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Rhyxnathotho t1_j5urbbq wrote

It’s probably years away. Whatever other states do, add 3-5 years and CT will be there eventually although somehow more expensive.


BryanCalens2ndFamily t1_j5v0l86 wrote

Tax on the weed tax on the delivery tax on the service charge tax on the tax and don’t forget to tip!


Dom_i_Grow t1_j5wql6l wrote

Yes they do. My dispensary offers delivery Wed-Fri.


dumbthrow33 OP t1_j5wqqbu wrote

Are you using a 3rd party service or do you handle that in house?


gyokuro t1_j5ywffw wrote

Any company doing cannabis delivery in Connecticut is going to be stuck delivering products from the same four incumbent licensed producers for at least the next year or so.