for reckless driving…they turn the lights off and speed down the left to do the same to someone else doing 80 mph. It happened to me lol. They do it to clear out cars not passing the cars to the right and to get the left lane moving to clear up congestion.

I’ve also seen a hidden (basically out of sight from the highway) mass state trooper suv go zero to 90 out of a vegetative deep steep ditch right next to the highway to pull the guy over in front of me for doing 92 even though the left lane was basically bumper to bumper and the slow lane was going 80 mph. I’m a fast driver,not saying that’s good, but I was hella comfortable on that stretch of the pike.

I just remember seeing the suv flying out of nowhere perpendicular to traffic, cutting across all lanes with their arm pointing out the window to the car in-front of me. It was near the end of the month. I was shocked because I was the only driver with ct plates among the cars around me, everyone had mass plates.

I still do not understand how the trooper pulled that off and didn’t disrupt traffic at all. I will say traffic did slow down to reasonable speeds and opened up after that. I’m sure everyone not pulled was thankful that didn’t get hit with that big ass ticket.


iabmob t1_j4b7de1 wrote

Thats a good mass pike lesson in general, I really don't care what Friday afternoon traffic is doing. 72 in the right lane is my jam.


iwanttobehappy2022 t1_j4docrg wrote

Yeah rule of thumb if you’re not willing to go 80 plus don’t think about driving in the left lane


Teereese t1_j47qh19 wrote

I was coming off Rte 9 in Cromwell and a big ass Caddy SUV was licking my bumper. Line of cars in front of me going straight are slow, what can I do?

Caddy swerved into the right turn only lane only to cut back in in front of me and almost ate the car in front. He must have thought I was crawling along on purpose lol

Asshat tried to do the same at the next light, to the next car in front of him, and almost ate the side of another car in front of that one.

People be wildin'


SirKnightRyan t1_j47ddzh wrote

They obviously wanted to pass you, just move over and let them deal with cars in front. The idea that “everyone’s driving that speed so it’s fine” is why we have left lane campers moving slower than the passing lanes. If you’re not actively passing you should be in the middle lane.


JesusGodLeah t1_j49c33m wrote

Yeahhh, no. That's not feasible if I'm already in the far right lane and there is no space in the left lane for either me or the tailgater to safely get over.


bb5199 t1_j481oga wrote

If you're not actively passing you should be in the far right lane.


SirKnightRyan t1_j48t1tm wrote

No that’s the slow lane. On any highway with more than 2 lanes the middle ones are all travel lanes, where you should be if you’re not passing or taking an exit.


bb5199 t1_j48xg80 wrote

That's completely made up. Go back to Drivers Ed. There is no such thing as a "travel lane." People like you are the ones clogging our highways and forcing people to pass on the right because you're in your made up travel lane.


satansdebtcollector t1_j48kohh wrote

Am I the only CT asshole that gets the urge to run up on a fellow CT asshole that doesn’t use their turn signal, so I can reach through their driver side window to violently rip that god damned turn signal off the steering column so I can beat them with it? Is that normal? Or should I talk to someone about it? 🤔😱😵‍💫🤕


CABGX4 t1_j4c34u0 wrote

No, you're not alone, and that's completely normal. I know these things.


Mr_Smith_411 t1_j48m1ce wrote

Doesn't matter if it's an actual highway, parkway, or surface street. No one cares if your going the speed limit, faster than it, or how many cars are in front of you. They're not even calm enough to notice that gap between you and the next car isn't changing. They just want you to gGet the Fu¢% out of their way.

As I keep posting, just about anyone whining about "left lane campers" are really just left lane speeders who have a misguided concept the left lane is for passing only (its not in CT) and you should move out if their way. In the mean time most of them aren't even driving long enough for their impatience to save them any meaningful time to get where they're going.


TheGamingLord17 t1_j497ncg wrote

I might just get a back cam for this shit when inevitably some idiot slams into me. I will actively be going like 5-10 above the speed limit and motherfuckers will go right up my ass. Aight cool let me sped up, I’m not in the high lane so I have no obligation to move. Only to have these fucking idiots get right up my ass again. A some point after this happens more often than not, I start checking out and I lose a lot of my compassion for people, I fucking hope for a motherfucker to do that shit so they can get the front of their car fucking crumpled like a can when I slam the brakes on my nearly 2 ton vehicle and their dumbass was 5 inches from my bumper, that’ll fucking teach someone.


