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adultdaycare81 t1_j3wcmls wrote

“WWE is a terrible place to work under Vince”

“Hold my nonalcoholic beer” - Saudi probably


pussycatlolz t1_j3yv5uj wrote

The Saudis that have money most definitely get to drink the real stuff if they want


thedude_CT t1_j3vz2rn wrote


Hoopgawd90 OP t1_j3vza2s wrote

Yea I saw 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫


thedude_CT t1_j3vznfn wrote

It is a cool building though! Kinda hoping the rumors aren't true.


Hoopgawd90 OP t1_j3vzxv2 wrote

I really hope not either!


Enginerdad t1_j3xg5hy wrote

It's unlikely that the building would change from a new person buying the WWE though


phunky_1 t1_j3x8ond wrote

They own a huge stake of ticketmaster/live nation as well.

They would probably kill their own citizens for enjoying it, but are happy to make profits off of Americans buying paying for overpriced concert tickets and overpriced refreshments at the events.


Kiyae1 t1_j3xuppl wrote

I think WWE had some shows in SA a few years ago. I think the monarchy is cool with letting male Saudi Arabians attend wrestling matches just like they are cool with them attending football matches.

But you know. Women.


Nyrfan2017 t1_j432b5g wrote

Isn’t that amazing the big patriotic republican that held a government seat for business in this country is selling her business to Saudi Arabia .. patriots right


chyno_11 t1_j3zhuvt wrote

What makes you think it would be moved out of CT? Just curious.


LloydChristmas666666 t1_j3wahk6 wrote

Lol. When I was a kid I would get so damn excited passing that building during car trips.


IndicationOver t1_j3wyw9w wrote

This is so funny, because it is true.


boneimplosion t1_j3z5gh2 wrote

Also funny because I'm pretty sure there are zero wrestlers there - it's just cubicles. Friend worked with their accounting team, once upon a time.


varcas t1_j3z73cu wrote

I remember going apeshit every time we drove by the Toys ‘R Us in Norwalk


CiforDayZServer t1_j3yjwua wrote

The magic left for me when they had to change the sign. I still can’t believe the two WWFs weren’t considered different enough to not cause brand confusion… although the irony of the WWF panda wrestling the trademark out of Vince’s stubby hands is top tier schadenfreud.


bistroburrito t1_j3yng00 wrote

Tbt to when DX reunited in like 2005 and the old WWE building was “spray painted” with a giant green DX


LloydChristmas666666 t1_j3ypi0v wrote

You gotta go back further for me. I was part of the mr. perfect, Shawn Michael’s, Tatanka, Razor Ramon, crush, Brett Michaels, Brooklyn brawler era.


Jimalo69 t1_j3wz7ku wrote

I lived off exit 9 and id be asleep in the car getting off that exit I knew I had to wake up soon and unload groceries


Anthraxkix t1_j3zbdae wrote

I thought that was a different building that you couldn't see from the train. This one is in downtown Stamford, and I only recently saw it having the wwe logo.


TheSinCollector1009 t1_j3w4vmk wrote

This sentence has never been said in the history of words.


Hoopgawd90 OP t1_j3w4y2p wrote



[deleted] t1_j3w5gu4 wrote



MaoWasaLoser t1_j3wb7tk wrote

It's one of a few states worth living in TBH.

But if you don't like it here, you're free to get the fuck out of here.


[deleted] t1_j3wbbag wrote



MaoWasaLoser t1_j3wcc82 wrote

Awesome. Feel free to leave the subreddit too.


usernamedunbeentaken t1_j3xykuv wrote

No, I think we need more people who were fed up enough to leave CT around to offset the people who won't admit it's problems.


MaoWasaLoser t1_j3xzwn1 wrote

Why? All they do is say inaccurate shit like "CT is a shithole" when by any sane standard, it absolutely isn't.

Does the state have issues? Yeah of course. Everywhere does. It's still one of the best places in the country to live.


traddy91 t1_j406p9h wrote

I'm convinced the people who say CT is a shithole have never actually left the state and visited other actual shitholes


usernamedunbeentaken t1_j3y4e36 wrote

You have an opinion, they have an opinion.

Taxes are very high here, cost of living is very high, the weather isn't terrible but it isn't great. The beaches are the worst in the country. We have no mountains to speak of. We have among the worst fiscal positions of any state in the country (or did until covid helped us).

One of the most common bragging points of CT is how close it is to NY and Boston. But it isn't NY or Boston and doesn't have the stuff that those places do.

There are good points as well. Lots of hiking, people are pretty reasonable (neither our left wing nuts nor our right wing nuts are as nutty as those in other places). Not too crowded, not too empty. Taxes actually could be worse. Crime, outside of a few crummy cities, is quite low.

But all in all, if I could go back in time before I became entrenched here work and family wise, I wish I had gone somewhere else.


