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Pinkumb t1_j4wsic9 wrote

I'd like to believe no medical practitioner would approve a guy for assisted suicide because of "hearing loss" but that's the world we're in.


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_j4x89h8 wrote

I've definitely talked to people with tinnitus who said that it was driving them slowly insane and making them want to die.

In fact I recall that people with tinnitus have a higher rate of suicide.


Warpedme t1_j4xivs8 wrote

I hope I live in a world where one day a person can decide to humanely end their life without having to tell anyone their private reasons. Because it's no one else's business, nor choice.


spmahn t1_j4xq0qf wrote

I live in a world where I would prefer a perfectly healthy person who wants to end their life gets treatment for their mental health rather than assisted suicide


Pinkumb t1_j4xswck wrote

Just to be clear the original response to my concern was "no medical professional would approve such a death" and we have effortlessly transitioned to "yes a medical professional would approve of such a death and it's none of your business."


Warpedme t1_j4xua0l wrote

A medical professional shouldn't even be required. It's a personal decision that should not require the approval of anyone else.


Pinkumb t1_j4yg7yb wrote

And you're not at all concerned about the dozens of stories of disabled people who need tremendous care being pressured to accept MAID to make other people's lives easier?