Im_not_matt t1_j47ok6l wrote

I’ve gotten in the habit of pressing the test button on my trailer brake controller when this happens. It lights up the brake lights without applying the brakes.

Assuming I’m not towing a trailer with brakes, of course.


FluffyPapaya9516 t1_j489msx wrote

Love when it's a State Cop doing it.


Soft2CT t1_j4ac52d wrote

They're clearing out the non passing cars from the passing lane. It'd be fantastic if they were doing it all the time.


marua06 t1_j48htvv wrote

Oh yes. I was being tailgated by a pickup pulling a flatbed and maybe the guy was texting or smtg because he did not see my stop with turn signal (with AMPLE amount of time with signal on and braking) and he had to hit the brakes so hard that there was a screech and a pungent odor of burning rubber. I heard and smelled it before I saw how close he came. The long skid marks remain on the road to this day, and this was months ago.

People just don’t think. Or maybe they don’t realize that accidents can happen in a split second.


Bubble_Gunn t1_j48v8n3 wrote

CT drivers need to calm tf down. You don't need to try and get everywhere as fast as possible.


DirkWrites t1_j49p7ah wrote

Had an unpleasant incident last weekend when I was getting on I-95 in East Lyme. Guy in front of me was chugging along in an old beater car, trying to merge at maybe 30 mph. I checked my spot and moved over to pass, at which point the beater driver apparently remembered he had an accelerator and shot up to 70. So I pulled back into the right lane, only to have the person who had flown up behind me in the left lane pass me, pull into my lane, jam their brakes, and flip me off. Since apparently that’s the Real Big Man thing to do if someone briefly impedes your progress before letting you by.


avgeekCT t1_j47emmj wrote

I have this happen daily and hate it equally, which is why I slow down and stay right where I am every time it happens. Get a front and rear-facing dash cam so when they eventually do hit you and evade responsibility you’ve got evidence.


as1126 t1_j47ijtl wrote

You don't need a rear-facing camera to prove someone hit your rear and that kind of collision is always 100% the fault of the driver in the rear because they didn't leave a safe following distance.


Kodiak01 t1_j47m7ni wrote

Last year I was at the front of a 3 car accident. Sitting at a stop, blinker on to make a left turn, guy behind me gets plowed into, subsequently hits me.

Had I had a rear-facing dashcam, the SECOND car would likely have been put partially as fault as well. He was tailgating me for miles before-hand, tried passing me on a double-yellow less than a mile before the accident, and was right up on my bumper when he hit me. Had he given proper spacing between stopped vehicles, I very likely would not have been hit at all.

I got lucky with that accident, my damage was all cosmetic while the other two cars were totalled.


avgeekCT t1_j47q2ll wrote

Never hurts to cover your ass, especially in this state. The advice I received for having a rear-facing cam actually came from a state cop. It’s just another angle proving where your vehicle was in relation to others.


as1126 t1_j47hu8s wrote

This is the best explanation anyone can offer to those people who say don't plant yourself in the left lane and cruise along. If I'm in the the left lane going 10 over the limit and I've already left a safe following distance between me and the car in front of me, I didn't leave that space for other drivers to weave into. I already assessed the situation and no matter what you think or want, that whole pile of vehicles in front of both of us (aka traffic volume) isn't going to get out of the way or move any faster for you than it did for me. Let's all just stay put in the lane we're in and we'll all get to our destinations safely.


Kodiak01 t1_j47mbd3 wrote

Nice rant, except he didn't say anything about it being on a highway.


condor_gyros t1_j49chx4 wrote

Ok, but why don't you just move over to the next lane and let them pass?


