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gyokuro OP t1_j6ow5lu wrote

hyper limited zoning is really going to destroy any attempt at social equity. It’s not like municipalities are going to have a sudden change of heart just because a social equity applicant wasn’t able to make moves before fine fettle or curaleaf gobbled up whatever was available. If they only want two retailers in town, then there’s only going to be two.


MTGBruhs t1_j6oymjb wrote

Exactly. The cannabis system in CT was specififcally designed to cater to ven-caps who can afford the fees, have the time to litigate with zoning and have the resources to sit on their business for the YEARS it took to greenlight.


gyokuro OP t1_j6p1vbn wrote

The applicant in this news story is the owner of Affinity in New Haven, as well as a bunch of other LLCs including a distillery.