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thebatfan5194 t1_j4zgoiu wrote

Watch the documentary about the Trashers in Danbury on Netflix


Poseylady t1_j507kzo wrote

That doc was so good! I think there’s plans to make an actual movie about the Trashers.


thebatfan5194 t1_j5093dd wrote

My wife actually made a cameo appearance in that documentary as a child, she was a frequent attendee of the rowdy section at Trasher’s games with her dad and they made it into a couple shots of archival footage. Was definitely a funny surprise when we were watching it


Poseylady t1_j50wpee wrote

That must have been quite a surprise! I’m sure she’s got stories about the Trasher fans!


mrpic45 t1_j4ytyt0 wrote

The Genovese family has deep roots in bridgeport. They are still around. Cursio who is tied to them owns/owned a bunch of strip clubs and businesses in the area.


ogbobduato t1_j508c3a wrote

The Cursios lived in Stratford where I’m from. A little before my time when they were actually more involved in things but my parents generation knew more about them and I remember having one of their houses pointed out to me


tottergeek t1_j4zhots wrote

In the biggest Mob-connected case of recent years, Danbury garbage mogul James Galante pleaded guilty in 2008 to multiple racketeering charges in a wide-ranging, price-fixing scheme tied to the Genovese crime family. He was sentenced to 87 months in prison.


MyHeadbeDirty t1_j50woh3 wrote

He also owned possibly the greatest minor league hockey team ever! The Danbury Trashers! By greatest, I mean most entertaining.


deceptacle1980 t1_j52rm08 wrote

No limit $4 dollar 16oz drafts with like 6 shithole bars to carry on afterwards? What wasn’t to love?


MyHeadbeDirty t1_j5dqdf3 wrote

Dude, no argument here! I went to Western. Beat 6 years of my life!! Haha!


FlakyFile1150 t1_j50illd wrote

I actually work for the company that bought Jimmie's old company now. We found anti-listening devices in the ceiling and some of the employees were here when the feds raided the place.


SAnnK2020 t1_j503wyt wrote

Never thought I would see the phrase ‘garbage mogul’


interiorcrocodemon t1_j510nvi wrote

Idk in my town there's a bunch of areas with no public trash and only one private option. Can easily see that being fishy.


stengbeng t1_j4zrew3 wrote

Who said there’s still not a mob in Connecticut? 🧐


Ayatollah-X t1_j4zy0zl wrote

In Central CT, trash collection is run by big companies like All Waste, but in Western CT, there's all those little trash collecting companies, and the corporate trash collectors can't get a foothold. I wonder why that is? A kid I went to school with runs one of the local trash companies and almost went to prison just for cutting deals with Galante, who was a competitor.

There's also active mob in Hartford, but they're more active in construction, sports books, vending machines, drugs, etc. They've been dying out though. The current generation is much less powerful than the last one. I used to go to a restaurant in the South End where you could place bets with the bookie bartender and eat Italian food with all the old mobsters, but it was sold, bulldozed and replaced with a chain store a decade ago.

Ever since RICO, a lot of the smarter young guys are figuring out that it's easier and safer to make money in the private sector. That's leading to a brain drain leaving the knuckleheads in charge of the rackets, so they keep getting weaker with time.


CroMag84 t1_j50v96x wrote

Why be a low rent criminal when you can be a corporate criminal


FlakyFile1150 t1_j50ixjq wrote

I've heard that back in the day when companies like Waste Management tried to come into CT their employees where chased and harassed by the people who were already here. Like pull the drivers out of the truck and beat them harassed. I work in the industry and no place I've worked is like that anymore.


Kodiak01 t1_j516kbb wrote

>Like pull the drivers out of the truck and beat them harassed.


I work servicing the refuse industry and WM has been a major account for a long time.

The reason they left many spots in CT were because they were divesting themselves of unprofitable locations. This was the case with South Windsor, for example. Some places change hands multiple times, such as in Cheshire, MA where WM sold out to Republic who then sold out to Casella.


