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gregra193 t1_j5lrp1s wrote

The kids began running away as soon as Graybrown started yelling at them. They retreated from the property. You can’t kill somebody for that.

Saying he “believed the juvenile had a gun” is likely not legally sound in this case. The teens were “running away.” Had they started to move towards Graybrown and make their way into his house, maybe the law would see that differently.

Responsible gun owners are responsible for understanding how the law is applied in these situations.


Justagreewithme t1_j5m3fst wrote

Some of the recent car break-ins, the thieves shoot at the homeowners while they retreat. His claims certainly are possible. It’s also possible he’s making it up to justify his own actions. Other evidence lacking, I choose to give him the benefit of the doubt as he was not the instigator.


thesbaine t1_j5lwfh3 wrote

You’re getting down voted but are 100% correct. Retreating = getting shot in the back which is unjustifiable.

Edit: some also mentioned that the guy was “reaching” while he was running. Dude was still running. Regardless of whether or not the thief was a piece of shit self defense ended when pursuit began.


TreeEleben t1_j5ovnj3 wrote

Cops shoot unarmed people in the back and claim the person was reaching for something. They face no consequences.


Jawaka99 t1_j5olnq0 wrote

lol because a person can't shoot at you when they're retreating?


thesbaine t1_j5olt7i wrote

Sure can, but that's why you don't pursue.


Jawaka99 t1_j5tpkrk wrote

Yup, just let all criminals go. Connecticut's motto.


L-V-4-2-6 t1_j5ofgdn wrote

Like all legal things in self defense related cases, it's tricky. It's one thing if your assailant was using something like a knife or their fists to hurt someone and then opts to flee. At that point, they no longer have the capacity to harm others as long as everyone keeps their distance, so unless they're perceived as being on the move to hurt someone else (which you would need to prove), you're right in that that would be a bad shoot. However, that sort of proximity phenomenon is off the table with a gun. You can very easily fire a weapon while retreating, and someone with a gun on the move can still pose a threat almost instantly. The assailant firing blindly without even turning is a possibility, and all they have to do is get lucky. All this to say, it's not super clear cut when a gun is perceived to be involved, though his perception on the presence of a firearm is a different discussion and one that will certainly come up alongside this.


USMC_Valhalla t1_j5pn1ik wrote

You can be running away and be perceived as pointing a weapon at what you're fleeing.


sunlight_terrace t1_j5ngyhv wrote

Same thing happened to this guy in newtown. A few kids from waterbury were taking things out of his car in the middle of the night. He came out, they all ran, and he ended up shooting the girl in the back.


Knineteen t1_j5n4xyx wrote

His mistake was yelling. Shoot first.