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Yum_Kaax t1_j6o5cjq wrote

Great speech. Please provide all the details on this rally and protest you are now in charge of organizing.


Bathroomtrader t1_j6o61bn wrote

The entire state writes return to sender on all bills sent out for the month of Feb.


Yum_Kaax t1_j6o7njy wrote

Right now there are a lot of companies doing mass layoffs. Eversource would just layoff a few dozen line engineers and blame it on the consumer protest and say that the customers are forcing their hand unless they pay their bills.

I think the better answer here is regulation/oversight putting reasonable limits on rate increases.


-BruinsBabe- t1_j6oba5x wrote

Literally, every employee there, down to the customer service reps, are in a union. It wouldn’t be as simple as laying them off.

Anyone who doesn’t pay their bill would eventually be sent to collections and or disconnected, if they didn’t meet the criteria to be safe from a shut off. The costs for unpaid bills just get passed onto residents. So, it’s really futile to just refuse to pay a bill without the backing of some legislators on board to change things, legally.


callmemoderation t1_j6p0evb wrote

Not every employee is union. Source me, non union employee.


-BruinsBabe- t1_j6pdkig wrote

As a former employee and part of that union myself, I’m really curious. As I was leaving, they were unionizing everyone in the customer service department. I was told that was kind of the last of the last, that were left. But either way, I can amend to say, the majority of the employees there are union, if that makes you feel any better.


keepitupxxx t1_j6pg4hm wrote

Yes this is correct seeing layoffs around the state in our industry an others as well🤔 If this continues we will all be jobless an bankrupt🤔


Yum_Kaax t1_j6pgeah wrote

The government tried to Eversource responsible after the last big hurricane and Eversource's response was to jack-up prices after it all died down to recoup their losses. So I trust Eversource to always find a way to bill it back to the customer.


keepitupxxx t1_j6phdbr wrote

Not just Eversource all industry does the same For instance jet fuel goes up tickets go up Plane prices go up tickets go up Natural business move🤔


[deleted] OP t1_j6oi1ih wrote



Yum_Kaax t1_j6ome97 wrote

Sure. A utility bill often still serves as a valid form of proof of residence in many situations. It's really the only paper bill I still get for that very reason.


Actonhammer t1_j6p0x6f wrote

This is because of all the high tension powerline upgrades they've been doing all over new england. Eversource is upgrading our power grid and charging us for it. I know, it sucks.

Please stop screaming at your spouse and kids for leaving lights on. At this point, almost all of us have LED bulbs in our houses. They cost next to nothing to run.

If you want to save energy, stop using things so much that heat up. Dishwashers, laundry dryers, electric heat, turn down the temp on your hot water heater. Don't let your computer run all day, unplug stuff from the wall, ect.

That's why they turned up the delivery charge, so they can still fund the upgrades to the high tension powerlines no matter how conservative you try to be. Ya, still shitty.

If yall want cheaper power, start chanting that we need more nuclear power plants. And do your research, cuz nuclear is the best option available


MBAlliance2011 t1_j6oc097 wrote

Everyone please post your daily usage in this thread. Mine is 26 kWh per day and I am locked in with the Constellation rate of 13.5c per kWh.

$102.05 for supply and $85.73 for delivery = $187.78. Totally reasonable.


justadudenameddave t1_j6oe5jk wrote

I am with Constellation at 13.8c supply, and for the month of January I used 7.3 kWh per day. $67 bill total


HRzNightmare t1_j6okca9 wrote

15kWh/day, locked in at $.0899/kWh with Constellation until 12/2024.

$38.30 supply + $54.19 delivery = $93.49

No solar.


[deleted] OP t1_j6oqtjk wrote



louied13 t1_j6ow8hv wrote

We just locked on with constellation at 15.99c so I look forward to seeing what we save. I’m one of the minority with UI and our supply charge went from 16 cents peak and 10 off peak to 23 and 20!


red_purple_red t1_j6p8166 wrote

The politicians can already see and hear you, and have generously given out thoughts and prayers.


kesagatame-and-Chill t1_j6orfdl wrote

The second lowest bill we have had in a year. We switched to another provider, but I have become my parents and yell about things being left on. So basically responsible with our electronic usage. Wild how it works.

Best way to get back at them is to minimize your usage.


MormonReformist t1_j6omcbu wrote

Electricity is inelastic, meaning we basically buy the same amount regardless of the price. The only way to get that price down is to produce more electricity. Most of the electricity we consume is produced by natural gas, and those prices are messed up due to supply chain disruption.

So, what do we do?

Well, we produce more electricity. How do we do that? Fuck if I know.


mkt853 t1_j6pg5l2 wrote

I don't believe they can turn off your power in the winter, so technically you would have until May 1st to pay your bills. Maybe if everyone just didn't pay until then they'd cave well before they could start turning people off for non-payment? A whole quarter of no revenue would be pretty devastating to the company, and quarterly earnings is the only language they seem to understand.


nofishontuesday2 t1_j6orr20 wrote

How about not voting Democrat?

It’s amazing how everyone complains about the high cost of living in CT but still votes Democrat.

People, shits not going to change under Democrats leadership. Have a good look at all the Democrat run states. The crime, Cody of living, taxes, and overall welfare of the citizens is total shit.

Seriously, if you voted for Lamont, you got what you deserved. Not only in utilities but everything else as well


Plenty of downvotes but not one comment proving I’m wrong or mistaken


callmemoderation t1_j6p0off wrote

Literally every elected state official connected to Eversource is registered Republican...


nofishontuesday2 t1_j6p1mlb wrote


You do realize Lamont is where the buck stops as far as energy regulations, don’t you?


DarkLamont t1_j6o7gzy wrote

If you can't afford it, there are 47 other cheaper states, not everyone can make it here


IndicationOver t1_j6oeeub wrote

I dunno bro, just because you are making it in CT does not mean utility rates cannot suck.

That is why the ones who can got solar for example, that is not possible for everyone.


buried_lede t1_j6ouctg wrote

CL&P shouldn’t be making it and should leave