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Unfairly_Banned_ t1_j67am8s wrote

I'm so fucking sick of cops being held to a lower standard than the average citizen.


L-V-4-2-6 t1_j68q3xy wrote

And yet they're exempt from the vast majority of gun control laws, including here in CT.


USMC_Valhalla t1_j68zx6d wrote

Everyone is exempt from gun laws as they're all unconstitutional.


L-V-4-2-6 t1_j690uo4 wrote

Things like feature bans, mag capacity limits, the NFA etc? Yeah, those are unconstitutional. Things like taking gun rights away from a convicted murderer, or the laws in place that prohibit a person convicted of domestic violence from legally buying a gun? Not so much.


TreeEleben t1_j690x9i wrote

The constitution means nothing in Connecticut. We charge money before rights apply. They aren't rights if you have to buy them from the government.