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Ftheyankeei t1_j4xtdti wrote

Based on the last time it was proposed this legislation would require either two or three verbal commitments for the patient after thorough review of their mental health and in different time periods (there's a set amount of time they must wait before the process can even continue upon application). Most importantly a patient needs a diagnosis of a terminal illness with professionally diagnosed six months or less to live before they're even allowed to apply, significantly more strict than Canada's. Once the medication is administered the patient can choose not to take it; in Oregon, only 60% of people who complete the application process end up ending their lives.

Tiktok is gonna Tiktok, as a formerly suicidal teen I can imagine making a similar post when I was younger. I'm concerned for the kids but I'm not going to let them determine my views on policy without doing more research. And, as with any other system, the possibility of abuse in my view is miniscule compared to the overall benefits provided to people in pain. I can't answer for Canada but after reading the fascinating article you linked I am confident this negative response will make their policies more of an exception than the rule.