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nkw1004 t1_j4l01j7 wrote

I love dunks, but it really is the only place you can go to everyday, order the same thing, and have the same person make it, and it’ll taste drastically different every time lol


kryonik t1_j4l7f3s wrote

To be fair, that's the same at every coffee shop.


LifebloodOfChampions t1_j4ldc4z wrote

And some of them somehow serve food cold. It’s not just Dunkin. Lots of fast food type places have one job. Heat up the food to a reasonable temperature and they can’t even do that.


Green_House_57 t1_j4l253r wrote


Nymzie t1_j4lc08m wrote

If you can. There are 12 dunkins in my town, but I just went on Google maps and clicked the coffee button and the closest non dunkin/starbucks/mcds is 18min away. Maybe when spring comes I'll drive to one on my day off.


Green_House_57 t1_j4lgqla wrote

I forget I’m spoiled because my city/town has more local spots than Dunkin’s tbh


DayShiftDave t1_j4m9h80 wrote

You're so right. On a recent trip to my local coffee shop, two 12oz cold brews and two almond croissants was $33 with tax, before tip. It's always good to remind myself why I suffer Dunks.


pumpkinspicehell t1_j4ls7bj wrote

I love the little local shops. But dunk is literally a five minute walk from my house in one direction, a 10 minute walk in the other direction. I have to go all the way to Black Rock just to get a legit coffeehouse That’s a good list you shared, whenever I hit NH I always hit up the real coffee houses


Prize-Hedgehog t1_j4kuleu wrote

It amazes me at the length of the lines I see at every DD too. The food is inedible, and the coffee very inconsistent.


Scrotaur t1_j4lt63o wrote

Is it going to be correct coffee? Tan water? Grounds (chewy coffee)? Burned? The darkest roast ever? Roll the dice at Dunkin today!


Prize-Hedgehog t1_j4lzlr7 wrote

And yet people line up even admit it’s a crapshoot, and still continue going.


Dirt_Bike_Zero t1_j4ncc11 wrote

That's because they aren't getting coffee. They're getting some kind of breakfast dessert with cream, caramel, vanilla flavoring & whipped cream. Coffee may be in there , but you sure as hell can't taste it.


LeftHandedFapper t1_j4l1dab wrote

That coffee is terrible! I only ever go when I'm gifted a card there


i_gunna_doo_it t1_j4poytd wrote

I donate my gift card to my kid's school PTO.
Because I also don't go to the PTO meetings.


Anklesock t1_j4l14sd wrote

I hear all the DD hate in this thread but I gotta say there's nothing quite like a Boston Cream and a piping hot dunkin' coffee on a cold morning. Sure there's better donuts out there and way better coffee - but for my money that combo is classic comfort for me.


Personal_Vacation217 t1_j4ldrf0 wrote

well that's the problem, there are way better donuts and coffee but they somehow manage to be really expensive too so they don't do anything correct


zefy_zef t1_j4p115t wrote

I can never eat a donut with coffee. Just makes my coffee taste like there's no sugar in it, and I really enjoy my coffee with sugar.

Isn't there something like 8 20 oz. bottles of coke worth of sugar in one donut?


PettyWitch t1_j4kskhi wrote

I can't imagine why people like Dunkin Donuts. I grew up in this area and all we had for donuts really was Dunkin Donuts -- so I thought all donuts tasted like dry, chemical garbage. I moved out west as an adult and it was years before I bothered to try donuts, and they were delicious at both the chains like Krispey Kreme and even moreso the small shops.

Come back here and everything is disgusting again at DD and every small store that makes them they taste like dry flakey bread, like all Italian pastries. Why? Somebody tried to take me to a gourmet donut shop around here and once again it was like the driest, blandest donut I've ever had with some toppings on top. Why? Why can't we do donuts here? Why can't anybody make them taste like the delicious, soft doughy fried experience they should be?


MikeTheActuary t1_j4kv1xz wrote

>Why can't we do donuts here?

Better questions to ask are: "why can't places with better donuts do better coffee?" and "why do New Englanders settle for DD's mediocrity?"


