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Itothesky t1_j5lfgcf wrote

You’re supposed to be the victim and call the cops and watch as shitbags steal your stuff while the cops take their sweet ass time.


gregra193 t1_j5lrp1s wrote

The kids began running away as soon as Graybrown started yelling at them. They retreated from the property. You can’t kill somebody for that.

Saying he “believed the juvenile had a gun” is likely not legally sound in this case. The teens were “running away.” Had they started to move towards Graybrown and make their way into his house, maybe the law would see that differently.

Responsible gun owners are responsible for understanding how the law is applied in these situations.


Justagreewithme t1_j5m3fst wrote

Some of the recent car break-ins, the thieves shoot at the homeowners while they retreat. His claims certainly are possible. It’s also possible he’s making it up to justify his own actions. Other evidence lacking, I choose to give him the benefit of the doubt as he was not the instigator.


thesbaine t1_j5lwfh3 wrote

You’re getting down voted but are 100% correct. Retreating = getting shot in the back which is unjustifiable.

Edit: some also mentioned that the guy was “reaching” while he was running. Dude was still running. Regardless of whether or not the thief was a piece of shit self defense ended when pursuit began.


TreeEleben t1_j5ovnj3 wrote

Cops shoot unarmed people in the back and claim the person was reaching for something. They face no consequences.


Jawaka99 t1_j5olnq0 wrote

lol because a person can't shoot at you when they're retreating?


thesbaine t1_j5olt7i wrote

Sure can, but that's why you don't pursue.


Jawaka99 t1_j5tpkrk wrote

Yup, just let all criminals go. Connecticut's motto.


L-V-4-2-6 t1_j5ofgdn wrote

Like all legal things in self defense related cases, it's tricky. It's one thing if your assailant was using something like a knife or their fists to hurt someone and then opts to flee. At that point, they no longer have the capacity to harm others as long as everyone keeps their distance, so unless they're perceived as being on the move to hurt someone else (which you would need to prove), you're right in that that would be a bad shoot. However, that sort of proximity phenomenon is off the table with a gun. You can very easily fire a weapon while retreating, and someone with a gun on the move can still pose a threat almost instantly. The assailant firing blindly without even turning is a possibility, and all they have to do is get lucky. All this to say, it's not super clear cut when a gun is perceived to be involved, though his perception on the presence of a firearm is a different discussion and one that will certainly come up alongside this.


USMC_Valhalla t1_j5pn1ik wrote

You can be running away and be perceived as pointing a weapon at what you're fleeing.


sunlight_terrace t1_j5ngyhv wrote

Same thing happened to this guy in newtown. A few kids from waterbury were taking things out of his car in the middle of the night. He came out, they all ran, and he ended up shooting the girl in the back.


Knineteen t1_j5n4xyx wrote

His mistake was yelling. Shoot first.


papa_johns_sucks t1_j5lq7pg wrote

I moved to ATL and that happens down here. When the cops come they just say ‘ he fucked around and found out’


Dank_Bonkripper78_ t1_j5ncu2m wrote

Maybe I’m the crazy one but I think there’s definitely a firm middle ground between murdering someone over the spare change in my center console and my EZ pass and playing the victim.


ZoqY t1_j5oqmys wrote

Sir we live in a blue state


xGUACAMOLEx t1_j5n9e96 wrote

you would execute someone for breaking into your car?


Prudent-Ball2698 t1_j5nezw9 wrote

I've beaten a person half to death and called the cops for that, they arrested him. He broke into my garage. So yeah. I probably would if it came to it n he had a weapon


No-Coast-Punk t1_j5r5fqn wrote

These kids are just going to graduate to robbing liquor stores and stealing cars at gunpoint.

Anybody who shoots them is just nipping a problem in the bud and doing society a big favor.


[deleted] t1_j5n88k3 wrote



Nintom64 t1_j5ooekt wrote

Address the root cause. Why are kids committing petty crimes like this? The answer is increased poverty and lack of opportunity in their communities. Housing and food insecurity. High crime and violence. If we want to stop this, then those are the issues we need to tackle in the cities.


TreeEleben t1_j5ov220 wrote

You're absolutely right, but the fact that these kids know they won't be prosecuted is also part of the cause. Of course poor kids are going to go out robbing cars, high reward, effectively zero risk. It's frustrating when the police can't do anything to stop the robberies, and if a citizen tries to stop it, the police arrest them and lock them up, while the theives get let go immediately.

Poverty isn't going away, it's just increasing. The state needs to get this under control before it gets worse. Kids are already shooting at people who spot them. Someone is going to end up dead.


