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ericfromct t1_j6o33mj wrote

Reply to comment by AndWeMay in In Need of a Friend.. by ccorbs89

Totally sympathize with you both, I'm from CT but left when I was 18 and came back when I was like 26. All my friends are in NJ and my best friend who was like my brother that was actually here died when I moved back. Seems like most everyone really solidifies friendships and a lot of people pick their (at least first) partner during that period, so moving alone to a totally new area far from where your from can really be a lonely experience.


BenjTheMaestro t1_j6pb5x1 wrote

I feel this. I’m a Jersey transplant from last year! Still haven’t really gone out tbh.


ericfromct t1_j6pcy9q wrote

I lived in North Jersey, Bloomfield, Montclair, West Paterson (and woodland park, I was there when they changed the name), and Paterson. I miss NJ and my friends so much. Been so hard since I moved back here