Hoopgawd90 OP t1_j3w5vbg wrote

I mean it could be way worst lol


TheSinCollector1009 t1_j3w6230 wrote

True it could be New York or Mississippi but it's still a shithole


toddisnotmyname t1_j3wrcpa wrote

According to your Reddit you live in Florida lmfao how are you talking shit 😭😭


Vandersnatch182 t1_j3wb9k4 wrote

Just move, then.


TheSinCollector1009 t1_j3wbd3d wrote

I did!


Vandersnatch182 t1_j3wcep6 wrote

That's great! Now can you let the rest of us enjoy it?


TheSinCollector1009 t1_j3wcm2k wrote

There are enjoyable things in Connecticut?


rob691369 t1_j3wglck wrote

Connecticut is not a shit hole. Move out when I was young. Moved to Michigan, Colorado and now Texas, and I can say Connecticut is by far better than Michigan or Colorado, and all 3 are a thousand times better than Texas. You want to see a shit hole, move south....


e_chi67 t1_j3x1l5x wrote

Yes there are. Have you ever been to any of the state parks?

And I say this as someone who also left CT. But I think of it fondly!


rob691369 t1_j3wgmeo wrote

Connecticut is not a shit hole. Move out when I was young. Moved to Michigan, Colorado and now Texas, and I can say Connecticut is by far better than Michigan or Colorado, and all 3 are a thousand times better than Texas. You want to see a shit hole, move south....


Stoly23 t1_j3y3nvt wrote

Real OGs know that as the UBS building. Also at one point in time it boasted the world’s largest trading floor.


DarkLamont t1_j3w263n wrote

I'd say you're riding on the side of CT but sure


Synapse82 t1_j4440ne wrote

I passed by this for first time on way back from JFK. I thought I was still in New York.

Weird down there, kinda messed with my head seeing it since I know it’s in CT. but I’m from tobacco valley. Lol


mikeymo1741 t1_j3xpgnw wrote

Back in the '80s a lot of those guys lived in town, you'd always see the wrestlers at hotels or restaurants or at the beach.


sc00p401 t1_j3ylmyp wrote

Home of the new Iron Sheiks.


PrpleMnkyDshwsher t1_j42bxh7 wrote

I find it funny the Saudi's are buying one of the most homoerotic "sports" on earth.


Hoopgawd90 OP t1_j42it6u wrote

From what I’m reading they saying it isn’t true


red_purple_red t1_j3xigmb wrote

Nice guerrilla marketing for Big Ronald, how much they paying you?


Lightningstormz t1_j3xv95p wrote

Nothing exciting about that train bro stop it.


sc00p401 t1_j3ylqhx wrote

Nor is there anything exciting about your comment.


werdnak84 t1_j3wpqqa wrote

That damn WWE building. It sticks out like a sore thumb, its overhead sign is so blatant you can't not catch it, and the idea that the headquarters for an entire nationwide famous company is there of all places just does not sit well with me.


usernamedunbeentaken t1_j3xz6w8 wrote

That's the new WWE building that used to be UBS or RBS or something before the financial crisis.

The old one was near exit 9 and was there for decades.


Disastrous-Path-2144 t1_j3w36q6 wrote

Yay you get to see a prominent symbol of conservative trash driving on 24/7gridlocked section of horribly paved highway. So special.


BobbyRobertson t1_j3w5o2j wrote

There was a study back in '08 that actually showed Wrestling fans are one of the least conservative sports fanbases. The problem is they're also the least politically engaged and least likely to vote.


Hoopgawd90 OP t1_j3w6cjj wrote



BobbyRobertson t1_j3w77pp wrote

Yeah, a lot of it was down to demographics. There are a lot of black and hispanic wrestling fans, and those demographics tend to lean Democratic.

Wrestling fans were also (kinda unsurprisingly) found to be less wealthy, and political engagement is highly linked to wealth in general


usernamedunbeentaken t1_j3xyz3f wrote

Because they are morons. A quarter of them still think wrestling is real and half of them thought it was real until they reached their 20s.


iwanttobehappy2022 t1_j3wdnop wrote

What? What? What?

Take that back and that’s the bottom line!

Because someone is fiscally conservative their a pos?!?!?

I’m liberal but people like you are dangerous and not good for America. You’re going to have to learn to love and how to function with other Americans that have political positions you don’t agree with. If you don’t like that, move to Russia or something.


werdnak84 t1_j3wptu3 wrote

Also ... why Connecticut??? Is that a heavily Democratic area!?


BryanCalens2ndFamily t1_j3w059v wrote

Lol the train?!? Omg no cap yo ya broke er sumthin? The train? Iz u four real m8? C’mon mate, omg bro lol no cap no cap gigigigigi LOPEZ


Hoopgawd90 OP t1_j3w15qh wrote

I mean it cost money to get on it can’t be broke 🤷🏾‍♂️


BobbyRobertson t1_j3w5vb8 wrote

And if it's Amtrak and not CTrail or metro-north, it's a pretty large amount of money


rob691369 t1_j3wgzy9 wrote

Could you please speak English, or Spanish or some ACTUAL language....


rob691369 t1_j3wgzk5 wrote

Could you please speak English, or Spanish or some ACTUAL language....