EvidentlyEmpirical t1_j5py5x0 wrote

I feel the need to preface this by saying I'm not advocating for this, I'm predicting it will happen. This is not an endorsement of violence, it's a suspicion that violence will occur due to the circumstances that are part of the conversation.

There, now that the disclaimer is out of the way, what you're describing sounds like a recipe for vigilantism. Someone is going to get the bright idea to be Batman and come in with some friends to beat the crap out of the thieves... and this cannot end well.


Nintom64 t1_j5p4cz0 wrote

That is incorrect. No kid is thinking “hmm I can’t wait to steal stuff because the state won’t punish me for it!” The consequences of the crime isn’t even a thought in their head. Again address the root cause. Poverty. We can fix this issue by addressing what leads people to commit petty crime.


DerpolIus t1_j5qj9s7 wrote

Ok. How? How do we address poverty? And what do we do in the meantime while it’s being addressed? What do we say to the people who have to live this reality every day? That their solution is a decade out and they just have to suck it up until then? It’s a noble idea and one that we should be working towards now, but it does nothing to help people in a timely manner.


wpm615 t1_j5p77zw wrote

That’s a cute take on the situation. There’s plenty of jobs available, every employer/municipality/state/institution is hiring right now. They are giving skilled jobs to people with no experience to fill the role and are providing training. This is a time of great opportunity, and young thugs are still going around robbing hardworking people


shotpun t1_j5q26r0 wrote

what? tech and software firms are currently going through their largest wave of layoffs since any of them were founded. there's a real estate bubble that puts 2008 to shame and it looks like it's about to burst. u.s. life expectancy is decreasing for the first time since the country was founded.

when child malnutrition rates go up, child hunger goes up, and public education continues to fall behind standards, all in a world that everyone (regardless of political affiliation) agrees is the most socially and financially tense it's been in decades, kids are going to make horrible decisions. yes criminals are still criminals but calling the world we're in 'cute' is an extremely disingenuous way to sweep systemic problems under the rug


Nintom64 t1_j5p8mmr wrote

It’s really telling your first reaction is “get a job” when even if you have a job, you still live in poverty. Specifically for the kids breaking into cars: we should focus on providing after school activities and funding programs that engage people so they won’t turn to crime.


topsheetisamust t1_j5oi7t1 wrote

Not disagreeing with anything you’re saying just a tip.

I grew up in Boston I never locked my car doors and leave absolutely nothing of value in it, even change (a drug addict will smash your window for like 50 cents)

Idk what they tell you to do in CT but that’s how I avoided any unnecessary smashed windows.


Justinontheinternet t1_j5w3uct wrote

Lock the little fuckers up. Want to do hood rat shit enjoy the hood rat consequences.


kingcovey t1_j5m4dsj wrote

release this man


Psychotrip t1_j5n5eqb wrote

So we're pro teen-killing in this sub? Especially when they're running away? Interesting stand to take.


xGUACAMOLEx t1_j5n9hcp wrote

if you've spent any time in this sub you will know they are. deranged shit.


TreeEleben t1_j5mb74n wrote

He's going to jail. Can't shoot to protect property, only hunam lives.

Unless you're a cop. Then you can fire away with zero regard for anyone.


ZoqY t1_j5oqsls wrote

Issue with this is what ends up happening is people like that replicate and have multiple baby mamas then the problem will only double the next generation


Prudent-Ball2698 t1_j5mh678 wrote

That's why this state is in a decline, if my son my newborn is in my house with me and we're broken into, idc I'm firing first at the perpetrators then asking later, not to kill but we should as THE constitution state have the same law as Texas. Why should you be a victim whe the cops won't help you or take there sweet time while God forbid your being brutalized or anyone for tht matter?


Dank_Bonkripper78_ t1_j5nd841 wrote

That’s not the same. That’s a BARRK felony and you can most certainly shoot at them with minimal repercussions. A baby monitor in a car and your baby are not on the same playing field for shooting


Prudent-Ball2698 t1_j5ndk59 wrote

I'd hope not, I take my child and his safety very seriously, and as a veteran who did time in Afghanistan its my first reaction to case every room with a firearm, may be my ptsd from it but also precautions. I got a good lawyer incase but I hope it'd never come to that.


ZoqY t1_j5or5xm wrote

Eh the issue is you need to KNOW it’s a criminal and not just assume in the moment. What if someone thought it was their car or was told to put something in someone else’s? It’s rare, but there is guaranteed to be a case like that. I just think you should record and CT should up the penalties big time


AdHistorical7107 t1_j5o0jfs wrote

Perhaps you should move to Texas. Hopefully your kid won't be shot in elementary school due to their lax gun laws...


Spooky2000 t1_j5ofk1z wrote

Obviously your short ass memory forgot about Sandy Hook..

