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JennLegend3 t1_j5eyn2m wrote

For $500/ night, it's surprisingly affordable imo


Voyager081291 t1_j5f6zfi wrote

Wait until you see the stupendous fees.


JennLegend3 t1_j5fe0eh wrote

Oh I've never used Air BnB, I wasn't aware they had stupendous fees, well then nevermind it being affordable. But it would be pretty cool to stay there for a weekend if I could afford it.


1234nameuser t1_j5frhjm wrote

with a minimum 3-night stay it's $2893 after fees (approx $762/night)


tottergeek OP t1_j5evf6x wrote

A cool vacation rental with ties to an iconic rock band of the 1970s has popped up in a gorgeous part of the Constitution State.

AirBNB Link -

Surrounded by lush greenery sits the former estate of guitarist Ace Frehley — one of the founders and original lead guitarist of KISS. The house is now a chic Airbnb hidden by a long, gated driveway win Wilton, Connecticut.

“Situated across from a 70 acre private farm with accessible hiking trails, makes this a perfect escape,” the listing on Airbnb says. " Akin to something out of a magazine, this breathtaking home offers wide open spaces, lots of glass and light. Come record in the restored studio, if you’d like.”

The five-bedroom, seven-bathroom house is elegantly decorated inside with a whimsical, artsy touch that flows with sophistication. Artwork featuring pop art of Marilyn Monroe and Jim Morrison line the walls as well.

The rental currently has a five-star rating on Airbnb with favorable reviews by former guests.

“Staying here was like getting to stay in a rock history museum. Amazingly fun to explore every room and see how it was decorated . It was absolutely phenomenal,” one person said.

“The house is immaculate and they’ve taken great care of it,” another commented. “If you’re a fan of rock n roll memorabilia then you’ll enjoy the decor too. Highly recommend this house!”

“This is such a fun home — it definitely lives up to the Rock ‘n’ Roll billing, and has plenty of space. Such a fun experience, and will definitely be returning again soon!” someone wrote.

Frehley played with KISS — with their painted faces, leathery costumes and theatrical concerts — from their beginning in 1973 until he left in 1982 to begin a solo career.


Bobinct t1_j5hnu5k wrote

For a sec I thought it was another death notice.