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Our_New_Secret t1_j509omo wrote

Parts of Fairfield county surprisingly racist and hillbilly as well


auntiemaury t1_j51ksra wrote

The "poor" parts of Fairfield are scarier than Bridgeport!


Our_New_Secret t1_j51ld6a wrote

Been to the Valley lately?


auntiemaury t1_j51m6uf wrote

Not for a few months. I do Uber, and I'd rather do Bridgeport than Fairfield or Greenwich any day. I had one dude from East Haven to Greenwich, got to the destination, and I swear to god this dude pissed in a bottle in my car! And then wouldn't get out! I had to be polite because he's holding a bottle of piss and I'm terrified of what he'll do with it. He finally got out and now he's banned from Uber (but I'm sure he'll just make another account)