There have been 3 school shootings in Texas that I can find. Seeing as how they have 10 times the population, seems like our record is worse than theirs for school shootings.


AdHistorical7107 t1_j5oije2 wrote

Awwww. Look at you. But you forgot how easy it was for Texans to buy guns. Which is exactly what it is you 2a folks seem to want....


Spooky2000 t1_j5ojja4 wrote

Aw, look at you ignoring reality to try and shit on Texas while we have our own problems here even with our draconian gun laws.

Did you know the drug overdose rate is 3 times as high in CT as it is in Texas? Or that that covid death rate is 50% higher in Ct?


bdy435 t1_j5oxqez wrote

>Did you know the drug overdose rate is 3 times as high in CT as it is in Texas? Or that that covid death rate is 50% higher in Ct?

331 vs 317 is not 50% higher. And population density is higher in the northeast.

Also, poor choice of word for this thread.


>Draconian comes from Draco, the name of a 7th-century B.C. Athenian legislator who created a written code of law. Draco's code was intended to clarify existing laws, but its severity is what made it really memorable. According to the code, even minor offenses were punishable by death, and failure to pay one's debts could result in slavery. Draconian, as a result, became associated with especially authoritative actions that are viewed as cruel or harsh.


neosapprentice t1_j5ogyvk wrote

It’s like everyone in CT has the neighbors app except the cops. This shit happens every day in practically every town and it seems like not a damn thing is happening to stop it. “Just let em steal your shit and play victim” should be the state motto 🤦‍♂️ Post mugshots of the kids and their parents rather than this guy protecting his shit.


LostSailor-25 t1_j5ojcox wrote

Yeah nobody steals shit in other states.


neosapprentice t1_j5pxzao wrote

In other states the law doesn’t ask you to smile and wave while they steal your shit lol


shotpun t1_j5q2dtt wrote

counterpoint. i live in ohio now. pretty sure columbus is chart topping in property theft rn


EvidentlyEmpirical t1_j5pyhl2 wrote

Other states generally have less useless cops. Ours won't even stop the people doing 90 on the highways.


MrKatalyst t1_j5lna6s wrote

What the headline fails to point out is that that after he chased the kid he started reaching around for what the man perceived as weapon.


Nintom64 t1_j5oop9b wrote

Don’t chase him. There’s your answer. No property is worth going to jail or losing your life for.


deceptacle1980 t1_j5os9tx wrote

Is someone else’s property worth going to jail or losing your life for?


Nintom64 t1_j5oshqf wrote

No, and neither is mine.


deceptacle1980 t1_j5ot7yz wrote

The teenager was more than willing to take that risk. You’re suggesting nothing I own is worth protecting with force but you don’t have the same sentiments for the individuals who may attempt to steal it. Why?


Nintom64 t1_j5p4n6q wrote

Material things can be replaced. Life cannot. And I didn’t say using force isn’t justified. I said losing life.


laceyourbootsup t1_j5mzi30 wrote

Shouldn’t have chased him. You let the person go. It’s only a car, it can be replaced.

The innocent victim was just stealing a car. He probably had a troubled home life and just needs hugs.

The nerve of the monster that decided to stop the young man from trying to feed his family! Put him in jail and throw away the key


deceptacle1980 t1_j5otps1 wrote

Nobody wants to see dead kids but if the laws and prosecutors aren’t willing to hand out any substantial consequences for this shit then perhaps a few ventilated teenagers laying in the street might sway some other kids’ minds before they go stealing.


bdy435 t1_j5oubcu wrote

>perhaps a few ventilated teenagers laying in the street

You're one sick dude. Comments like that give ammosexuals a bad name.


deceptacle1980 t1_j5ovm9n wrote

Do they? Would you prefer I rephrase to cater to your delicate sensibilities since you pose no other solutions? These kids aren’t getting in trouble. They think nothing is going to happen. And what happens next? They get a little bolder. Maybe they get a little pushback from one of their victims. So the next time they bring a weapon with them. Maybe they use it. Maybe some poor young pregnant woman goes to get something out of her car at the wrong time and gets shot, loses the baby which destroys her mental health, and leads to life of depression and anxiety. All because you don’t want to prosecute teenage boys for crimes.


bdy435 t1_j5oymq5 wrote

maybe maybe maybe. In this care the kid was running away, probably scared shitless.

In our society its the criminal justice system that prosecutes crimes, not some random untrained Rambo. Look up the concept of due process.

But keep clutching those pearls, tough guy.


deceptacle1980 t1_j5ozizs wrote

But in our society we stopped punishing the crimes so your thoughts and feelings are as useless as you.

