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muadibsburner t1_j63wns5 wrote

Wear whatever you’re comfortable wearing. No need to change for our sake.


freedom43w t1_j63wzrg wrote

You can wear whatever you want up here. Nobody is going to go out of their way to make a comment about a cowboy hat. I see plenty of people wearing them.


thesbaine t1_j63xdvh wrote

No one really gives 2 shits with the exception of Yankees and Red Sox fans.


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_j63xu1f wrote

I would look at you funny with any sort of cowboy appearance.

I feel like newsboy caps, trilby caps, and bush hats, and boonies, probably fit in most.

Children wear baseball caps, of course.


catbirdgrey t1_j63yco8 wrote

Eh, wear your hats! People will either complement you or ignore you lol


Prize-Hedgehog t1_j63yh88 wrote

There are a lot of Dallas Cowboys fans up here. You’ll be fine.


weemee t1_j63z7n6 wrote

Here’s a guide for you and anyone else who’s not sure of what’s acceptable.

Cowboy hat=cool, whatever

Propeller Beanie=fine, whatever

MAGA cap=you are stupid


OmegaBean t1_j640k1b wrote

TBH, I make fun of everyone who wears cowboy hats regardless of where they are


CaptServo t1_j641c58 wrote

You could get a fedora with safari flaps. The guy at the store said I was the only one he'd ever see pull it off.


M_Shulman t1_j64275r wrote

Get a Sox hat and be done with it


ZaggahZiggler t1_j642clf wrote

As someone with ties to the west, please do. The manager of Oak Barrel Wine and Spirits in Farmington wears one every time I have seen him. Go to any country concert in this state and you'll see everyone has dusted off theirs for the event. I'm not a fan of wearing hats in general, my head is shaved and they make it itch, but I wear a straw cowboy hat when I go golfing.


sloww06gto t1_j64335z wrote

You will be looked at like a racist republican. These same peope telling you "wear what you want" will see you in a grocery store and judge the hell out of you and laugh.

Before anyone call me a Nazi, I'm independent, i know how you guys work.


welcomebackjelly t1_j643icg wrote

I wore a cowboy hat in my younger years living in Louisiana. When I moved back up here for work I began wearing flat caps, keep your head warm and looks cool too


BobbyRobertson t1_j643urm wrote

They'll just think you're from a cowtown in the NW or NE corner of the state. Don't worry about it

If you really want, get a straw hat


psyco-the-rapist t1_j6442gv wrote

Wear your cowboy hat. I wear a lot of different hats including cowboy. My favorite is my Amish hat. Goes good with my beard and is a great conversation starter. If your looking to fit in more then wear a baseball hat with either a golfing logo paired with cargo shorts and NB sneakers or one with a chainsaw logo to be worn with jeans and workboots. Back pocket dip is optional.


nuttmegganarchist t1_j644rrq wrote

Well if it makes you feel better the cowboy hat was one of the many hats made in Danbury back in the hay day of hat city.


flyingthrghhconcrete t1_j6472ao wrote

Can't go wrong with a wool flat cap, good sir. Bit warmer than the ol Stetson.


gatogrande t1_j6475cr wrote

Wear whatever you want friendo! You think the knit beanie hat in summer crowd doesn't look weird?


B00ZE_TAN t1_j648t1b wrote

As long as you don’t show up “All hat and no cattle”


SectorZed t1_j648wuq wrote

I wear a big brimmed hat in the summers here. But wear what you want! No one will care.


seb2433 t1_j64ahld wrote

Wear whatever hat makes you happy. You might get a few second glances, some compliments, and a couple of bad jokes but all of those things could happen no matter what you are wearing.


Emergency-Piano4792 t1_j64ddnx wrote

Go ahead and wear the hats you want to wear. No one here will make any snide comments…To your face anyway


realbusabusa t1_j64dein wrote

Well you're from Texas so I'd say you have more of a right to wear a cowboy hat than 99% of the people in Connecticut that are already wearing cowboy hats


blastmemer t1_j64dnzm wrote

We do Lincoln hats up here. 3 foot tall minimum.


rob1nthehood t1_j64fqe5 wrote

Wear your cowboy hat bro, no one really cares and if they did then they can fuck off.