Kodiak01 t1_j51638r wrote

> In Central CT, trash collection is run by big companies like All Waste, but in Western CT, there's all those little trash collecting companies, and the corporate trash collectors can't get a foothold. I wonder why that is?

Don't worry, at the rate Casella and USA Hauling are buying everyone up, it's only a matter of time.


Prize-Hedgehog t1_j516vc6 wrote

Seriously. CWPM on the Eastern side.


Kodiak01 t1_j517ohi wrote

CWPM has been around for a long time. They still have several locations up the middle of the State and run multiple municipal transfer stations. Over the years I interacted most often with their Berlin location.


Prize-Hedgehog t1_j51cpns wrote

They just bought Sterling and their transfer station. Pretty sure between Casella and CWPM those are the only 2 left on the North Eastern side for residential trash hauling. Maybe a couple very small independent guys.


Kodiak01 t1_j51ot5z wrote

USA Hauling has a presence, being based in E Windsor. All American Waste has some Tolland County contracts, Ellington and others I believe.


[deleted] t1_j4yqo9n wrote



thinkingwhynot t1_j4zvv7i wrote

Lol. Look up the article about the father chasing someone around somers shooting at them. 1970s I think. But they are more business. Less organized. But they have friends. I’ve heard some story’s. Like a watch went missing and some nyc friends found it for them.


BryanCalens2ndFamily t1_j4zvtgk wrote

Why don’t you come down here to Sonny’s and say that to my face!


Synapse82 t1_j507cxp wrote

Gonna find out what’s really buried under hole #3 in mini golf?!


rgrossi t1_j51x9bc wrote

Yep that house is a few miles from where I grew up in East Windsor


_-elijah t1_j4ywwm9 wrote

Idk but we got the klan


404freedom14liberty t1_j4zs8om wrote

Serious question. Where is the KKK active in CT?

I know there were some rallies 40 years ago but today? I know an old guy who still praises the Klan but he’s also a staunch Catholic so I’m guessing he’s not fully aware of their agenda.


auntiemaury t1_j4zy2xz wrote

I wouldn't be surprised if there were some in the Quiet Corner


404freedom14liberty t1_j4zyn20 wrote

Why the Quiet Corner? I would think Avon and Glastonbury.


auntiemaury t1_j4zyzyl wrote

It's surprisingly racist up there. Very hillbilly


handsonabirdbody t1_j50kfju wrote

Literally, it’s the part of the state that has a town desperately fighting to keep using a racist mascot.


404freedom14liberty t1_j50pqzs wrote

Literally one town with a group of idiots. I’d rather deal with idiots like that than supposed liberals who would drink a glass of turpentine before they’d allow low income housing or share educational funding. Or allow halfway houses or group homes or zoning changes.


Our_New_Secret t1_j509omo wrote

Parts of Fairfield county surprisingly racist and hillbilly as well


auntiemaury t1_j51ksra wrote

The "poor" parts of Fairfield are scarier than Bridgeport!


Our_New_Secret t1_j51ld6a wrote

Been to the Valley lately?


auntiemaury t1_j51m6uf wrote

Not for a few months. I do Uber, and I'd rather do Bridgeport than Fairfield or Greenwich any day. I had one dude from East Haven to Greenwich, got to the destination, and I swear to god this dude pissed in a bottle in my car! And then wouldn't get out! I had to be polite because he's holding a bottle of piss and I'm terrified of what he'll do with it. He finally got out and now he's banned from Uber (but I'm sure he'll just make another account)


404freedom14liberty t1_j500dcv wrote

Based on what? I see diversity, Low income housing, addiction services, Halfway houses, bohemian culture, support for the undocumented, Bilingual classes. Not so much in the aforementioned areas.


auntiemaury t1_j51kcd0 wrote

Based on the amount of "let's go Brandon" bullshit. That wacked out house that covered their entire yard with "stolen election" crap. I worked at a popular bar in Putnam for 5 years, and I saw maybe 6 poc there. Willi Rico. Even Jewett City is bad


404freedom14liberty t1_j51mv3d wrote

I’ve been driving around the “Corner” all day. Only saw one Brandon sign on 203 in Windham.