Yes, scared shitless. My man here fired a couple shots at a piece-of-shit kid. Maybe this will be his wake up call. Maybe this is the moment when he turns it all around. Or it’s the moment where he decides he’ll never go stealing and robbing without a gun again and the next time he does this he kills someone.

Then you pat yourself on the back because you thought never prosecuting thefts and car break ins was such a progressive idea.


bdy435 t1_j5pmgxt wrote

First of all, I dont get to decide who gets prosecuted. I'm not going to get involved in that.

Secondly - you are a mean person, a sociopath if you fantasize killing children like that. I hope if you have kids you dont punish them with violence and the "spare the rod, spoil the child" bullshit.

Do you go to church on Sundays?

Have a nice day, tough guy.


deceptacle1980 t1_j5pnq44 wrote

Who is fantasizing killing kids? Is that your inability to comprehend thoughts and feelings outside of your own? You’re right. You’re not going to get involved in that because you’re not going to get involved in anything because you would rather delegate that to men and women stronger/smarter or weaker/dumber because you have no real thoughts.

If the state won’t prosecute this shit and the parents don’t care/aren’t there then ultimately it’s going to get left in the hands of people like you, me, the guy pictured. The kid stealing the car has to decide if it is worth getting shot over. I have to worry about the kid deciding his right to my stuff is more important than my life and safety. Maybe after a few of these kids get aired out in the fucking street the state and prosecutors will step back in the arena and do their jobs. But until that day, I think this guy makes a strong case for open season. They can’t arrest all of us, can they.


Choppinitup31 t1_j5nogz1 wrote

Apparently everyone downvoting people that support the right to use force to protect their property has an endless supply of money to just replace whatever is stolen, or broken.

I know what the law says, but in a lot of cases "they fucked around and found out" seems like it would be far more fair and applicable.

When there is little-to-no repercussions for robbery in this state, why do you think people continue to do it? Look at California, the place is a zoo.


AdHistorical7107 t1_j5o0qdm wrote

Nope. They are being down voted because this guy thought he was a cowboy and pursued the children. Having a gun changes your mindset that you should fire wrecklessly. Just like this guy did.

Just glad his bullet didn't end up in the car seat of a nearby passing car or in the crib of a nearby home. Bet you 2a folks didn't think of that one huh?


NotSurHowTitanicEnds t1_j5rw9to wrote

The criminals who often have guns have been known to shoot at victims they encounter during these robberies and thefts. A quick google search gives you countless examples, a few recents from right here in CT. But that reality is inconvenient lets not focus on it. But I do wonder if they care about where their bullets end up when they’re trying to shoot at their victims? The criminals, those damn 2a people, they’re so irresponsible.


BadDogEDN t1_j5m8hzx wrote

its ok guys, those kids could have stolen his car, totaled it, and wouldn't have to pay or be punished in any way.


MyGodItsFullOfClowns t1_j5mansv wrote

> The juvenile was charged with criminal attempt to commit larceny.


SpiderMuse t1_j5o8rri wrote

Under normal circumstances, I would've said shooting at the kids is a massive overreaction. But you know what....I get it. Juvenile car robberies and carjackings are a massive problem in this state...people get hurt over this crap.

And because they're minors, the law is scared to give them a harsh, life-altering punishment. The minors know they can steal crap, get caught and get released with little care.

In this context, I think this guy should get a light punishment. He was in the wrong, but the law failed HIM first.


Nintom64 t1_j5oouri wrote

Punishment will not stop these types of crimes, only exacerbate them.


deceptacle1980 t1_j5osser wrote

How so? What you are suggesting is what the state did: stop punishing teens for crimes. And what happened? Teens commit crimes but with a sense superiority because they know nothing will happen to them, legally anyway. Perhaps a few ventilated teenagers will change that.


Nintom64 t1_j5p4w60 wrote

Yea that’s not true. Kids aren’t breaking into cars because they think nothing will happen. The consequences aren’t even a thought in their head at that moment. Reducing punishments is the first step, but the root cause is poverty, food/housing insecurity.


deceptacle1980 t1_j5p74m2 wrote

So when suburban kids do this garbage it’s because the root cause is poverty, food/housing insecurity? Or is it only the root cause when it is committed by an urban dweller? You don’t think some kids are just piece of shit thieves? That could never be an option?


Nintom64 t1_j5p8szp wrote

The reality is most crime comes from the cities and poorer areas, into more wealthier areas.


deceptacle1980 t1_j5p900a wrote

And your suggestion is to just let it go?