OGsKiTTZz t1_j4kvybn wrote

because of there rewards program


LtDropshot t1_j4l4g4r wrote

Too bad they fucked that up too with the recent-ish changes


Malkor t1_j4lb442 wrote

There were great donut places here - Dunkin' drove them out of business.


TrogdarBurninator t1_j4lmb96 wrote

had a great local coffeshop with decent breakfast food. AND a drive through. DD bought them, put in a DD for about a year, then built a new dd down the road and dumped the site.


pojo458 t1_j4les9p wrote

I started going to local place for bagels, donuts, and coffee when I lived in CT. Google/Apple map search you will find a good 1-2 nearby.


Dirt_Bike_Zero t1_j4ncjh7 wrote

That's because they aren't getting coffee they can taste. They're getting some kind of breakfast dessert with cream, caramel, vanilla flavoring & whipped cream. Coffee may be in there , but you sure as hell can't taste it.


jules13131382 t1_j4kybc7 wrote

We actually have small donut shops in Connecticut as well and I will say I recently had some donuts from Big Y and they were fucking amazing. There are Polish bakeries that make really good donuts too…so there’s definitely donuts out here

FYI donuts are horrible for you, so it’s not something I can really consume on a regular basis


mrcabrera t1_j4nvdtm wrote

Big Y donuts are god tier, especially when you get them about 45 min after they open. I say that because if you go right at opening, they don’t usually have all of the donuts out. The only think dunkin has over everyone is the convenience factor. That’s it.


jules13131382 t1_j4nz79r wrote

Yeah, I picked a couple of just regular glazed donuts from Big Y a couple weeks ago and they were so fluffy. They were amazing but that’s not something I can eat very often they’re so good but they’re terrible for you.


PettyWitch t1_j4kz55z wrote

The ones from Big Y are disgusting compared to what you get out west…. Y’all don’t know what you’re missing if you haven’t had them


jules13131382 t1_j4l1tpp wrote

I was born in Los Angeles and raised in Seattle Washington, so I have spent the majority of my life on the West Coast. 🙄


PettyWitch t1_j4ma128 wrote

Then you have bad taste in food 😩


jules13131382 t1_j4mebl1 wrote

Lol that could be true. I’m not very picky. I do know that the West Coast is super into really boutique hipster food and I think you probably see that more in New Haven or Greenwich, or some of the extremely wealthy areas of Connecticut, maybe not so much in Central Connecticut.


PettyWitch t1_j4mje5r wrote

I was just kidding though, everybody has their own taste in food, can't be good or bad :)


LeftHandedFapper t1_j4l1fsc wrote

Ever check out Neil's? Thought that their donuts were pretty awesome


Green_House_57 t1_j4l1xxy wrote

Neil’s has a cult following and I support it. The Boston Cream and Jelly Filled are magnificent.


Battlemountain_2 t1_j4kz0pj wrote

I tried one at Brooklyn baking company recently that was pretty tasty.


iSheepTouch t1_j4kuw1l wrote

Donut Crazy in West Hartford is pretty good. But I agree, I don't understand why people like Dunkin at all, the donuts are absolutely trash and the coffee is McDonald's tier, so it's drinkable but nothing great. Any little Vietnamese run donut shop in California would absolutely blow New England's mind.


LeftHandedFapper t1_j4l1j5e wrote

> coffee is McDonald's tier

I think McD's coffee is actually legit. Dunkin's is thin crap


iSheepTouch t1_j4l9pdp wrote

I wouldn't argue with that. I would go to McDonald's 10/10 times over Dunkin for a basic cup of coffee.


DOOMSDAYP3PPER t1_j4l17jb wrote

Tell me you’ve never been to Neil’s without telling me you’ve never been to Neil’s.


senorbolsa t1_j4kxwz3 wrote

I want honeydew to expand down here, their breakfast sandwiches and bagels are 8/10

I don't know much about coffee though, honeydew seems about as good as any other chain serving over roasted coffee here.


kuavi t1_j4lre59 wrote

Orchards during apple picking season usually have kickass apple cider doughnuts!

