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TreeEleben t1_j67ax0w wrote

The CT state police have a history of protecting and covering up for their own who commit crimes on and off duty. It happens constantly with officers who get in drunken crashes. This is a hollow statement, but the fact that they felt the need to issue it means they're actually a little worried about the repercussions of what happened in Memphis.

The thin blue line isnt protecting them nearly as much when everything these days is caught on video and can't be denied.


Kbts87 t1_j67s9yu wrote

Can confirm. A close friend of a family member was run over while riding his bicycle by a drunk cop, and his cop father helped to try and cover it up.


Putting out this kind of press release when CT cops have their own skeletons does nothing but demonstrate a lack of self awareness. And it's in really poor taste in my opinion.


Jahweez t1_j686vlg wrote

5 different departments wouldn’t hire him and he almost failed out of CCSU criminology program. Daddy got him a job though.


Lilcoqui17 t1_j68669e wrote

They just have qualified immunity to a Stamford cop yesterday for injuring someone.


IBEW3NY t1_j68c8bz wrote

Qualified immunity may soon be gone. I know it’s been on the table here for a while but I think they may take it away soon.


Lilcoqui17 t1_j68cndb wrote

They just strengthened it by accident via some bill. Idk.


catsmash t1_j69b5dy wrote

so, so sorry for your loss, man.

here's an article on the matter from a different source for anybody who was locked out of the paywall like i was -


Kbts87 t1_j6an0wr wrote

Ah sorry, my bad.


catsmash t1_j6ao151 wrote

you did nothing wrong whatsoever, just trying to bolster your point.


ThemesOfMurderBears t1_j6865qd wrote

I was pretty flagrantly against body cameras for a while. But I have a friend I respect a lot that made some good arguments for them. Between that and seeing how they can be used to expose cop behavior, I am 100% on board. Mandatory body cameras for every officer.

Ideally, an independent company or companies that store and encrypt all footage, that police would have no ability to access — but that is probably a “pie in the sky” idea.


thesbaine t1_j6872n1 wrote

Why were you against body cams?


BDMayhem t1_j69heub wrote

I'm definitely in favor of body cams, but there are legitimate privacy concerns, especially if the footage is made public. The citizens with whom they interact have not consented to be recorded and may have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

They have to be implemented in the right way to meet both needs of police accountability and the general public's privacy.


tokeytime t1_j68kgto wrote

There is, in my mind, no good argument for the lack of body cameras, outside of allowing the police to have carte blanche...which isn't a good thing!


maggot_flavored t1_j68jgla wrote

How on earth could you be against body cameras? Im glad your mind changed but why would you not want it?


SFD8-4-0 t1_j6af8bs wrote

I'm in favor of body cams, but I can see why they aren't always a good thing. Cops interact with people in all kinds of situations. For instance if someone you cared about was hurt or killed in a car wreck, would you want footage of that ending up online? As long as there is a recording, there is a possibility of that recording being made public.


maggot_flavored t1_j6ao4op wrote

I’ll take that risk knowing cops can’t break the law and abuse their power.

The chance of that happening is a lot lower and well worth the possibility of a cop being a complete piece of shit


SFD8-4-0 t1_j6aql84 wrote

You remember when Kobe Bryant died in that helicopter crash, and assholes posted pics of the victims online? It's shit like that I don't want family members to have to deal with. Any it's pretty obvious that cops ARE breaking the law even with the cameras.

Like I said, on the whole cameras are a good thing, point is that they might not always be a good thing.


maggot_flavored t1_j6atbyn wrote

Im still not going to budge on that opinion that no matter what all cops should have body cams, and they should not be controlled by the cops. Can’t turn them off or tamper with them. Third party controlled.

After all, it’s my tax dollars paying these clowns


Fmy925 t1_j69fk5t wrote

Imagine being against bodycams? The delusion is real.


EmpireBooks t1_j6a92v7 wrote

unless you're in law enforcement or related to someone who is. only reason i can think of.


Lizzer1152 t1_j68bjac wrote

Not to mention cops don’t even have a duty to protect and serve. The oath is meaningless both legally and demonstrated with how they behave.


Unfairly_Banned_ t1_j68q4he wrote

Exactly, this is how these officers behaved knowing they were being recorded.

They are violent monsters who either didn't fear consequences or didn't think they were doing anything wrong.

God only knows what these monsters have done when they thought nobody was looking...


buried_lede t1_j6ebmvc wrote

They really know how to game their body cameras now. They say if not for the street camera, they might not have been able to piece this together.

They turn away, they use audio to make it sound like they are struggling when they’re not (“stop resisting!” when they’re actually lying there unconscious. ) It’s ridiculous. Sure didn’t take police long to figure that out


Sassafrass17 t1_j692542 wrote

>The CT state police have a history of protecting and covering up for their own who commit crimes on and off duty.

THANK YOU for posting this. I was just about to say: let's not talk about the cops who abuse their families, do drugs, STEAL EVIDENCE (drugs) and an array of other things..yet you say sorry but let's see how much shit YOU'VE possibly covered up

>This is a hollow statement, but the fact that they felt the need to issue it means they're actually a little worried about the repercussions of what happened in Memphis

This is exactly what's happening. I have a close friend who is a US Marshall and she informed me that individual cops are about to be held accountable for their actions now.. ever since the shit with Floyd and how everything is being recorded, there's about to be a "You're on you're own" abundance about to happen...


Fmy925 t1_j69fgip wrote

Thanks for pointing this out.


absurd-bird-turd t1_j69bb2t wrote

My neighbor used to be a cop for a neighboring town. One day on his way home he was drinking and driving and the police in my town pulled him over. Obviously it was all hush hush and word didnt get out. He didnt get into any trouble and he “retired” from the force shortly after. Everyone in the neighborhood knew about it however and we all look at him different. Nowadays hes a security guard