Nintom64 t1_j5pan1l wrote

Lol no and I never said that. My solution is to fund programs and keep these kids OUT of trouble. Can’t punish a crime if no crimes are being committed!


deceptacle1980 t1_j5pbmii wrote

Oh you’re going to end crime? I didn’t know. It’s been such a long time. Thanks. In which branch of Us state government are you in to enact these legislative miracles?

I did a lot of volunteer work in the late 90s/2000s, up until about 2009. I repainted the the Boys and Girls club years ago and other odds and ends when it was behind the North End prison. I worked with PAL. A lot of stuff. Believe me, you’re not ending crime anytime soon. Not by throwing them in jail, not by ignoring it, not by advocating that the criminal is the victim. But remain in your fantasy if that’s what keeps you comfortable


Nintom64 t1_j5pc09e wrote

What a toxic and childish attitude. A better world is possible, but not with an attitude like that!


deceptacle1980 t1_j5pcm4t wrote

You’re demanding others get stolen from and just deal with it for now until we can find a solution that may not even exist. I’d rather protect myself, my family, and the neighborhood kids from you than the criminals jacking cars. They can be rehabilitated or put in a position to learn a lesson, positively or negatively sometimes. Your mentality is far more damaging and dangerous.


Nintom64 t1_j5pd8ss wrote

There we go! You figured it out all on your own. Let’s move towards rehabilitation, rather than punishment 😊 glad you agree.


deceptacle1980 t1_j5pdxx1 wrote

We don’t agree. These kids need punishments for the crimes. They can be “rehabilitated” but not without consequences. You seem to advocating for no consequences. To just let them steal, rob, without the fear of ever facing consequences. Which is far more damaging. There is help for the kids doing this. But not for you.


deceptacle1980 t1_j5p6ocv wrote

What’s not true? The consequences and punishments for the teenagers were basically abandoned for fear of being racist and the car break ins and property crime spiked? That part? These kids, while dumb, know this. They understand they’re not gonna face much from the legal system so there is no real deterrent. Now, if they start thinking they’re going to face retribution from the person they’re stealing from they’ll either stop and think or escalate. By removing the legal repercussions, the state put you and I in the uncomfortable position of either “should I let them just take it and spend weeks/months haggling with insurance companies or just go spend the dollar amount to buy new shit” or “I’ll just end it right here, thanks.”

Idk about you but I also have to feed my family and myself. I’m not rich by any means. Do you really think people are going to adopt that mindset of just allowing their belongings to stolen so some shithead teenager can go buy some insert racial stereotype item here? Seriously


Nintom64 t1_j5p8znw wrote

Yikes can’t help you there. The reality is increasing punishments have been proven over and over again to lead to increases in crime and recidivism.


deceptacle1980 t1_j5p9ph7 wrote

So not prosecuting anything is the solution and telling people such as the guy pictured “don’t you fucking dare do anything about it”? I don’t think this is going to have the effects you’re absolute sure it will. Should we stop prosecuting home invasion because the rate of recidivism is high? I mean, they’re just taking stuff that can replaced, right? Who cares if people have to live in fear of having their cars and homes broken into so someone else can have a nice hot meal and feel secure. Am I understanding you correctly?


Nintom64 t1_j5pay8p wrote

Ask yourself: what causes crime? What leads someone to break into a home or car? There are also many different kinds of rehabilitative justice that are more effective than locking someone in jail and throwing away the key.


deceptacle1980 t1_j5pc1tu wrote

What causes crime? Like societal factors or malignant narcissism, anti social personality disorder, etc. Are you suggesting this is race based or income based, or what? It sounds like you have a victim mentality that you project onto others. You may not be committing crimes but the people that do are victims?


B6304T4 t1_j5lkp7s wrote

His biggest mistake was missing.


chopper_sic_balls t1_j5lqhhb wrote

Honestly I get it… I get why you feel that way and I understand people are fed up with kids and adults getting away stealing all the time and nothing being done about it.. but personally, not me… there is nothing in my car worth me killing a kid or anyone over. That’s just me though…


Language-Aromatic t1_j5mi4a5 wrote

When you work two jobs to survive and only have liability and some fucks steal your car. That’s your livelihood that’s your life. Someone with that situation may not give a shit and start blasting.


chopper_sic_balls t1_j5mj87r wrote

Maybe you don’t know my situation and what I would do in that situation even though I jus told you what I would do and it isn’t killing teenagers over a car but carry on buddy


Prudent-Ball2698 t1_j5n8meb wrote

You've never been in a war zone kid, I have, you either act or get acted upon and you might not live.


the-crotch t1_j5obgu4 wrote

It's new Haven not Afghanistan, take it down a notch


chopper_sic_balls t1_j5og772 wrote

You don’t know what I’ve been or what I’ve done… since you called me a kid when I’m clearly not that… so relax “kid”


Prudent-Ball2698 t1_j5n8iau wrote

If it were Afghanistan when I were there I'd have emptied my clip first asked questions after, and yes I have had to do that, do I regret it? Yes, but what could've happened n what did happen are 2 different things. I thank whatever God there is I'm still here bc I acted first when I saw a threat.


xGUACAMOLEx t1_j5n9mq8 wrote

oh we got a tough guy!!!