BoudiccasWrath79 t1_j64h5u8 wrote

No one cares as much as you think they do. Wear your hat if it makes you happy.


Lazy_Nobody_4579 t1_j64hm5f wrote

Wear whatever you want. People might be a bit surprised to see someone wearing a cowboy hat up here, but I can’t really imagine many people judging or be weird about it, especially once they can tell you’re from Texas.


GlamorousBunchberry t1_j64ih9e wrote

I grew up in CT, and my Dad and other men I knew wore cowboy hats. You can buy them at the Big-E, so they must be authorized for New England use.


asspirate420 t1_j64iuf3 wrote

Depending on your overal aesthetic you could try a fedora (a real fedora, not a tribute) or maybe a pork pie hat. It’s hard to explain, but usually a more grisly bearded older gentleman in one of those brimmed hats nobody will bat an eye.

If you look anything at all like a m’lady type of person, avoid. I’m sure you’ve seen the memes.


HartfordSoxFan t1_j64izyt wrote

A cowboy hat is way less lame than a fucking scally cap that all these people are recommending. Wear your cowboy hat man, all the truck sluts will go wild.

You want the hat of the Northeast? Get a Sox hat or Yankee hat.


AfterMoonSet t1_j64klrp wrote

Red Sox hat, except if you are in Fairfield county then you a Yankees hat.


Acceptable_Result488 t1_j64uuuk wrote

Orvis guide hat, Stetson makes a nice version too. Straw cowboy hats are pretty common in the summertime.


rusty___shacklef0rd t1_j64xbqg wrote

wear that cowboy hat. tell everyone your name is texas red. carry a big iron on your hip. maybe some spurs that go jingle jangle jingle (jingle jangle)


Yourlifeskarma327 t1_j64xo4a wrote

Hey you wear whatever you’re comfortable with “up here” we like uniqueness, Welcome!


jaredsparks t1_j64zt5d wrote

I wear a Panama style straw hat and love it. Very close to a cowboy hat but more Eastern USA. A Texas cowboy hat will make you stand out.


mer-reddit t1_j651a44 wrote

Hat choice is fine, but if you are a gentleman you will take it off when you are indoors. Manners like that go a long way.


DerpolIus t1_j65234d wrote

Wear the cowboy hat, they’re cool


dadbod_fresh t1_j6544cp wrote

Yes, a cowboy hat. Just wear what you wear, who cares what anyone here thinks. Maybe it’ll start a conversation with someone and you’ll make new friends. If it really bugs anyone THAT much that they need to say something to you then I wouldn’t let it bother you, just projecting their insecurities at that point cause honestly who ultimately cares what hat another person wears. Believe it or not we have some farm areas here and some people wear cowboy hats.


kashmir_stg t1_j6548r4 wrote

I vote for wearing the cowboy hat. Start a trend


Badboyforlife411 t1_j654q2t wrote

Best part of the Northeast, No one gives a shit what you wear. You can wear your cowboy hat next to a Trans Female in Cargo Pants and we will judge you all in the we dont give a crap what you where camp. Enjoy, and welcome.


mynameisnotshamus t1_j6562dv wrote

I’ve known people who regularly wear cowboy hats in CT. No one cares or if anything they might think it looks good. If you’re from TX especially! I think we’re less judgmental about different looks than many parts of the country. I hope so anyway.


VancouverMethCoyote t1_j65gunm wrote

Grew up in CT, it wasn't super common but there were people that wore them (I was in a semi-rural town.) An old guy I knew when I worked at Dunkin wore one every day. My dad had a straw one he used for fishing, and sometimes wore it generally. CT is very live and let live, I doubt people will care. You will see cowboy hats at the Big E and the RV show that takes place on the Big E grounds too, lol.


CroMag84 t1_j65h88n wrote

You’ll look weird. It’s cool though just wear it. You probably look weird without the hat.


Levlove t1_j65hr82 wrote

Wear what you want to wear! But fair warning, come wintertime, you’re going to wear a beanie/knit cap just like everyone else.


flatdanny t1_j65ilkt wrote

I thought in Texas they all wore tinfoil hats.