Why the Willi Rico dig? You making my point for me?


auntiemaury t1_j523tep wrote

You really don't think Willi Rico is racist? Try 101 in Dayville, heading east past target. That's a trip. Oh, and the let's go Brandon store in Windham, ugh


404freedom14liberty t1_j526u9a wrote

Lived in Willimantic for twenty years, it was and is a kind town. Diversity in the schools, help for the helpless, Low income housing…… all the things that so-called liberal towns eschew. So I’m not sure how you find the town racist.

101 ………. Poor swamp Yankee victims of union busting and offshoring. Ironically enriching the financial sector who reside in those faux liberal towns.

The Brandon store is closed I think. Never said it was perfect here.


LordConnecticut t1_j4zzoap wrote

Two blue towns??


404freedom14liberty t1_j500t8v wrote

Help me with the correlation


LordConnecticut t1_j5016mv wrote

Really? The KKK tends to show up in very red areas.

If we want to speak CT in particular, Wallingford had a large presence in the early to mid 20th century, that should give you an idea?


MyFianceMadeMeJoin t1_j50d3xu wrote

For years the Klan’s biggest foot hold was Wallingford. Those people are just quieter now but they’re still here. Meriden has a member of Patriot Front, NSC-131 has a member likely in Wethersfield based on their shitty propaganda efforts. They’re still very much here.


404freedom14liberty t1_j502cb8 wrote

Well, I was involved in local Quiet Corner politics for many years as a Dem. The Republicans were generally to the left of the them.

I suppose we can talk about a Klan presence in the past century but today the red Quiet Corner walks the walk when it comes to the ideals of progressives. As I said not so much in the supposed enlightened blue towns.


nan_adams t1_j51jibf wrote

I lived in the quiet corner for a decade - there is definitely klan activity in the area. The area is in a transitional phase with a lot of new people moving in but there’s still a pocket of very rural, very racist people.

My wife and I moved away because the pride flag in our town was stolen multiple times from a local church, eventually the flagpole was CUTDOWN to prevent the church from putting the flag back up. It was not a safe place to be gay, let alone a different race, and many people were emboldened and outspoken with their dated views.


404freedom14liberty t1_j51njqn wrote

I’m sorry that you were treated that way. What church was it?

Windham county is crawling with LGBT folks. Haven’t heard of the problems you had. Was this years ago?


nan_adams t1_j51ucpm wrote

It was 2020. First Cong. Church of Woodstock. There were a few local places we felt welcomed but many people in the area are bigoted. I also lost my job after I came out and experienced discrimination in my workplace; worked in Killingly at a mfg company.


404freedom14liberty t1_j5237pu wrote

Once again sorry for your experience. Not sure how I got off into this tangent. Was just trying to point out that Windham county is not the hot bed of backwoods racist people it’s made out to be. Actually it’s the opposite.


Advanced-Sun-2200 t1_j505fyu wrote

Deerfield shores in Sterling. I stumbled on a meeting when I was a teenager partying in the cornfields back there.


_-elijah t1_j503dui wrote

Tarrywile park in Danbury


404freedom14liberty t1_j5051yo wrote

Kids spray painting a billboard? I don’t think that’s a serious concern.


_-elijah t1_j505xdp wrote

No but a bunch of people in pointed hoods burning a cross is imo


404freedom14liberty t1_j5061hf wrote

Serious, When was this.


_-elijah t1_j507ql1 wrote

A few years ago with my mates. It’s pretty common knowledge to not go into tarrywile park at night cause the klan is active


jeevesneverlied t1_j4zwjtc wrote

I’m sure Vince McMahon has some shit going on here


kimwim43 t1_j52dp98 wrote

Yes. (My dad built his house - literally. Dad said Jr has small hands, we all lol’d)


nintendosbitch666 t1_j500tkg wrote

My great uncle was a bookie here in CT but he just..... "mysteriously disappeared". My grandmother was pulling out a family tree book with letters and documents about the whole thing when I was like 8.

