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This should trigger a response in a lot of people that maybe the climate scientists are right. Im not going to make this political. Science isn't political. The facts of the situation are right in front of our faces. The continued denial that the earth is warming faster than it should due to human activity needs to stop.

50 degree highs with rainstorms in January and now apparently year-round ticks (im sure this will soon be followed by year-round mosquitoes.)

Before you tell me this is a temporary warming period, here is the hard data on January average temperatures in Connecticut.

I'm going to edit this post because it's tiring to explain what I mean.

I am using this winter as an example of a larger pattern. These unseasonably warm winters are occurring more frequently. I am fully aware of short term weather patterns. I am fully aware that maybe next year we get absolutely clobbered by snow and frigid temperatures. I figured most reasonable people who've been residents of CT for as long as myself have become aware of the recent string of warmer winters and even hotter summers. The link I posted is the data on average temps in CT. This data goes back to 1900. As you can see, despite short term weather patterns, the graph trends up. Indicating a rise in average temps. You can disagree with me about what is causing this. I personally feel a large portion of this change is caused by the fossil fuel industry. I'm simply here to tell you it's real and we should be paying attention to it. Again, please click the link. Please look at the data. I hope you all have a wonderful day.



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