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MikeTheActuary t1_j4kv1xz wrote

Reply to comment by PettyWitch in CT in a nutshell by Mortgena

>Why can't we do donuts here?

Better questions to ask are: "why can't places with better donuts do better coffee?" and "why do New Englanders settle for DD's mediocrity?"


OGsKiTTZz t1_j4kvybn wrote

because of there rewards program


LtDropshot t1_j4l4g4r wrote

Too bad they fucked that up too with the recent-ish changes


Malkor t1_j4lb442 wrote

There were great donut places here - Dunkin' drove them out of business.


TrogdarBurninator t1_j4lmb96 wrote

had a great local coffeshop with decent breakfast food. AND a drive through. DD bought them, put in a DD for about a year, then built a new dd down the road and dumped the site.


pojo458 t1_j4les9p wrote

I started going to local place for bagels, donuts, and coffee when I lived in CT. Google/Apple map search you will find a good 1-2 nearby.


Dirt_Bike_Zero t1_j4ncjh7 wrote

That's because they aren't getting coffee they can taste. They're getting some kind of breakfast dessert with cream, caramel, vanilla flavoring & whipped cream. Coffee may be in there , but you sure as hell can't taste it.