I'm not gonna divulge everything here considering I'm not even sure I should be posting this, but I know my grandfather was at least sort of involved in some shit too.


painterlyjeans t1_j5070yf wrote

My great uncle was too! He also dealt in stolen cars. He was taken to federal court in NC.


solomons-marbles t1_j503hy8 wrote

Look into the whole Hartford Jai Alai saga from the early 90s. Was?


KwazykupcakesB99 t1_j51n7vq wrote

Is eversource a mob??? They come around once a month asking for money, it often increases every month...


coolducklingcool t1_j4zn934 wrote

As close and connected as we are to NYC? Of course.


Whaddaulookinat t1_j50sy5k wrote

Lmao, try how close we are to Providence.


Beginning-End- t1_j525qh9 wrote

For real who down voted


Whaddaulookinat t1_j52entz wrote

People that watched too much mob movies/tv or believed some of the tall tales that some of the higher ups of the families pushed in the mainstream media to seem like they were more influential than they were for soft influence or their own egos.


doughbacca t1_j4zoowt wrote

I know bookies that still kick up to the Genovese out of Stamford. They don't operate on the level that they used to, but they are still a presence.


Ayatollah-X t1_j4zyq0c wrote

Does anyone still go to a bookie? What's the point? It must only be old guys who don't have iPhones now.


CiforDayZServer t1_j51qbop wrote

Most definitely. It’s over 10 years since I talked to him, but a friend of mine from Stamford used to collect for a few bookies in Stamford.


Pancrat t1_j4z49zv wrote

I’ve heard some stories about Franklin ave


DarkLamont t1_j520xlp wrote

Eversource is stronger than ever


77kloklo77 t1_j503k5f wrote

New Haven used to have a big mob presence. I don’t know how active it still is. I think they were connected to families out of Boston but I’m not sure.


gromit266 t1_j4z3au2 wrote

Hartford/West Hartford/Wethersfield. Oh yeah. Was there, likely still has some presence.

Hartford Courant Dec. 29, 2010 - Mobster's Death Marks End of an Era.



Daviddoesnotexist t1_j4z3gr9 wrote

There’s plenty more info online but at one point there was a homegrown mob (based out of New Haven i believe). Now it’s the New York families (mostly Genovese i think) that operate here.


secretmadscientist t1_j4zrifh wrote

Apparently New London also a little hotbed of mob activity back in the day, likely an extension of the folks from Providence


WhyTheHellnaut t1_j4zxt7y wrote

About 40-50 years ago, there was pretty big mob activity in the Hartford area. Then a car bomb in Rocky Hill killed one of them in public and the FBI stepped in, so it's mostly taken care of since then.


ertebolle t1_j50d3cf wrote

The Patriarcas were the dominant New England mafia family - based in Rhode Island (naturally) but I believe the dividing line between them and the NY mafia was the Connecticut River.


alisa62 t1_j50d873 wrote

I believe Whitey Bulger had associates in CT…


Fabulously-humble t1_j515luu wrote

No. Of course not. It's just silliness from movies.

There is no such thing as the mob.

Move along and stop asking questions. That's how nice guys like you end up with some kind of kneecap related accident.


MyHeadbeDirty t1_j50x2yo wrote

I heard the actual mafia was pushed out of the state years ago. Connecticut is now controlled by The Girl Scouts and all that cookie money.


HenryJamesTheMaster t1_j518c1j wrote

There were plenty of Irish mobsters in Connecticut, too. Just one example: In New Haven area in the late 1960's, Edmund Devlin put together a crew of Italian and Irish toughs who became one of the nation’s most successful bank robbery gangs up to that time. The gang stole an estimated $500,000 to $1 million (worth $3-$6 million today), most of which was never recovered.


HentaiIraqi t1_j509uft wrote

My Great Grandfather came from Naples Italy to derby Connecticut and my dad and grandfather claims he was In the mafia In derby Connecticut In prohibition time era.


papa_johns_sucks t1_j559991 wrote

My grandpa was into some shady stuff. Never found out what it was but as I was growing up I was taught a deep distain for police and snitches. He was also extremely adamant about not gambling even tho he went to the horse races in nyc every other weekend


Ill-Whereas-5939 t1_j4zs0ey wrote

Mafia yes… and also some local politicians who, with their buddies, organize white collar crime.