Seniortomox t1_j47r1bv wrote

Yea and if you leave more than two car lengths someone will fly up on the right and cut in front.


ranfangirl t1_j47v8nw wrote

I have two routes that go through my town. 50 mph roads with one lane going in each direction. I have a minivan and three children under age 5. I'm terrified when someone tailgates me. It's awful. I pull over every chance I get to let these people pass me. Then I pull back on the road and literally watch them intimidate and tailgate the next person. It's unbelievable....leave earlier maybe? Allow yourself more time? Yeah?


kfranko94 t1_j499lky wrote

Thats when i slow down, you wanna be a prick? Okay. You are on my time now.


Advanced-Sun-2200 t1_j492eva wrote

I got rear-ended last year in this exact situation on 84. Four cars were involved because traffic came to a stop for construction and the people behind me weren't paying attention. Slammed into me at 65, then i slammed into the car infront of me. The cars on the sides got hit as well. They never even slowed down. Thank goodness I was in a truck, they just ruined the bed of it. My insurance totaled it out.


rfunaro6 t1_j496784 wrote

I’m with you on the subject of tailgating. I’ll be going between the posted speed limit and 5 over on a 2 lane road like you said and even on a residential road and there is always someone right up my ass. Most of the time I can barely see them in my side mirrors. Heck I’ll even be going up to 5-10 over and the same exact thing. Most of the time this ends up with them passing by with a solid line in the road. What’s more insane is when they will ride in your ass in the right lane on the highway the whole time when the left lane is totally open. I know people may not like my New York Giants bumper sticker but yeesh back up 🤣🤣


ccorbs89 t1_j497kff wrote

Give ‘em the old windshield wiper spray


kristifin t1_j4bccl3 wrote

I am thankful for this thread because it has felt like I am the only one who leaves enough space.


SouthOrangeJuice t1_j47bqdu wrote

Go 10mph slower.


[deleted] t1_j47ix6o wrote



SouthOrangeJuice t1_j47n1yc wrote

In my opinion, it's far more dangerous to react to a threatening driver by increasing your speed (driving faster, breaking the law and now taking on additional responsibility for that action) when you are already abiding by the law, than decreasing your speed, while still abiding by the law, but, to each their own. Everyone needs to consider their options in these situations and I will continue handling it in a way that I feel is safest.


[deleted] t1_j47rgvr wrote



SouthOrangeJuice t1_j48c1mh wrote

By slowing down, you are inviting the person to drive around and pass you, whereas continuing on at the speed limit, or speeding up, makes it more of a challenge for the aggressor. Remember, we're not talking about traveling along in the left lane of a highway in this situation.

As far as your fight or flight response from behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, I'm glad you learned your lesson, however, you should always be prepared to defend yourself without having to worry about somebody intimidating you on a roadway.

Like I said, do whatever you feel is needed and the safest response for yourself in the given situation. If you allow yourself to be intimidated by somebody riding your ass, and respond by accepting such intimidation, by all means, go for it.


[deleted] t1_j48og9j wrote



SouthOrangeJuice t1_j49c4nw wrote

Congrats? I could care less what you do on the road as long as it's not endangering others. I've repeatedly said you should do whatever you feel is necessary. Not entirely sure what you're getting at in this exchange.


Soft2CT t1_j4acz8z wrote

Slowing down to annoy another driver is the opposite of safe. Unless you're in the slow lane of a 3 lane highway. In that case have a blast.

If that's not the case. You're an idiot.


SouthOrangeJuice t1_j4b0m1c wrote

The driver being annoyed is the one being tailgated. If the aggressor chooses they can risk their own life by driving around the car they’re tailgating.


[deleted] t1_j47pdix wrote



SouthOrangeJuice t1_j48ce99 wrote

If you're on a highway, of course. Only a dumbass would be traveling the speed limit in the left lane. The OP mentioned a 50 mph zone, which indicates it's not a highway. If you can safely pull off the road and let somebody pass you on a rural one lane road, that is your prerogative.


mistercartmenes t1_j47ej63 wrote

This. Fuck people that tailgate and if you flash your lights I’m going even slower.


Young_Grif t1_j47kvnw wrote

Dashcam and (safe) break check time. Whenever I have an asshole up my rear end I slow down more.


iwanttobehappy2022 t1_j49s3jj wrote

Ehhh I don’t know about that, some people are fucking crazy and have no issues potentially murdering you via car crash as a response.


