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iwanttobehappy2022 t1_j4xrxke wrote

So this would exclude those with dementia or Alzheimer’s because the illness usually has progressed to the point that it’s observable by them, their family, and doctors. Because it affects their ability to think and process information a long with their behavior…I would imagine they would not be competent to make the decision.

What about someone that in old age declines like loosing the ability to walk or vision, and no longer can take care of themselves (like dress themselves, clean themselves after the bathroom and bath), they wouldn’t be able to get assistance? What about someone with RA or tinnitus? What about someone that’s hella old, all their friends are dead along with their spouse, physically are declining and wishes to pass on which their family knows about and supports?

What about someone young that finds out they will 100 percent develop a terminal illness and wishes to pass on before symptoms appear?