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MBAlliance2011 t1_j6oc097 wrote

Everyone please post your daily usage in this thread. Mine is 26 kWh per day and I am locked in with the Constellation rate of 13.5c per kWh.

$102.05 for supply and $85.73 for delivery = $187.78. Totally reasonable.


justadudenameddave t1_j6oe5jk wrote

I am with Constellation at 13.8c supply, and for the month of January I used 7.3 kWh per day. $67 bill total


HRzNightmare t1_j6okca9 wrote

15kWh/day, locked in at $.0899/kWh with Constellation until 12/2024.

$38.30 supply + $54.19 delivery = $93.49

No solar.


[deleted] OP t1_j6oqtjk wrote



louied13 t1_j6ow8hv wrote

We just locked on with constellation at 15.99c so I look forward to seeing what we save. I’m one of the minority with UI and our supply charge went from 16 cents peak and 10 off peak to 23 and 20!