Young_Grif t1_j4bprga wrote

Hence the Dashcam. Can’t escape what’s clearly recorded 😏


iwanttobehappy2022 t1_j4doxzs wrote

That’s moronic. You would still be dead in that scenario or at the very least in a serious crash. I’d rather been an adult and not die or have to deal with all the aftermath of a crash then to act like a 7 year old with poor social skills thinking being right is the most only thing that matters even though I put myself in danger or my car is wrecked. Check your ego and let the crazies pass.


Young_Grif t1_j4em0yx wrote

I literally said I slow down more lol, it’s not like I’m ever doing a “hard brake check”. I don’t do it in a malicious way, if they wanna pass they can pass. No need to assume I’m some child.


NLCmanure OP t1_j47mwn0 wrote

some times, I do the "rocking chair" routine, ie. subtlely speed up, slow down, speed up, slow down but its tough on the gas mileage. Depends on the situation.


Phantastic_Elastic t1_j4jpyxi wrote

Try the "I'm Lost" routine and randomly flick on your left blinker and slow down, and then speed up for a minute, and then do it again.


Hopeful_Table_7245 t1_j48n43m wrote

In these cases, I literally start slowing down (not braking) and wave at them.

They usually get the message, but if they are going to be that close, it’s no longer safe to being going that fast.


Phantastic_Elastic t1_j4ithp9 wrote

That's literally the correct thing to do... you have to compensate for these morons and add enough space for 2x reaction time.


chyno_11 t1_j4bdocv wrote

I typically move over, let them tailgate the next person, and move back to left lane.


bubbahotep8 t1_j4btct3 wrote

Happens to me all the time on rt 6. Speed limit is 50 for the most part and I typically drive 55-60 on it. Never fails that I eventually catch someone in a minivan, rav4, crv or Forester doing 40-45. So I give them at least a two second gap and just chill, nothing I can do about it. Then, inevitably, some jackass in a tinted out Accord/Maxima/Camry catches up and rides a few inches from my bumper, like I can do anything about the traffic in front of me. I've been tempted several times to toss a handful of pennies up and out my window... But I digress.

Tl;Dr: route 6 needs some slow vehicle lanes.


Heavnly19 t1_j47jcl3 wrote

Yep. This happens to me all the time driving on rt 69 in Woodbridge/Bethany/Prospect. Lots of times that asshole just pulls into the oncoming lane and just assumes there's no one coming around a turn so they can pass all 4 or 5 cars at once.


Chilidon56 t1_j47w68s wrote

If someone is riding my ass for no good reason on the highway, that's when I give my windshield a real good washing. Excess spray flys over my vehicle and sprays the windshield on my ass. Watch in the rear view, windshield wipers come on and they usually back off, although it may take a couple cleanings before they get the idea 💡.


Raisontolive t1_j49ntzu wrote

I have a sticker on my rear window that says, ‘The Closer You Get The Slower I Drive‘. Usually works, except for the real jerks.


[deleted] t1_j49q6kx wrote

I was once going 50 in a 45 zone and a SCHOOL BUS of all people was on my ass. What’s even worse is I could see him quickly gaining speed from behind when I was at 50, meaning he was going much faster. So much for being a “professional driver.” What’s even worse is this was a residential route with many side roads, joggers, cyclists, people walking dogs, etc. My friend, who used to drive a school bus, said I should reported it with the time and location because there’s no tolerance for that and that school buses are limited to 40mph (unless on the highway), even if the speed limit is above 40mph. He said, based on what I told him, this type of reckless driving would be an automatic termination.

I decided to slow down to 40. Since the bus was going to be riding my ass anyway, I figured we may as well be going slower to be on the safe side.


iwanttobehappy2022 t1_j49rvc7 wrote

I will say if it’s one slow poke in front of you and there’s a row of cars behind you, the respectable thing to do is flick your high beams quickly twice. Most normal people will move over to the right and let you pass. If now you’re not going fast enough for the other cars behind you, you move over right.

If there is a few cars a head of you going slow, do the same thing, the driver in front of you will flick their lights to the person in front of them, the message travels to the slow poke, and ideally they move over.

Someone flicking there lights quickly twice should make anyone mad. Flick lights don’t tailgate.