Other than that, yeah the donut scene sucks in the northeast.


ScarTissueSarcastic t1_j4kus1f wrote

I'm from the west, it might explain my disgust for the DD chain. Where out west did you move?


PettyWitch t1_j4kzguj wrote

Colorado. Fucking Lamar’s Donuts ruined me for life. So much variety, all moist, soft, delicious. They were better the simpler the donut because they were made so well. Out here every donut tastes like a chocolate chip cookie made at an Italian bakery (dry, mildly sweet, utterly flavorless)

I will say that bread is much better here though


Slobbadobbavich t1_j4kxrp7 wrote

At least it isn't dizzy feans where you get a complementary bucket of dirty mop water thrown on you.


Stretchy_Cat t1_j4lxhvk wrote

If you're looking for soft, moist, doughy, fried glazed doughnuts then I'd recommend Brooklyn Baking in Waterbury. They don't do a ton of flavors, they're not trendy hipster doughnuts with a pile of candy or cereal or bacon or rainbow frosting (or all of the above) on top, but they're simple and delicious. I've never had a dry doughnut there.


BronzedAppleFritter t1_j4mz91g wrote

I grew up here too, but in an era when there was the Whole Donut, Bess Eaton, a few local shops in the towns around me, etc. Dunkin Donuts was the worst one, but they weren't as bad. If I remember right, DD made their donuts more locally and they weren't quite as bad as they are now.

It's interesting that CT has had what seems like a big drain on good donut places, but RI still has tons of really good independent donut shops.


Kodiak01 t1_j4kusxr wrote

I haven't been to a Dunkin Donuts once since they borked their rewards program.

Now we either go to Cumbys or I make it at home.


SherrickM t1_j4l3omf wrote

Can't beat Cumbys dollar coffee. It's not bad, and if it is every so often burnt or light or just a little off, it was a dollar.


i_gunna_doo_it t1_j4pq2ec wrote

Back in the late 80's, early 90's, There was a DD promo buy this travel cup, get 99c refills for life.
I brought it with me when I moved from Danbury to Hartford, and was told that promo had ended. "But, I'm not dead yet, wasn't that promo 'for life'?"
1995, last visit to DD ever.


Kodiak01 t1_j4pqut6 wrote

At least you can still get your 99c refills with it at Cumbys!


behaved t1_j4kz9sf wrote

aight I'll be the differing opinion. I like Dunkin's donuts. I don't drink coffee or eat the sandwiches, but as kids when the DDs started replacing the little donut shops and mom finally caved and started taking us there, the donuts are what I grew up with.

at least in the morning they're light and fluffy, never found them dry unless you're getting leftovers.

side note, Flanders' is probably the best around here


zefy_zef t1_j4p17u8 wrote

Dude they don't make french crullers anymore. I was heartbroken when I found out.


behaved t1_j4pl4jy wrote

my local ones stopped doing double chocolates too a while back, we'd just ask them to frost a chocolate glazed.. can't really replace a cruller though that's dumb


zefy_zef t1_j4q25eo wrote

Apparently it's all of them. Like how can you do this?? My tractor tire donut!!


mister_flibble t1_j524xws wrote

For what it's worth, they're still on the website so some dunkin out there probably still has them. They're a different consistency and seem a bit eggier than their other donuts, so maybe it's got something to do with the price of eggs right now?


Bobinct t1_j4kz8uv wrote

I'm old enough to remember when DD was actually good. Their donuts today are a pale imitation of what they used to be.


Sarge75 t1_j4lejsp wrote

Same here. Remember when they made the donuts in the store? That was peak goodness.


Maximus13 t1_j4lbm5k wrote

Why can't we just get Tim Hortons?? I know it's not the best, but DD and Starbucks are awful choices.


johnporteriv t1_j4lc7t0 wrote

We had one in Plainville a few years back and sadly it didn’t last.


Athrynne t1_j4n1rex wrote

Sadly, DD won the New England battle in the coffee shop wars. The closest Timmies is an single one in NYC last I checked.


