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QueenOfQuok t1_j63zyuw wrote

I bought an all-weather outback-style hat from REI once. A Dorfman Pacific. Looks like this except without the feather thing.

It keeps my head shaded in the summer and warm in the winter. Pretty good fit for the northeast. Mind you, I haven't a clue if anyone thinks I look weird. They certainly never tell me.


VRbattleGod t1_j65ukgd wrote

Absolutely perfect suggestion. That’s a gorgeous hat.

Edit to say I love the feather.


kayakyakr t1_j68vmxv wrote

Have one almost exactly like that. Looks good with boots both cowboy or chukka or otherwise.

I don't wear it super often because I prefer newsboys and beanies on my shaven head, but it's a step up from a fedora or trilby and more practical than a full cowboy.