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Allemaengel t1_j6assln wrote

I can tell you that keeping your own coop isn't that much work if you do your research and plan well. I started mine last spring and never looked back.

Now I have to unload my extras to friends and family just to avoid them piling up.


E_T_7-11 t1_j6aoyo9 wrote

I'm in Houston, Texas. $8.99 for range free.


Prize-Hedgehog t1_j6apkso wrote

I still find them for 5.19-4.99 around here for cage free. Shop Rite and Wal Mart. I’ve found Shop Rite in East Hartford has the best egg selection still for some reason.


E_T_7-11 t1_j6apynv wrote

Yes you can get a lower price...but best ones have reached that high. I know the local farm I can buy from and the also sell at the grocery store. They only went up $1. The others are ridiculous.


x6tance t1_j6hb5gu wrote

...per dozen? Is there state tax on groceries in Texas?


pond_minnow t1_j6awnhm wrote

Yes egg prices are going to the moon

Invest in hens, not just for tomorrow but because their poop is a good fertilizer

A coup and a garden is better than two birds in a bush


keepitupxxx t1_j6d0xt0 wrote

Ever thing is going up eggs milk bread electric🤔


IndicationOver t1_j6auetz wrote

Do most of CT eggs come from Bozrah? I never noticed if so.


Synapse82 t1_j6czn9d wrote

For the first time I bought those cartons of Kirkland cages free egg whites. Actually pretty sweet, shake it up make omelette scrambled eggs.

Was worth it, so cheap like 10 bucks for 6 cartons of it. I’m not paying more then 3-4 for a dozen eggs.


psyco-the-rapist t1_j6d5hg3 wrote

They probably lost less then 10 percent of the flock. I don't know Bozrahs exact numbers now but when I worked at Hallandale's farm in Lebanon we had a fire in 2016 that we lost 80,000 birds leaving us with 1.5 million birds. The fun part is getting all the eggs from the coops to the processing room that are further away then the fire because the conveyor would now be inoperable that runs through all the coops.