Prudent-Ball2698 t1_j5nbey8 wrote

Say that to me in person man, we'd have a solid discussion about the do and don't when you are in active combat. Hopefully you never saw that and the loss and horror that comes with it, as a man I can day, I still suffer from ptsd from that, can you? Have you ever had to make a choice of life or death? I hope not.


BrownMan65 t1_j5nmaeo wrote

Oh look at mister war criminal here trying to act so cool.


Prudent-Ball2698 t1_j5nmt7y wrote

Look at Mr pussy who never served for his country, I'd bet you've never even seen a fist fight let alone active combat. I wouldn't trust you with a butter knife and a roll kid


BrownMan65 t1_j5nn989 wrote

Yeah I’m glad I didn’t help this country kill millions of innocent civilians in the Middle East for the crime of being brown.


Prudent-Ball2698 t1_j5nn0yt wrote

Brownman65 I hope we reinstate the draft and you get picked. Go thru what I did then come talk to me when your a man. When you have ptsd and regrets.


BrownMan65 t1_j5nnc41 wrote

You chose to go there on your own. You deserve every mental trauma you’ve gained from your time there because you shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Don’t get mad at me because you’re a war criminal.


Sweaty_Conclusion_80 t1_j5ol1xo wrote

Maybe you should be blaming the politicians of both parties who sent him…


BrownMan65 t1_j5orhu3 wrote

The willing soldier is just as guilty as the politician that sent them there. You don’t get to say you didn’t think you’d have to kill anyone when you chose to join the military. That’s the whole point of the military.


Sweaty_Conclusion_80 t1_j5ov3ex wrote

You have no idea what this person’s motivation was for joining the military. Be careful on your moral high horse, the ground is hard.


BrownMan65 t1_j5pw081 wrote

A person's motivations don't matter when they're signing up for an organization whose sole purpose has been to spread death and destruction under the guise of freedom around the world over the last 80 years.


B6304T4 t1_j5m4i6g wrote

To that kid there was stuff in that car worth dying for.


SporkyForks2 t1_j5posax wrote

I have house plants with more value than punk kids who victimize people.


gregra193 t1_j5lr4zm wrote

Nah, then he might have a murder charge. For somebody who was running away from his property who he thought had a gun.

When you carry, you need to understand how the law works and applies in various situations.


Dank_Bonkripper78_ t1_j5ndk22 wrote

I really hope you’re not willing to kill someone over a baby monitor. And if you are, I hope you take some time to reflect on what’s valuable to you and your life


B6304T4 t1_j5ove93 wrote

If CT didn't have the laws it had, I'd be more than willing to protect my property. Do I want to kill someone? Absolutly not. But if you break into my car to use my garage door opener to gain access to my house or go on a joyride with my car and make me liable for damages? Yeah I might have some choices to make. See the issue is, when someone is breaking into your car, they don't notify you first what they're after. So you're breaking into my car, I can only assume you're taking away the tool which gets me to and from my livelihood every day. Sure. Could be a baby monitor in there. Could be some clothes. Could be a baby in there too. Doesn't make a difference. The thief should "reflect on what's valuable to them and their life." maybe we should start taking our belongings from in our car and leave them out outside in a basket like cookies for Santa. No more damaged property and thieves still get to steal my reading glasses and dunkin napkins.


Dank_Bonkripper78_ t1_j5q1drw wrote

You changed the scenario from a petty misdemeanor to a violent felony. If someone is breaking and entering your home, an entire different set of laws apply. Protect your property by not leaving valuables in your car and locking your doors. Also, when someone joyrides in your car, you’re not going to be held liable for any damages unless you were abhorrently negligent


SnooRevelations6632 t1_j5my6i6 wrote

Yeah a bit too far


Prudent-Ball2698 t1_j5n8baa wrote

Always adjust your sights is the message I get, and if you aim aim for the leg, worst case assault with a deadly weapon is better then murder, and sends a message to any would be criminals


B6304T4 t1_j5n9cp9 wrote

Aim for the leg gets you attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and a lawsuit. Unfortunately the way things go, you're better off taking the risk on a murder/manslaughter charge. Gangs send messages, using violence to prove a point is never a good approach. Dead people have a really hard time reoffending.