StretchLimo66 t1_j4b889k wrote

This is Rt 4 from torrington towards farmington every morning.


crankygeese t1_j4hodbk wrote

This happens here constantly. I’ll be behind a slow driver who’s going under the speed limit and tapping the brakes and I’ll have someone tailgating me so if I have to stop short because the slow driver hits the brakes, the person behind me is so close, they could hit me. It’s ridiculous. Tailgating me won’t do anything, I’m in the same situation as they are, stuck behind a slow driver.


Primary_Beyond_1172 t1_j4ijnlp wrote

Every friggin time I drive I always say this to myself. It’s ridiculous.


Phantastic_Elastic t1_j4ispuf wrote

The safe & proper thing for you to do in this situation is to further increase the distance between you and the car in front of you. The guy behind you gets the opposite of what he intended, and fuck him too. People who tailgate are scum.

When I'm feeling wicked, I'll do an imitation of someone who's lost, and randomly put on my left blinker and slow down. If the tailgater is the type who just does it habitually without thinking about it, that's often enough to get them to leave some distance.


WillemDafriend_ t1_j47q9qm wrote

I usually roll down my window and flip them off. Don't do this in city areas though. They need to understand how much more they put at risk to gain absolutely nothing.


[deleted] t1_j48h09k wrote



TreeEleben t1_j4a7zjj wrote

There's often nowhere safe to pull over on side roads. The tailgaters often won't pass you either. Even if you slow to 10 under, in a passing zone, with no oncoming traffic.


whatwouldyouputhere t1_j48lqw7 wrote

But you might get out of the lane and let me tailgate the guy in front of you.


turdfurguson99 t1_j48s8ob wrote

I leave for work around 5:30 and every day some dickhead is on my bumper while I myself am going 70ish. I take my sweet time passing tractor trailers so they can’t go anywhere.


Soft2CT t1_j4acgs1 wrote

70ish in a 65 in the left lane and you wonder why?


turdfurguson99 t1_j4bej0i wrote

You think every highway in the state is 65? My drive to work the limit varies between 50-60 ya jabroni


russthemason t1_j4bdbjo wrote

I had a super car with 440 cu inch engine. Couldn't see the guys headlights. Jammed the brakes on and the gas at virtually the same time. Last I saw was the tailgater 200 ft onto someones lawn, trying to stop. Never saw him again. Karma is great.


Due_Kaleidoscope7066 t1_j48859u wrote

In this thread: A bunch of native Connecticut drivers applauding OP for camping the speed limit in the left lane.


DarkLamont t1_j47ayl3 wrote

>Cruising along at 50mph in a 50 zone

This is your problem, you're doing 10-15 under...I'm not even being sarcastic either, sounds like you were being properly nudged, if you're worried, let them pass. The state's speedzones were implemented when we powered our cars with our feet.


fprintf t1_j47dp4c wrote

Did you miss the part where there are vehicles in front? You can't make them magically disappear, and getting overly close to the car in front (closing the gap) isn't going to make a difference either.

Personally when this happens I swallow my pride, move over to the right and less the asshole pass only to get stuck again. Inevitably my new lane ends up passing them anyway.


DarkLamont t1_j47eldr wrote

>and getting overly close to the car in front (closing the gap) isn't going to make a difference either.

I'm going to have to disagree. It clearly makes a difference based on OP making a whole post about it. OP appears to understand the crystal-clear message too, but chose to not help the person behind, but hinder. That was not the front car's decision. People tend to become impatient if they sense incompetence, that is half the issue here. If OP had narrowed the gap with the front car, there is a possibility they would not have been followed so closely to begin with.


NLCmanure OP t1_j47tuho wrote

Cruising along at 50mph in a 50 zone

we're talking about a 2 lane country secondary highway, my friend, not the 95 International Motor Speedway.


DarkLamont t1_j47wp8g wrote

I live here too, I know friend, that's why I'm being blunt


NLCmanure OP t1_j481blt wrote

your bluntness doesn't bother me in the least bit and I appreciate your candor but your comprehension of the situation gives me doubt. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate your thoughts, they are valid but not in this specific situation.