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FJCruisin t1_j4rbpls wrote

Not just the FD - it's a public water source where anyone can draw water


artemia26 t1_j4rcbai wrote

But many of these locations are on salt or brackish rivers.


cjrun t1_j4v0yoy wrote

Many uses for water don’t require it to be clean enough for human consumption.


DaleDimmaDone t1_j4rz435 wrote

wow, TIL thanks. woulda been nice to know when the power went out and i needed water to flush the toilet lol


FJCruisin t1_j4rzmb1 wrote

Yea but you'd probably have to climb down in there to fill your jugs it's not like a hose or anything. Probably be easier to just fill your jugs at a friend's house


FJCruisin t1_j4s2z56 wrote

PS - having a well, Ive learned plenty that living without running water isn't a big deal.. want a drink, get a gallon from the store.. wash your hands... use the same gallon.. but once you cant flush the toilet, damn if you arent living in a third world country. thankfully flush water doesnt have to be safe to drink, so I always fill up a bunch of old pool shock jugs with water and put them in the basement for such a need.


mymomismybff t1_j4sbaeb wrote

I’ve filled my bathtub with snow, and used that to flush. Not sure if that’d work for summertime power outages though.


sgorneau t1_j4skhb3 wrote

It would work in the summer, so long as it's snowing.


danhm t1_j4w6b1p wrote

It still works in the summer as long as it hasn't evaporated by then!


ibrewalotNH t1_j4vg435 wrote

I tap into my water heater for toilet power so no shower. Might as well use the time to drain any silt from the water heater and then flush away.