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RededHaid t1_j6mo12w wrote

New England Civil War Museum Wants YOUR MONEY so It can Take CT Soldiers Uniform Home


BobbyRobertson t1_j6n25aw wrote

It's a couple rooms in a small town hall that was originally built by Civil War vets. The value of that building alone is enough for the town to keep up the museum until they need a new one.

And even if it wasn't you're really too cheap for a town hall museum?


RededHaid t1_j6nbt1r wrote

Museums can have endowments, donor lists, grants, patrons. Were the museum talking about how much they’ve raised and are now turning to the public at large, I can see people opting in if they are civil war buffs. My money to spend. Cheap? Not my monkey, not my zoo.


BobbyRobertson t1_j6nfn64 wrote

You live in the country they secured and enjoy rights they fought for and added to our Constitution. Go spit on their graves while you're at it.