WrightS5 t1_j65jsq3 wrote

My dad always wore cowboy hats. Never a problem. Keep wearing what you like.


Cicero912 t1_j65jy26 wrote

Wear your cowboy hat with pride

I need to get one to go with my denim jacket

But yeah CT does not care what you wear/do aslong as you arent an annoyance


TheDiabeticSenpai t1_j65m6pp wrote

There’s a lot more cowboy hats here than you think. Boots are a big thing here too.


PeloquinsHunger t1_j65odlr wrote

No one cares about your hat. Just wear it, brother. Welcome to New England.


Few-Information7570 t1_j65ohcc wrote

Wear the cowboy hat and rest assured you won’t look half as stupid as people from Long Island with think NYC accents who wear Stetsons and listen to country.


yalune t1_j65p2kj wrote

You may fit in if you wear a Dallas Cowboys hat. Might get some stares from Giants fans like me, but there are plenty of Dallas fans around here if they’re your jam.


1Dogemamma t1_j65phv2 wrote

Lived in Texas for years, still wear my Stetsons. Welcome to the Northeast!


papa_johns_sucks t1_j65vuia wrote

No one cares. It’s not like the south where people stop and talk to you. I literally wear a bra over my shirt and use a towel as a cape out in public sometimes. No one bats an eye


Neither-Touch-7753 t1_j65wvm2 wrote

Just wear your hats my guy. My dad went through a Stetson phase. No one’s gonna be a jerk about it


FinnbarMcBride t1_j65xk1k wrote

Wear whatever hat you wish my friend. No one will hassle you. Just make sure it doesn't have a Dallas Cowboys logo 😂


jstahr63 t1_j660gv3 wrote

Wear you. I wore a Stetson short-brimmed fedora through most of the 90s. People, mostly my children, joked about my old man hat but it kept my bald head warm.

You're from Texas so I probably don't need to tell you to take it off indoors, especially in theatres.


chefdano3 t1_j660pdy wrote

I've always been partial to the tricorn hat. That's always a classic.


netscorer1 t1_j662xu3 wrote

Here is the home of baseball hats. We don’t need no sombreros.


neermif t1_j6630q3 wrote

I’m from Connecticut. I don’t really care what hat you wear. I think it’d be cool seeing a guy wearing a cowboy hat


bentdaisy t1_j6634xs wrote

In all the years I’ve lived in CT, I can’t think of a single hat anyone has worn.

Of course, I’m not one for noticing details.


transplant42622 t1_j6639ry wrote

There is a store in Manchester called The Boot Barn @ 1131 Tolland Turnpike where they sell all sorts of cowboy boots and hats. Wear your hats. I personally really like them.


BnCtrKiki t1_j663blo wrote

Wear your cowboy hat. Be yourself.


midmodmad t1_j663rcw wrote

CT is very accepting. And by that I mean no one cares what you wear.


PangolinPizzaParty t1_j664id1 wrote

Judging from the crowd at the Boot Barn in Manchester last weekend, there will be plenty of cowboy hat wearing folks in Ct soon enough.


TheSecretAgenda t1_j664mgr wrote

No, you will look ridiculous wearing that shit up here.

No one will say anything, they just won't want to associate with you.


saucymcbutterface t1_j665z79 wrote

Yes, really. We very much like to mind our own business and would like others to do the same.

There’s a guy in New London that only wears a cape regardless of weather and seeing him used to brighten my day. Idk if he’s still around, I hope so.


bjt1021 t1_j666m7h wrote

trucker hats are the norm for all my guy friends, living in rural ct, wear what you want where you want. I’ve seen cowboy hats here & there too!


YoSoyCapitan860 t1_j66b6oo wrote

I would like to see you in a Quaker hat, like the guy on the oatmeal container.

In all seriousness though, please just wear the hat of your choice.


mistercartmenes t1_j66bjv9 wrote

You’re from Texas so you’re good. It’s the Southern redneck cosplayers people have issue with.


RedmundJBeard t1_j66c0z4 wrote

Wear em! You will make people smile. Extra point for cowboy boots.