Prudent-Ball2698 t1_j5n9klt wrote

Well then good to know, IL make sure of that. And make sure I'm backed in a corner per ct law which is fucked that you have to be in a corner in your own house to defend yourself to avoid prosecution


B6304T4 t1_j5n9yll wrote

Yup. It's unfortunate that our legislature has put citizens in this position where you have to be at the brink of death with nowhere to run to MAYBE have a chance at not getting convicted.


Prudent-Ball2698 t1_j5nb157 wrote

That's why it's a good lesson, always have a good lawyer on retainer in CT, never know if you need one or not for that matter


Prudent-Ball2698 t1_j5nb536 wrote

And maybe the old Joe Swanson trick, plant a knife on that bird just to be safe


the-crotch t1_j5obp4i wrote

Yes, so unfortunate that we can't shoot people in the back for stealing an ipod


B6304T4 t1_j5ovocv wrote

Did they ring your door bell to let you know they'd ONLY be taking your iPod, or should we just assume they're not going to steal your car or better yet use your garage door opener to get in your house?


the-crotch t1_j5ox7ky wrote

If I badly wanted to shoot them, like you seem to, I'd let them come in the house. We have castle doctrine in CT I'd be free and clear legally speaking


B6304T4 t1_j5p10of wrote

I don't but I also shouldn't have to wait until a threat is inside my house is my point. We should be stand your ground, not just castle doctrine. On top of it, we're a duty to retreat state too. So if you're being car jacked or robbed in your own driveway, you have to basically let it happen because it's "not in your dwelling".


the-crotch t1_j5p1z1b wrote

Stand your ground wouldn't apply here, they weren't threatening him they were stealing from his car and he'd still be in just as much legal trouble in a stand your ground state


ZaggahZiggler t1_j5lxoa3 wrote

His mistake was calling the police. If you’re gonna do vigilante shit don’t expect a reward.


AvogadrosMoleSauce t1_j5lz06d wrote

Man, people are really thirsty for teen blood.


Language-Aromatic t1_j5minsr wrote

There’s a difference between wanting to wait for a situation just to kill someone and wanting to protect property they get taxed on they have to sit and wait for police to arrive while the damage is done. People are getting tired of it.


ZoqY t1_j5orj5m wrote

Nah just higher consequences for robbing innocent people


ACS1979 t1_j5oaw3n wrote

Sorry, but if one attempts to steal a car, one deserves to be shot, and then shot again for good measure. Same goes for breaking and entering. I often lean a bit liberal, but have zero tolerance for that type of bull fuckery.


ZoqY t1_j5orer9 wrote

This shit is literally what turned me right wing.


ACS1979 t1_j5ovjer wrote

Understandable, but also don't forget that it was a maniacal right wing mob led by a maniacal right wing quasi-fascist that actually attempted an overthrow of our democracy not so long ago.


ZoqY t1_j5p5km3 wrote

I’m not at all supporter of jan 6th and they should be in jail. But you have to admit that the left called the blm riots a “mostly peaceful protest” because it was 93% peaceful, and seeing there were 200k people at jan 6th but only 500 went in, it was technically “mostly peaceful” by the same standards. Also 35 people were killed in blm riots vs 3 trump supporters and 1 cop on jan 6th. At trump’s inauguration, people tried to storm the white house lawn too, but it was stopped much quicker. Comparing 3 billion in damages, 35 lives lost with 1 million in damages with 1 life lost is hypocritical to me. None should have happened, but there’s a double standard with this to me. There’s still not one quote from Trump saying anything other than to go protest at the capitol. But cuomo literally said “no one ever said protests were supposed to be polite and peaceful”


foodcoma85 t1_j5lsr9h wrote

Ah yes, the classic deadly force justification of someone breaking into a car. They taught me this in the Air Force.


NotSurHowTitanicEnds t1_j5rwgux wrote

Ah the classic victim shot by criminal perpetrating a crime. They shouldn’t have taken any issue with being robbed or assaulted. They were bad victims. World teaches us this daily.


DerpolIus t1_j5qilmi wrote

Do you think people just have infinite resources to replace everything that’s stolen time and time again? Break ins are expensive to fix, and that could be the difference between having enough to eat and going to bed hungry. It must be very nice to be so privileged that you’ve never had to consider this. Fuck off and go back to your gated community.


foodcoma85 t1_j5qumff wrote

Firearms are defensive tools meant to counter or prevent the malicious imminent use of deadly force by another. They’re not a tool for lower tiers of force. You can’t use deadly force against someone not using deadly force against yourself or others, nor can you use a deadly force tool intentionally in a non deadly manner, such as to maim.


