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AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_j4y6zcl wrote

Medical debt is a three for one for the billionaire class.

Make money treating you, make money keeping you in the workforce, make money keeping your kids in the workforce.

A case of cancer or a catastrophic injury quickly turns into generational poverty, in the land of the free.


LazyUpvote88 t1_j4ytwj6 wrote

So if my parents die from cancer and rack up medical debt as they’re going out, am I expected to pay it off?


katycatnip t1_j4yuzh6 wrote

Not you personally, but their estate will need to pay outstanding bills. I just lost my dad after he spent the last four months in & out of the hospital and I’m not looking forward to sorting through the mountain of medical bills headed my way (I am the executor of his estate).


LazyUpvote88 t1_j4ywc50 wrote

Wow. Fuck that. The rich are ruining this country and world with their unending quest for more money and power.