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404freedom14liberty t1_j500dcv wrote

Based on what? I see diversity, Low income housing, addiction services, Halfway houses, bohemian culture, support for the undocumented, Bilingual classes. Not so much in the aforementioned areas.


auntiemaury t1_j51kcd0 wrote

Based on the amount of "let's go Brandon" bullshit. That wacked out house that covered their entire yard with "stolen election" crap. I worked at a popular bar in Putnam for 5 years, and I saw maybe 6 poc there. Willi Rico. Even Jewett City is bad


404freedom14liberty t1_j51mv3d wrote

I’ve been driving around the “Corner” all day. Only saw one Brandon sign on 203 in Windham.

Why the Willi Rico dig? You making my point for me?


auntiemaury t1_j523tep wrote

You really don't think Willi Rico is racist? Try 101 in Dayville, heading east past target. That's a trip. Oh, and the let's go Brandon store in Windham, ugh


404freedom14liberty t1_j526u9a wrote

Lived in Willimantic for twenty years, it was and is a kind town. Diversity in the schools, help for the helpless, Low income housing…… all the things that so-called liberal towns eschew. So I’m not sure how you find the town racist.

101 ………. Poor swamp Yankee victims of union busting and offshoring. Ironically enriching the financial sector who reside in those faux liberal towns.

The Brandon store is closed I think. Never said it was perfect here.