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For the last few years during my birthday week I'd go to a local bar/pub that had wing specials like $0.25/ea, all-you-can-eat for $10, etc. on a particular day of the week. I don't go out to bars much these days since moving out to CT, so I don't know where the good spots are at. I'm in the Hartford area, anyone have any suggestions on local places that do something along those lines? Not looking to go to a wing stop or BWW, etc. I just wanna chill in a little local place, chow down on some wings, and have a good night. Anywhere within about 20 minutes drive of East Hartford/Vernon area would be worth the drive for a good deal. This isn't the easiest thing to google for since a lot of small local bars don't exactly have a huge web presence or search optimization, so I'm hoping someone here could help me out.

Edit: Best I've found so far is The Rabbit Hole Tavern in Old Saybrook - 60 wings for $45. A little further than I had hoped to drive, but I'd make a day trip to the beach out of it if the weather's nice, at least.

Double edit: looks like Rumbleseat Bar & Grille is the current front runner with half-price Wednesdays, coming in at about $0.62 each. It's also near the pretty solid arcade at Holyoke mall, so it looks like I've got my plans set. Thanks for your suggestions, everyone.



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Mikemagss t1_j8r8w60 wrote

jtimothys tavern in plainville is top tier but aren't priced like you've requested


yudkib t1_j8ri9j6 wrote

Bucket pricing isn’t outrageous at all and they reheat well. I’m having them Saturday, can’t wait


edoubleu20 t1_j8s2j4e wrote


We always ask for the sauce on the side with the take home buckets. Reheat the wings and sauce 'em up fresh


u16173 t1_j8rougk wrote

Sliders, almost right across the street from J Timothy's has great wings as well. It's been a while since I've been there so I'm not sure of the pricing.


AndMarmaladeSkies t1_j8ppo55 wrote

Some bars still have 25¢ wings? Damn. In college like 30 years ago, 25¢ wings and $5 pitchers were the best.


Pickles-In-Space OP t1_j8psl3n wrote

It's been a couple years and this was out in Denver but they do still exist! Memory is fuzzy so it may have been $0.50 but wings, pitchers, and karaoke make for a solid night indeed


Last-Instruction739 t1_j8rijp1 wrote

I lived next to Romas in New Britain in college and I probably ate $1000 worth of 25 cent wings over the years. Good times.


Mofiremofire t1_j8pu5gn wrote

Yea it’s like $1-2 per wing at most places now but you can still buy wings at the store for cheap. No real reason to eat them out if you know how to cook.


Pickles-In-Space OP t1_j8qbx69 wrote

it's the experience of going to a local bar, having a selection of sauces and cheap beer, not having to own a deep fryer to get the type of wings I'm looking for, etc. Everything is cheaper if you cook at home..


Mofiremofire t1_j8qg52y wrote

Ah yes… sitting in a dimly lit room with loud music, sports on TVs that I don’t care about, surrounded by drunk strangers, eating possibly food safety contaminated wings that got fried in a frier that probably hasn’t had its oil changed in weeks and cheap( probably paying $4 for a bud light) beer…. Man that sounds so much better than popping wings in an air fryer, sitting on my comfortable furniture m, watching a show that I want… what the fuck was I thinking.


Pickles-In-Space OP t1_j8qm054 wrote

So this post was specifically asking for something and you want to come in here and be a homebody and shit on my specific question? Aite man, you do you, I'm gonna go enjoy myself.

Oh and side note - I just checked my grocery store prices for wings (store brand, bulk) and the pub I used to go to is still running their special of $0.60 per wing. That's the same price as the bag of lower quality grocery store wings, already prepared and served to me, in the specific environment I want to be in, but please continue to tell me how much more fun I'd have doing the exact opposite of the thing I asked for information about.


[deleted] t1_j8rderl wrote



JustADudeBeingADood t1_j8rmcol wrote

Holy shit you are a miserable person. This has to be a joke account right? Like you can't really be this miserable of a person in real life right?


Pickles-In-Space OP t1_j8u46dj wrote

Jesus Christ dude, you need to get off the internet and consider therapy or maybe just leaving your house once in a while and actually interacting with other human beings. "Have fun drinking and driving" - so you've clearly never heard of the concept of a DD, I see. Maybe if you had friends to go do things with, you'd have considered that option. Maybe you also wouldn't be so fucking miserable to the point where you go on people's reddit threads and actively neg the person while acting holier-than-thou the entire time.

In case anyone is wondering about the removed comment that made multiple people go "Christ, what an asshole"


Mofiremofire t1_j8u54ez wrote

I’ve got plenty of friends, they’re not pathetic bar scum who blow their paychecks slamming down bud light and chicken wings. We have a little more sophisticated interests and actually have standards of who we associate ourselves with.


Adorable-Hedgehog-31 t1_j8reddx wrote

Chicken is bad for you and when you eat it you “like yourself slowly”

  • Mofiremofire

twicelife_real t1_j8pviyj wrote

Bidwell tavern in Coventry has really good wings, but they’re not cheap. I haven’t been in a few years, but I’m sure they’re still as good as they used to be.