MindIll5731 t1_j66d8rx wrote

wear your cowboy hat. either people will like it, or theyll think its #ironic and think its even cooler. in a world where people dye their hair like rainbows fairies, a cowboy hat isnt even noticable


deansprite t1_j66hotv wrote

Keep wearing it! I bet youll get a lot of people interested in talking to you about it. Probably a good way to make friends in a new state!


CiforDayZServer t1_j66iq4y wrote

Northeast, in general, no one will care, or they even might like that you wear a cowboy hat, especially if it’s because you moved from Texas.

CT, same as above for the most part.

If you’re moving to Fairfield county, still wear it, but be ready for random opinions from people you didn’t ask.


infinitesounds t1_j66mw9i wrote

No one will care and it’s so nice! 😍 truly lol, I used to feel self conscious about wearing certain things but it has been so nice to not have anyone stare or make comments- people really do keep to themselves and won’t bat an eye at your attire


19Stavros t1_j66pgt6 wrote

Wear what you want! CT has too many ball caps and bucket hats. I'd welcome something different.


Sean1916 t1_j66vlih wrote

If I saw you walking down the street wearing that, the most I’m saying is hey cool hat!


apsalarya t1_j66vrqd wrote

Yo…minding your business is a religion here.

We aren’t really less friendly at heart we just don’t get in anyone’s business and don’t want them in ours. But if you ask for help, you’ll get it, and if you make friends with us, we’re usually damn loyal and helpful if you need it. We don’t offer but we come through, if that makes sense.

I’ve heard that west coast is outwardly friendly but lazy about it, and the south is nice to your face but talks crap behind your back so it’s fake nice. Here we don’t really do that, if we are friendly, we MEAN it.


Sweaty-Mango-8945 t1_j66zote wrote

Go to tractor supply I got some real nice hats simpler to cowboy, but not ,real nice check them out ,you'll be suprized.


ghigoli t1_j67luo4 wrote

just wear a baseball hat or wear the cowboy hat.

there are alot of farms up here so we see cowboy hats alot. actually i most likely wouldn't give a shit and at most I would think you work at a horse farm.

just don't drive an oversized truck and act like a douche canoe. (riving like a madman,)


CrimKayser t1_j686ftu wrote

We really don't care what other wear around here. Your cowboy hat will be the least weird thing on any given main st in a Tuesday


Sweaty-Mango-8945 t1_j68febm wrote

I wear my Australian duster with cowboy style hat made from water proof canvas I get nothing but compliments,it's not the hat it's the man that wears it.I say wear it


Humbabwe t1_j68ijir wrote

People wear big-brimmed fedoras (I do sometimes when hiking/feeling bold) which really is the original cowboy hat. So come be a real cowboy. We have horses too!

No cowboy boots tho, leave those in Texas.


Irish_Blond_1964 t1_j68iqug wrote

The ball cap with clapping hands comes to mind. You’ll blend right in.


kayakyakr t1_j68vmxv wrote

Have one almost exactly like that. Looks good with boots both cowboy or chukka or otherwise.

I don't wear it super often because I prefer newsboys and beanies on my shaven head, but it's a step up from a fedora or trilby and more practical than a full cowboy.


kayakyakr t1_j693glq wrote

This is the one thing to watch out for. People are going to assume your politics if you go full cowboy. And trump politics are 50/50 out in the country and more like 80/20 left leaning in the city.


Shtoinkity_shtoink t1_j693ocf wrote

If you live anywhere outside central CT or the shoreline (or Danbury), you’ll be just fine. Won’t even turn heads.


kayakyakr t1_j6946yd wrote

Huh, new name for the flat cap/newsboy that I hadn't heard.

But also a good linen flat cap is super comfortable for a shaved/bald head and looks really good on certain people and acceptable on others.

Over 50 degrees, I go for the newsboy, under I do a beanie.


KingShortpants t1_j6dn8ey wrote

Connecticut is full of red necks and good ol' boys. I don't know why it doesn't make sense to me but you'll fit in fine with a cowboy hat.


Nutella_Zamboni t1_j6evp3u wrote

Just make sure it's all 10 gallons and wear whatever you want


justboosted02 t1_j6fhtoc wrote

No one cares, welcome to the northeast, pound sand


Seniortomox t1_j6fwusr wrote

Just some shitty beat up baseball cap with any random team will do. Or one of the Irish hats