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Unfairly_Banned_ t1_j68qgvq wrote

So it's not assault to push someone causing injury anymore?

Or is there a massive and blatant double standard that society just ignores for some reason???


RamTuff4bi4 t1_j68yinr wrote

Actually, you made a great point. When you're not arrested or detained, why are cops allowed to put their hands on you? You see it all the time. There was stupid article about guy not wanting to tip a robot operated bar in Vegas and one line that stuck out as a sore thumb was an officer put a hand on his shoulder......they wanted to talk to him outside of the loud bar. Similar situation a witness to something in CT bar fight maybe, similar like an officer put his hand on the witnesses back to move him to a quiet location. Whatever the reason is they seem to be allowed to touch you whenever they want you. You touch them even friendly touch is a crime, or you touch anyone it can be treated as an assault. Makes no sense to me.


Lilcoqui17 t1_j68r1nz wrote

As long as you wear a badge, you qualify for immunity.