StevieMac97 t1_j8qgh1u wrote

Build a time machine and go back 10 years ago and Bidwell had good wings. New ownership has changed that.


TFA-DF8 t1_j8r6fpv wrote

Agreed, super disappointed last time I was there


BearLindsay t1_j8rhla4 wrote

TK's American Cafe 255 White St, Danbury, CT 06810

This place used to give you a free wing for every year old you were, but only on your birthday. I haven't been in years though so I don't know if they still do it.


BryanEtch t1_j8rukls wrote

Pretty sure it ended with the pandemic, as well as Tuesday Wing Night. Pippa’s still has a wing night, but it’s up to 75c so things aren’t like they used to be


[deleted] t1_j8ra82r wrote

It may not satisfy your price point but check out J Timothy’s tavern or Groggy Frog!!


Rough_Baker6714 t1_j8pzhsx wrote

I know you stated wingstop etc, hooters has the deal bottomless wings and I know it’s a trip but new west in New Haven is a local dive bar with some great wings and a good deal on mondays that I can’t remember sorry


tenaciouslittlemonkE t1_j8ra15k wrote

Hot rod cafe in New London has all you can eat wings on Wednesday nights. A lot further than you asked for but it is all you can eat and the wings are good.


Pickles-In-Space OP t1_j8u5ni6 wrote

I did check them out while searching around and reading articles about the best wings in the area, but I saw no mention on their website or anywhere else about an all you can eat deal.. do you just have to know they do it and they don't really advertise it? Did they used to do it and have since stopped? It would be worth the drive if I knew for sure. I found a place in Springfield with $0.60 wings on Wednesdays which is looking like my top pick at the moment


Mystic_Walker t1_j8x3pwu wrote

I think they ended that during the pandemic. You're looking at 1.50 a wing now. Wing prices be CRAZY


MoonFishLanding t1_j8rf8y2 wrote

While I can’t speak from personal experience, I have noticed lots of people mention “The Well” in Cromwell and the reviews seem consistent.


omeedohmy t1_j8rk5oo wrote

last 25 cent wings i've seen were at Blarneys in Willimantic pre-pandemic. Bow & Arrow at Mohegan has great wings for 99 cents each, but it's definitely a trip from where you are.


wakinupdrunk t1_j8q8zzw wrote

It's not a great deal compared to what things used to be like, but the Hop Knot in Portland has fantastic wings for what you pay - which is closer to the $1 per wing price point. That being said, there's a place by me in Hamden charging over $15 for a dozen, so it could be worse.

If you've been to a Hop Knot, don't get discouraged by the pretzel themed menu - they absorbed the White Dog Cafe and kept the wings from that menu because of how good they were.


Pickles-In-Space OP t1_j8qc0ci wrote

yeah around $1 per is about the best I've seen so far, one place has 24 for $24 from 2-4, I guess..


Mutts_Merlot t1_j8rds2c wrote

Because of a few factors (avian flu, feed prices), chicken wings are extremely expensive right now. They used to be so cheap they were a loss leader, but the bars can't do that anymore. Maybe once chicken prices stabilize they can go back to those promotions. But I second Bidwell and also recommend Shea's in Manchester.


Pickles-In-Space OP t1_j8u5sto wrote

Yeah I'm figuring it must be bad on their end right now, the average price is probably around $1.50 each, it's nuts.


Mutts_Merlot t1_j8uphus wrote

For sure. The restaurants aren't happy about it. Wings were a good way to bring in people who will spend money on beer after some spicy wings, but they'd be better off discounting the beer at this point.

However, I do hope you have a nice birthday and get some tasty wings!!


Pickles-In-Space OP t1_j8v6dk6 wrote

Thanks! Found a nice place up in Springfield that looks like just the kind of thing I'm after - edited the main post if you're interested


guapomalo t1_j8r7ghl wrote

Looks like it’s TGI Fridays for you.


RededHaid t1_j8q0blt wrote


Out West, Back East.


Suspicious-One5822 t1_j8rc6va wrote

Buffalo wild wings bogo boneless on Thursdays and bogo bone in on tuesdays.


Pickles-In-Space OP t1_j8u5wsn wrote

Thanks for suggesting one of the places I specifically said I didn't want to go to :)


Suspicious-One5822 t1_j8u6j7n wrote

40 boneless wings 4 22oz fiddlehead iPas for $42 on a Thursday. If that doesn't change your minds about bww reconsider


Pickles-In-Space OP t1_j8u7nv6 wrote

You've only further reinforced my decision not to go there by suggesting I drink an IPA with my wings lol

Edit: just to be clear here, that is a solid deal but I specifically do not want to go to a big chain restaurant, I want to go to a local place that has regulars and an entirely different atmosphere.

Also, boneless wings are nuggets.


WWJPD t1_j8v80oq wrote

Groggy Frog or Jerzie Joe’s bth in Southington. About $1/wing.