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An_odd_walrus t1_j6fliua wrote

Lol is BIG EGG to blame for this conspiracy?


Kolzig33189 t1_j6frep9 wrote

lol there’s a “big (insert literally everything)” so why not have BIG EGG?

Although I suppose the correct term here would be “jumbo”


Maximilian_Xavier t1_j6faone wrote

Why is it super suspicious? You think a rival egg farmer was trying to send a message?


FinnbarMcBride t1_j6fbnep wrote

Nice egg farm you got here, be a shame if anything happened to it


btc-lostdrifter0001 OP t1_j6fdcm4 wrote

Just the fact that significant bird flu has been affecting the country as a whole, the cost to care for these animals, the cost of operations (employee wages, etc.), and overall inflation has been going nuts, and with the massive increase in the price of eggs, just sit right that the farm just suddenly burns down.


Maximilian_Xavier t1_j6fg3gk wrote

I okay. So did a little research on this company.

Which is likely?

  1. Arson which you would need a massive corporate conspiracy, payoffs and hope your insurance company doesn’t catch on. Plus overall increase in premiums regardless. Overall barely effecting bottom line. This seems like small potatoes for them.


  1. Sketchy ass farm company that has been sued and citied over numerous issues including health, safety and price gouging having lax safety standards that led to the operation burning down.

I’m going to go with the non Hollywood plot. :)


CaptServo t1_j6i1190 wrote

Chicken shit, bedding and feathers make a pretty gnarly combustible mix.


CaptServo t1_j6i0ybv wrote

Do you mean they arsoned for the insurance? I doubt it. I would be very surprised if their insurance payout adjusted that quickly based on market rates.


Enginerdad t1_j6ik6zc wrote

The birds lost in the fire represent 0.2%-0.4% of the birds lost to avian flu recently. It's basically a non-factor in comparison.


dingurth1 t1_j6jrt2l wrote

literally thousands of farm/AG fires happen every year across the country


thesbaine t1_j6fnwr0 wrote

How much do you have invested in big tin foil? Seems like you're anglin for people to make more hats...


SueBeee t1_j6frypm wrote

WHY does everything have to be a conspiracy?


ZWash300 t1_j6g2qwb wrote

Everything doesn’t have to be a conspiracy. People are so quick to jump to insane conclusions these days.


Car2lina t1_j6g86rr wrote

This farm has a fire every 8-10 years. Usually on windy days. They have to do a little remediation and then it’s back to business. No big conspiracy.


himewaridesu t1_j6n515c wrote

This farm every 8-10 years? What the hell are they doing that makes everything flammable?


Car2lina t1_j6nlxm0 wrote

Wooden structures, electrical shorts. Also unsure how close the hydrants are, I have been out of town for 5 years. This farm belonged to at least 4 corporations since the 90s-Egglands best, Land o lakes, Moark, Hillandale, maybe another. Last fire was Moark in 2016. I always said the town has 2500 people and 2.5 million chickens.


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_j6fhwm9 wrote

Is 100,000 a significant number of chickens? I met a person that worked at this farm one time. Told me he was a chicken farmer. I said I have a flock myself, I have about ten, how many do you have? He said 3,000,000. Not sure how big of a loss a hunny bun of hens is if you've got twenty nine more.

The local fire inspector will certainly investigate, maybe the state inspector, too? I read that the State Department of Agriculture is being briefed but is not investigating. I'd be interested if anyone knows when the state fire marshal's jurisdiction takes over from the town. 5he insurance company will inspect; the flock and building were probably insured.

E: UConn Extension says there are 5,000,000 chickens in CT at 240 farms.


Maximilian_Xavier t1_j6fm8xv wrote

It’s not even a large amount for this one company, they have 20 million chickens.


psyco-the-rapist t1_j6fjuy2 wrote

The loss is too small to really effect anything. It was one coop. I don't know what their exact numbers are but figure less then 10 percent of the flock if all the coops were operational. All the expensive hard to replace stuff is in the processing room. Plus you probably have another 2 million birds at the two nearby sister farms.


[deleted] t1_j6f9su0 wrote



AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_j6fjswh wrote

Other than a scientific analysis of the fire's cause, origin, progression, and extent of damage. They also put the fire out, first.


Language-Aromatic t1_j6fc3di wrote

Biden and his henchmen are going state to state to keep the egg shortage down. The government knows that with the extremely high fuel, heating and electric costs that the people will be vulnerable. The democrats plan on enacting a work trade agreement that will be impossible to work off basically enslaving the people indefinitely and transferring to children. This with the new gun grab Lamont is imposing this will happen in the very near future.

Seriously I think it was just an unfortunate accident.


wydellasaurus t1_j6fhbby wrote

Keeps eggs out of politics!


Language-Aromatic t1_j6fhfpa wrote

I’m getting downvoted for clearly a joke. Stfu


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_j6fjdfm wrote

You're getting downvoted bc it's actually Obama planning to do this with WalMart stores.


wydellasaurus t1_j6fr5a8 wrote

Did people think I was being serious? Holy shit we’re lost. Are there eggs in politics? I don’t know what’s happening anymore


Language-Aromatic t1_j6fu0fh wrote

My reply was more general then directly to you I should have stated that.


rare72 t1_j6hr2pz wrote

Edit your post then, lol. There are lots of ppl out there who believe that shit, and who will think not know you were joking. I thought you were one of them.


Language-Aromatic t1_j6hr56h wrote

Why I put down what I really thought at the very bottom instead of a /s


IndicationOver t1_j6iqv3j wrote

All could have been avoided with /s

Even with what you put at the very bottom lol


Miserable_Carpet6875 t1_j6fu29a wrote

The last time, there’s a fire a couple years ago around that area maybe a different town, and it was due to a electrical issue I believe with the heater


BeerPizzaGaming t1_j6mecnv wrote

Super suspicious.... cold weather and fire, its like someone might have been using a heating device to keep the chickens warm or something.
I bet the roosters from that rival chicken gang did it on purpose because they were infringing on their turf.


Im_bad_at_names_1993 t1_j6ftdnt wrote

Or maybe a shitty greedy company put profits before the safety of animals