Maximus13 t1_j4n4n9n wrote

Yes I thought there was a small one at the train station in White Plains but that's just not the same.

Long Island seems to be loaded with them. Lucky bastards.


Dirt_Bike_Zero t1_j4nctch wrote

In Canada, if you eat in the store, they'll give you actual porcelain plates and cups. Wild stuff.


Maximus13 t1_j4ngxq3 wrote

In Dunkin, if you eat in the store you may get an unexpected stabbing or employee fight.

I'm convinced Dunkin is the Waffle House of the north, minus the delicious waffles.


Jaymez82 t1_j4l14dy wrote

I ate their crap daily, for many years, without thinking twice about the flavor. Then one day I realized the donuts tasted of nothing but grease and sugar.


tree_hugging_hippie t1_j4lxw4d wrote

Dunkin has been awful for ages. I was so happy when they built a Bakers Dozen right around the corner.


jaredsparks t1_j4lb00q wrote

Big Y donuts and muffins suck. The local shops are the best. DD makes decent muffins. Their black coffee is fine. I don't drink the fru fru coffee drinks so I can't comment.


TrogdarBurninator t1_j4lmuoe wrote

going to hard disagree with you there, about the DD coffee. It's ass too. I also don't drink coffee drinks, so I want the coffee to be decent. DD fails. And I'm sad every time I want to just do a drive through, and go to DD. I'd rather have had no coffee at all.


Harmon_Cooper t1_j4lcer4 wrote

I want to love Dunks, but I don't. Maybe it's because I'm originally from the south. Coffee is a last resort. Donuts are... also a last resort.


Maleficent-Cow5775 t1_j4lziyk wrote

It's not America runs on Dunkin it's new England runs on Dunkin


mikeymo1741 t1_j4m6ib2 wrote

I moved to Florida, I tried to explain to people how many places in Connecticut you can stand in a Dunkin' donuts and see another Dunkin' donuts.

Same vibe down here but with 7-Elevens


ScarTissueSarcastic t1_j4kul3n wrote

The truth. As someone who doesn't like Dunkin, it's kind of a nightmare.


Pruedrive t1_j4kupmc wrote

Dunkin sucks.. so many better options, even from fast food chains.


Dirt_Bike_Zero t1_j4nd05w wrote

If you don't want a vanilla caramel creamy breakfast dessert, you can get better coffee at Cumberland Farms for 1/3 the price.


--Derpy t1_j4kxvmm wrote

I just like dunkin bagels


Quenz t1_j4ky9e3 wrote

I'd pass 4 on my 10 minute commute. Two on each side of the road. Their coffee game has really gone up the last three years. Their doughnuts and food are trash, but their basic coffee is alright.


Choperello t1_j4kzr0r wrote

DD is shit ass everything. Shit ass coffee, shit ass donuts, shit ass food. I dunno how the hell CT’ers don’t realize this.


95blackz26 t1_j4l0w83 wrote

dunkin donuts sucks period. if you desire donuts there are far better options out there.

over priced crap


Yoshiman400 t1_j4l3cef wrote

"First we'll start in Government Center near the Old State House at Dunkin'..."


SherrickM t1_j4l4hzj wrote

Dunkin has its lane. Its fast, the food is hot when it needs to be and cold when it needs to be, and they're everywhere, so it's convenient. Like a lot of fast food though, it's gotten expensive.

Aroma Joe's isn't any better, either. That place has such fanfare when they opened the Bristol location and it's not great.


Cool-thulhu t1_j4l80d7 wrote

I was talking about Dunkin with my girlfriend the other day. Within a 10 min drive there are four Dunkin's by us. But wait, there's more: there are two Stop & Shops with Dunkin's in them as well. But hold on: there are also three gas stations with Dunkin's in them. And lastly, a Walmart with Dunkin. All within a 10 min drive. Also. All but three are on the same exact road.


razgriz1701 t1_j4l9bno wrote

Needs a subway in the middle


Advanced-Sun-2200 t1_j4lew3j wrote

I love it, but lately some of the dunkins by me have had terrible coffee tasting burnt. Complaining hasn't helped at all.


transplant42622 t1_j4lg023 wrote

Has anyone tried Gerry's Donuts in Ellington? Amazing!


