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HRzNightmare t1_j5py4fp wrote

Regardless of the points, make sure you pay the ticket. Sometimes folks decide not to because they figure they won't be driving there again. I got a ticket in RI many years ago and forgot to pay it (Definitely not on purpose, because I'm certainly going to drive there again.) When I went to renew my CT license they refused to, because my right to operate in RI had been suspended. I had to drive to RI and pay the several year-old ticket before I could renew.


TreeEleben t1_j5qobx1 wrote

So you had to drive illegally in order to be able to drive legally again? Sounds about right for DMV rules.


HRzNightmare t1_j5qqqgy wrote

Right? By that point I was super paranoid, but my license was only suspended in RI. I roped a friend into driving me and bought him lunch.


Overall_Chart8110 OP t1_j5qofhw wrote

I absolutely plan to pay the ticket. Although I'm a little worried because I've received a court date (from Indiana) even though I was only ticketed less than 2 weeks ago. Furthermore, the officer had given me till April to pay as stated on the ticket.

I understand that I broke the law and am willing to pay up for my mistake. However, like most would do, I'm trying to minimize the impact of this ticket on insurance.