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pelliosophelus t1_j5a5q7b wrote

15 years ago NH was absolutely 1000x worse than now. Yale made a conscious effort to buy up lots of the slums, rehab the homes, and then offer them at good rates to staff and profs to encourage a middle class. It has worked. New Haven now has not only a solid middle class of residents but nice restaurants and other services that have moved in to serve them. I think your understanding of the effect Yale has had and continues to have on New Haven is misplaced.


thug_nificent OP t1_j5aztbx wrote

I wasn’t aware of such a stark difference just 15 years ago, thanks!


houseonthehilltop t1_j5gelwm wrote

It has been said - although I cannot verify - that Yale also offers some type of financial incentives to certain retail/ restaurants businesses etc in the city as they are anne iTunes also for the the university.