DerpolIus t1_j5r6yxh wrote

Anyone who willingly steals from another has to be at least dimly aware of the possibility of death. A theft might cost someone their livelihood, and I won’t disparage anyone who defends that. Harming the perpetrator is not something I’m against.

That being said, this case isn’t a good example of that. You’re right in that deadly force shouldn’t be used in a situation where you’re not being actively threatened, and definitely shouldn’t be used in a pursuit like this guy did. If weapons were drawn I’d disagree with you, but after reading the article, I take back my kneejerk reaction.


NotSurHowTitanicEnds t1_j5rx5s9 wrote

I agree, use of deadly force to protect possessions is a crime and should be. But lets not pretend those perpetrating thefts don’t carry weapons and readily use them. If this guy isn’t lying, he saw the kid reaching for what he perceived as a gun. Its not out of the realm of possibilities, it happens literally daily. Happened to a woman in Glastonbury who caught someone in her car summer of 21. They shot at her. She was the victim, she didn’t ask to be robbed and almost killed that day. Neither did this man.


Notmystationbro t1_j5mwh89 wrote

Scary times when the property owner gets treated like a criminal more than the criminal themselves. Fuck these lax DA’s and start making examples of these punks and give ‘em hard time.


the-crotch t1_j5obu3v wrote

He is a criminal, he recklessly shot at someone who was running away. Responsible gun owners don't need any more bad press, fuck this guy


EvidentlyEmpirical t1_j5pxjgt wrote

Demand a jury of peers.

Get a jury from his neighborhood - where cars are being broken in to regularly.

He'll be let off with an apology.


ZoqY t1_j5oqksk wrote

Penalty for car looting should be way higher tbh. I’m sick of this being an acceptable thing in society


capri1999 t1_j5oxsnd wrote

He should not have been arrested. He is protecting his property. Time to end the Woke views of the bleeding heart Democrats that have ruined Connecticut.


NotSurHowTitanicEnds t1_j5rtdcn wrote

Lawful gun owner stops and detains criminal. - What should have happened. VS. Lawful gun owner stops and detains criminal, subsequently charged with multiple felonies, life likely ruined - Backward CT policies in action Reality.


Hotsauce61 t1_j5mru3b wrote

Give this man a reward.


Greedy-Cup6627 t1_j5nwun7 wrote

He was a cop wash out


TreeEleben t1_j5oy6lq wrote

His shooting would have been legal if he was a cop. They're allowed to shoot fleeing subjects if they're scared or concerned. Why the double standards?


Qtpa2dx t1_j5odbdc wrote

I’m so sorry for this man and his family. CT does not have our back for people who defend their property.


[deleted] t1_j5o6nrp wrote



the-crotch t1_j5oc30o wrote

I am so sick of the woke crowd putting black people in movies and preventing me from shooting unarmed children in the back


[deleted] t1_j5ohi0s wrote



the-crotch t1_j5ohpfm wrote

I didn't comment on the children's race. I think you may have missed the point of my post.


ZoqY t1_j5orpei wrote

You just turned it into a race thing. You don’t have a point give up the grift


the-crotch t1_j5owh45 wrote

No I didn't, I made a sarcastic comment to illustrate how fucking stupid it is to blame this on woke culture


ZoqY t1_j5p6zfj wrote

Woke culture really is to blame though. Abolishing police and lessening penalties is what brought us here


the-crotch t1_j5pacrv wrote

When did Connecticut abolish its police force? First I'm hearing of that


bdy435 t1_j5ovd1n wrote

Are you one of the "unwoke?"

Did you sleep through school while others were getting an education?


bdy435 t1_j5ov3i0 wrote

A whole lot of people on this thread support the extra judicial killing of children. The sociopathy is rampant.

No wonder fascism and authoritarianism is so prevalent in this country.


dreemurthememer t1_j5ncei0 wrote

This guy looks like a dude I went to high school with who was really into hentai.


flatdanny t1_j5lf0ns wrote

>Graybrown was charged with criminal attempt to commit assault, unlawful discharge of a firearm, risk of injury to a minor and second-degree reckless endangerment.

The second amendment tough on crime vigilante crew should read this.


Long_Ad_9092 t1_j5lfg02 wrote

Oddly enough, based on that story, if Graybrown had been a cop, that kid would be dead and riddled with bullets right now.


Itothesky t1_j5lqe38 wrote

Everyone should be outraged at those charges.


flatdanny t1_j5u02i4 wrote

Everyone should be outraged by his actions and grateful for the charges. Prosecution for his reckless behavior might prevent some future Rambo from doing something lethally stupid.


[deleted] t1_j5lx2ue wrote



UnimpressedAsshole t1_j5m3zo9 wrote

Criminality isn’t inherently incorrect or immoral, bub