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_-elijah t1_j4ywwm9 wrote

Idk but we got the klan


404freedom14liberty t1_j4zs8om wrote

Serious question. Where is the KKK active in CT?

I know there were some rallies 40 years ago but today? I know an old guy who still praises the Klan but he’s also a staunch Catholic so I’m guessing he’s not fully aware of their agenda.


auntiemaury t1_j4zy2xz wrote

I wouldn't be surprised if there were some in the Quiet Corner


404freedom14liberty t1_j4zyn20 wrote

Why the Quiet Corner? I would think Avon and Glastonbury.


auntiemaury t1_j4zyzyl wrote

It's surprisingly racist up there. Very hillbilly


handsonabirdbody t1_j50kfju wrote

Literally, it’s the part of the state that has a town desperately fighting to keep using a racist mascot.


404freedom14liberty t1_j50pqzs wrote

Literally one town with a group of idiots. I’d rather deal with idiots like that than supposed liberals who would drink a glass of turpentine before they’d allow low income housing or share educational funding. Or allow halfway houses or group homes or zoning changes.


Our_New_Secret t1_j509omo wrote

Parts of Fairfield county surprisingly racist and hillbilly as well


auntiemaury t1_j51ksra wrote

The "poor" parts of Fairfield are scarier than Bridgeport!


Our_New_Secret t1_j51ld6a wrote

Been to the Valley lately?


auntiemaury t1_j51m6uf wrote

Not for a few months. I do Uber, and I'd rather do Bridgeport than Fairfield or Greenwich any day. I had one dude from East Haven to Greenwich, got to the destination, and I swear to god this dude pissed in a bottle in my car! And then wouldn't get out! I had to be polite because he's holding a bottle of piss and I'm terrified of what he'll do with it. He finally got out and now he's banned from Uber (but I'm sure he'll just make another account)


404freedom14liberty t1_j500dcv wrote

Based on what? I see diversity, Low income housing, addiction services, Halfway houses, bohemian culture, support for the undocumented, Bilingual classes. Not so much in the aforementioned areas.


auntiemaury t1_j51kcd0 wrote

Based on the amount of "let's go Brandon" bullshit. That wacked out house that covered their entire yard with "stolen election" crap. I worked at a popular bar in Putnam for 5 years, and I saw maybe 6 poc there. Willi Rico. Even Jewett City is bad


404freedom14liberty t1_j51mv3d wrote

I’ve been driving around the “Corner” all day. Only saw one Brandon sign on 203 in Windham.

Why the Willi Rico dig? You making my point for me?


auntiemaury t1_j523tep wrote

You really don't think Willi Rico is racist? Try 101 in Dayville, heading east past target. That's a trip. Oh, and the let's go Brandon store in Windham, ugh


404freedom14liberty t1_j526u9a wrote

Lived in Willimantic for twenty years, it was and is a kind town. Diversity in the schools, help for the helpless, Low income housing…… all the things that so-called liberal towns eschew. So I’m not sure how you find the town racist.

101 ………. Poor swamp Yankee victims of union busting and offshoring. Ironically enriching the financial sector who reside in those faux liberal towns.

The Brandon store is closed I think. Never said it was perfect here.


LordConnecticut t1_j4zzoap wrote

Two blue towns??


404freedom14liberty t1_j500t8v wrote

Help me with the correlation


LordConnecticut t1_j5016mv wrote

Really? The KKK tends to show up in very red areas.

If we want to speak CT in particular, Wallingford had a large presence in the early to mid 20th century, that should give you an idea?


MyFianceMadeMeJoin t1_j50d3xu wrote

For years the Klan’s biggest foot hold was Wallingford. Those people are just quieter now but they’re still here. Meriden has a member of Patriot Front, NSC-131 has a member likely in Wethersfield based on their shitty propaganda efforts. They’re still very much here.


404freedom14liberty t1_j502cb8 wrote

Well, I was involved in local Quiet Corner politics for many years as a Dem. The Republicans were generally to the left of the them.

I suppose we can talk about a Klan presence in the past century but today the red Quiet Corner walks the walk when it comes to the ideals of progressives. As I said not so much in the supposed enlightened blue towns.


nan_adams t1_j51jibf wrote

I lived in the quiet corner for a decade - there is definitely klan activity in the area. The area is in a transitional phase with a lot of new people moving in but there’s still a pocket of very rural, very racist people.

My wife and I moved away because the pride flag in our town was stolen multiple times from a local church, eventually the flagpole was CUTDOWN to prevent the church from putting the flag back up. It was not a safe place to be gay, let alone a different race, and many people were emboldened and outspoken with their dated views.


404freedom14liberty t1_j51njqn wrote

I’m sorry that you were treated that way. What church was it?

Windham county is crawling with LGBT folks. Haven’t heard of the problems you had. Was this years ago?


nan_adams t1_j51ucpm wrote

It was 2020. First Cong. Church of Woodstock. There were a few local places we felt welcomed but many people in the area are bigoted. I also lost my job after I came out and experienced discrimination in my workplace; worked in Killingly at a mfg company.


404freedom14liberty t1_j5237pu wrote

Once again sorry for your experience. Not sure how I got off into this tangent. Was just trying to point out that Windham county is not the hot bed of backwoods racist people it’s made out to be. Actually it’s the opposite.


Advanced-Sun-2200 t1_j505fyu wrote

Deerfield shores in Sterling. I stumbled on a meeting when I was a teenager partying in the cornfields back there.


_-elijah t1_j503dui wrote

Tarrywile park in Danbury


404freedom14liberty t1_j5051yo wrote

Kids spray painting a billboard? I don’t think that’s a serious concern.


_-elijah t1_j505xdp wrote

No but a bunch of people in pointed hoods burning a cross is imo


404freedom14liberty t1_j5061hf wrote

Serious, When was this.


_-elijah t1_j507ql1 wrote

A few years ago with my mates. It’s pretty common knowledge to not go into tarrywile park at night cause the klan is active