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crowan83 t1_j6ney6e wrote

Just sent you a message. I run a BJJ school in Prospect. Jiu-jitsu has done wonders for my mental health and has filled my life with a ton of great people. It's not for everyone but if it's something that piques your interest feel free to drop in!


AB5642 t1_j6nu18f wrote

100% agree with this. Jiu-Jitsu definitely helped me greatly when I got out of the Marine Corps and feeling a bit lost. Highly recommend to OP if it's something he has the slightest bit of interest in


Demofied t1_j6nynto wrote

I have looked at stuff like this but.. $$, and being out is shape.


SnooMemesjellies7469 t1_j6obczh wrote

I can't help with the $$, but you don't need to be in shape for BJJ


Demofied t1_j6obq9l wrote

You do if you don’t want to run out of the building crying like a child because your fatass just embarrassed yourself and you wonder why you can’t be in shape like you for your wedding for your marriage that failed.


crowan83 t1_j6oibas wrote

We get this a lot. Our usual response is that you don’t get in shape to go to the gym. You go to the gym to get in shape. Same with BJJ. You come here to get in shape. We all started out knowing nothing and getting our butts kicked. With time and dedication, you’ll lose weight, learn the art and gain the other benefits we spoke of. Self-confidence, the potential for improved mental health, friendships and camaraderie. If money is an issue I’m willing to offer you a free month of training!


Demofied t1_j6oxs3j wrote

I appreciate your very serious response to my depressing and sarcastic answer. If tried getting into various martial arts in the past. Really it’s social anxiety which prevents me from ever going. I did a year of a gym and got in shape because my friend was going with me teaching me. I really appreciate the offer btw. I’m only mostly broke so I hope you save that for someone who needs it more and is more deserving. The well being of fitness is real. Where about in CT in this if you don’t mind me asking?


BenjTheMaestro t1_j6patgv wrote

You really don’t though. I went in at 220+ You will sweat a lot and get tired, but it’s often things that can be modified. It’s a great way to GET into whatever shape you’re going for. Mostly because it’s fun and makes you use your head.


BenjTheMaestro t1_j6palsa wrote

BJJ legitimately saved my life during a similar situation. I was down and completely alone, only time I’ve been self harming in my life and lost 30 lbs over a month. I was thrown this exact lifeline by a friend with a school and there are not enough words for what it did for me. It got me eating better so I’d feel better on the mat, gave me a community (I only rolled sundays so it was a small tight group at a small school), and most importantly, it really opened up the creative parts of my brain that had been mostly closed since I stopped playing music around the end of high school. BJJ brought me passion and the will to live, and the passion absolutely did not just stick to jiujitsu. It was the best therapy I ever had.

Sadly, I had to get spinal fusion for an unrelated work injury and haven’t been back since 2015. But if someone is offering their mat like this, it’s always worth TRYING. You’ll be beat and wiped out at first but if it clicks for you, you just found something that will be with you forever 🖤