Avarice21 t1_j4lhjss wrote

I don't even bother.


SSN690Bearpaw t1_j4lmdv1 wrote

A coworker and I saved a DD Halloween donut decorated like a pumpkin, crème filled. We simply put it on a napkin and left it. The orange and green icing has deteriorated and crumbled away. The donut itself has never had mold or anything on it. It looks almost edible today - just a little smaller and drier as the oil seeped out of it.

I haven’t eaten DD since then.


curseyouperrythegoat t1_j4lp96m wrote

same thing with dollar general. In my town there are 3. and two of them are right down the road from each other. There are also 3 dunkin’s and 2 of them that are on opposite sides of i-395.


WillemDafriend_ t1_j4lt219 wrote

The only thing I would purchase at DD (unsweetened iced tea) just tastes like it was brewed in a partially cleaned coffee maker. I haven't been in years.

People who eat the food there...have a little self respect.


Small_Conference5874 t1_j4lt5vh wrote

I remember when i flew back to visit, my gf thought i was exaggerating when i said there’s a dunkin every corner. I think she counted 12+ in just 2 days lmaooo


FlST0 t1_j4lup5z wrote

I miss Bess Eaton


Much-Act7187 t1_j4lv2xz wrote

I can’t stand Dunkin coffee or doughnuts. They’re awful.


Delirious-DM t1_j4lx9xd wrote

Is it just me or do the hashbrowns burn the living piss out of anyone trying to eat them


ComradeJohnS t1_j4lzbou wrote

I had my coffee made badly one dozen too many times, so I started just buying the iced coffee and a good creamer from stop n shop, and always got the same taste in the morning for cheaper lol.

I don’t drink coffee anymore since the snickers creamer stopped being as available.


onihr1 t1_j4m1y39 wrote

silas dean highway i think has 3 d&d and 2 cvs all with in like 5 minutes of each other.


CanaryUmbrella t1_j4m2sue wrote

The south has a version of this with waffle house.


Lovelyone123- t1_j4ml3fc wrote

More like rhode island lol. We have one on every corner.


thaliff t1_j4muzpw wrote

Mass marketing of average coffee at best.


Unharmful_Truths t1_j4nnfho wrote

Fucking EPIC. Sully! Get a load of this fucking double dunkin’ you cawksukkah


Shad0wF0x t1_j4npd2c wrote

I dunno if it's just nostalgia but I liked their discontinued chicken salad sandwiches they used to serve.

For fast food though, I find that I like certain locations over some others so even though they're supposed to be consistent, they definitely aren't.


DrAnth0nyFauci t1_j4o2ujh wrote

Honestly I don't have a problem with that though


UndeckedMike t1_j4o4vt5 wrote

There are 7 in the city/town of Groton


38hurting t1_j4o5s3z wrote

It would be cool if they marked which one is the good one.

We all know that even if they are RIGHT NEXT DOOR to each other, different shops are drastically better/worse.


Savings_Statement735 t1_j4oc7m0 wrote

Are you saying Connecticut runs on Dunkin? You are right, but most of America runs on bad coffee.


Savings_Statement735 t1_j4odv1f wrote

I've lived in many places and regions around the US. All in all its in the Top 5 with Colorado,Vermont,New Hampshire and New York. Washington, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Maine are the rest of the Top Ten. The bottom half are all in the South, Midwest and West.


Bman3396 t1_j4op9us wrote

CT runs on Dunkin


ohhhitsyou t1_j4or0v9 wrote

Choices choices. Hmmmm


crankygeese t1_j4terqy wrote

We have 4 Dunkin in our town. I wonder which town has the most. It’s crazy how common they are here.


Beccachicken t1_j55ay3u wrote

Dixie Donuts in Norwich is the GOAT


FastWalkingShortGuy t1_j5s5d3d wrote

There are three Dunkin Donuts within walking distance of my house.

I'm not complaining.