MysteriousMusic1372 t1_j50ipbh wrote

First rule of the mob.. you dont talk about the mob! What is this nonsense Im seeing here? The mob would be insulted...


FJCruisin t1_j50lnus wrote

Organized crime will always be a thing - everywhere.


Agreeable_Mango_1288 t1_j51i8rq wrote

Alcohol running during prohibition. CT was a major entry point , for importation.


cryptodog11 t1_j51q22a wrote

Of course! La Cosa Nostra used to have a presence in every major city/state in the country


WestRiverTraveler t1_j53bnxv wrote

Strangely, Old Saybrook had some mob connections. The old Terra Mar, now Saybrook Point has mob connections. Skyball Scibelli had a house in Indian Town. My father knew him well. I remember my baby sister slapped him on the face. My dad said, "that's the only person that can get away with slapping him like that."


Jaded-Amoeba5831 t1_j59z30r wrote

For the longest, the CT mob was run out of Providence. Not sure about today.


deceptacle1980 t1_j511i3h wrote

I hear the young Gambardellas really have the police departments and courts handled.


theforgotten246 t1_j5135qm wrote

A family member of mine long ago used to own a freight company somehow he would have a trailer full of valuable goods get stolen and would claim it as a lose to the insurance company but he'd have the exact same trailer, somehow with different Id numbers, a month later and wads of cash so thick you'd think he was printing it himself

His brother (A volunteer state trooper when they had such things) was fired for tipping him off about a raid that was going to put him away for a long time

Mobs do/have existed in Connecticut for a long time however organized crime has changed over the years you probably wouldn't recognize a gangster if you saw one these days as they're probably stealing cryptocurrencys sitting in a Starbucks drinking a frape and wearing some duchey beanie


mrpic45 t1_j5173ij wrote

My grandfather used to run books for them back in the early 80s. Did some federal time.


nan_adams t1_j51juos wrote

LOL. If you know you know how stupid this question is, but I’m not giving any anecdotes to confirm it.


Master_Donut_858 t1_j51lpr0 wrote

Wooster square was built on the mob in New Haven. And the curiso’s still own strip clubs throughout Stratford and Bridgeport


scottyf_ct t1_j51mum7 wrote a mob currently in Bpt.


LostSailor-25 t1_j51qkpi wrote

Lol several. There's organized crime everywhere.


keenjerry t1_j51xa18 wrote

I know the descendants of lucky Luciano are here in the greater New Haven area. Shook the guys hand the other day! Not bad people.


papa_johns_sucks t1_j55a8b2 wrote

They’re usually extremely nice unless you owe them money


keenjerry t1_j561wsd wrote

Yea you could say that about anyone. Actually he was pretty nice when he was owed money. Don’t ask how I know lol.


PikaChooChee t1_j52ql6z wrote

Not too long ago, restaurants were mysteriously burning down in Stamford and Greenwich. One in Stamford had occupied apartments above it and it burned overnight... terrifying. And the remains owner/chef of a Stamford restaurant were found in several plastic bags in nearby Bedford, NY.

The mob is still here. Different nationalities. But still mob.


Funke-munke t1_j53k8vx wrote

Lots of them. Bridgeport was very active and there was a mob hit on Main St in the 80s.


eastst328 t1_j55t45w wrote

They caused a bit of mayhem.


MrKatalyst t1_j505z5f wrote

New Heaven was a hub between Boston and New York.


PentonMitch99 t1_j50bl5n wrote

Do the white hooded white guys count?


kmuz700 t1_j50qa70 wrote

Of course there is. It’s the government.


[deleted] t1_j4yurag wrote



SendingToTheMoon t1_j4yxy0x wrote

“Won’t somebody please think of the buildings!!”


SendingToTheMoon t1_j4yyk8y wrote

I thought CNN was fake news


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_j4zsses wrote

Wow how gullible are you.