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Synapse82 t1_j9dop0u wrote

$122.00, oil heat. 1600 sq feet.


KindaEgotistical OP t1_j9dov9n wrote

Aha I remember you from my other posts. Thanks for always sharing your input it really helps me out!


Synapse82 t1_j9dp2f0 wrote

Np, I hope you find a Pizza Hut.


gregra193 t1_j9dpk1p wrote

One is coming to Westfarms, might be a Pizza Hut Express but it’s something.


jrmtpc t1_j9ds9sj wrote

Actually saw it there the other day and it’s open, had quite a line as well.


KindaEgotistical OP t1_j9dp4r0 wrote

😂 I can only hope Pizza Hut finds me


HighJeanette t1_j9funmh wrote

We found one near Howe caravans in NY, I doubt it could pass a health inspection, but it made it all the better.


Billh491 t1_j9how2z wrote

1048 Riverdale St
West Springfield, MA 01089

Small full service eat in right up 91 north of springfield


foodcoma85 t1_j9dprdx wrote

47.14 last month, 34.56 this month. Oil heat (about 3500 for 750 gallons) and solar panels (42.98/month)


ryzku t1_j9ed2wf wrote

How do you pay so little for panels? How big is your system and when did you get it 👀


foodcoma85 t1_j9edkaf wrote

7 panels through Trinity Solar. The whole system I think was somewhere around 17k. It's gonna be 42.98 for 300 months (25 years), but given the 3600 I put down I should pay it off long before then. The system was actually installed 1 year ago today.


ryzku t1_j9edp2y wrote

I’ve got 18 panels and it’s running me 30,640$ I’m only producing like 25kilowats on good days too. Same thing 300 months but I’m paying 97$ I wonder all the time if it was the right move


foodcoma85 t1_j9edzl9 wrote

I think for sure we're negating the impact of this price hike, so there's that


ryzku t1_j9ee3px wrote

I supposed although my last electric bill was 133+ the 97 I suppose it could be a lot worse I got some phone calls to make in a couple hours I think I’m gonna try and get a cheaper price instead of the 24cents Eversource is charging.


zenlittleplatypus t1_j9dpw3n wrote

I switched in December so what was a $240 bill went down to $175 this month.


Fine_Item_2497 t1_j9emlol wrote

2 people, 2 story beach house, 2,200 sq ft.

Solar panels $144 UI bill $480 Gas $112

I’m in a weird situation, the solar company I went with (posigen) I don’t recommend, said that our output would cover out electric bill. According to their company, our panels are producing the numbers they say, but according to UI, they argue not. They keep pointing the finger at each other. It sucks.


hausmusik t1_j9dq2xg wrote

640, 2100 Sq ft.


KindaEgotistical OP t1_j9dq8ha wrote

Ohhh goodness I hope you make a good amount of money. That sounds killer !


scottct1 t1_j9eyt2r wrote

$740 1500 square foot house. Electric heat pump and the heat was off for a good part of the month. In Newington.


TheSpacePopeIX t1_j9hsfwp wrote

That seems high for a heat pump. Have you done the energy audit? It really helped us. We were around $800 last year but have got it down to $650 even with the rate increases. Energy supplier change goes into effect on the 24th.


itselectric69 t1_j9e4h8q wrote

December $475…. Hot tub and mini splits running 24/7… keep in mind half the month was at the $0.24kw/h rate half was $0.12. January 100% wood stove at $0.12kw/hr was $250. No oil consumption and I aggressively change my electrical supplier. Tired of spoon feeding Eversource CEO’s! Anyone who doesn’t change their supplier is just a big dope lol.


KindaEgotistical OP t1_j9e4vqs wrote

I didn’t even know changing the electrical supplier was a thing and I will GLADLY start doing that more


bearcrevier t1_j9esla1 wrote

$320 and I have solar panels. 2500 square foot we heat with oil. Eversource is the bane of my existence.


KindaEgotistical OP t1_j9f07sn wrote

I’m confused why is it 320? How much energy are you using. How big are your solar panels?


bearcrevier t1_j9f82fb wrote

My solar panels are huge (98.7% offset) but the salary of Eversource’s CEO is huge-er.


gregra193 t1_j9dpei5 wrote

Size: 2

Heating: Oil + Heat Pump (supplemental)

Electric Bill: ~$180 for ~880 kWh. Currently on a rate from Constellation…8.99c/kWh.


KindaEgotistical OP t1_j9dpvze wrote

Wow that sounds great!


gregra193 t1_j9dqea5 wrote

Yeah. There are rates as low as $0.10/kWh available now. Short term of 7 months. Would advise switching to another provider or back to standard offer during month 5 to be safe.

Are you on alternative supply?


KindaEgotistical OP t1_j9dqik3 wrote

No I mean honestly I did not even know that was an option up until today


gregra193 t1_j9dqzle wrote

There are longer terms too, just set a reminder to shop around again a full two months before the rate expires. You can always go back to standard offer too.

12.99 for 18 months should be decent. Current Eversource rate is 24.17.


KindaEgotistical OP t1_j9dr7d2 wrote

Wow this is amazing! Thanks a lot you’ve also have been a big help in general


gregra193 t1_j9drnk7 wrote

You’re welcome. Also I just saw your post about solar and definitely $0.19/kWh is too much— buyers won’t like it either.

We passed on even looking at a home that had a PPA.


KindaEgotistical OP t1_j9drwp3 wrote

Yeah at this point my resolve is to have the buyer pay for it. I don’t think I could sleep at night if I forced myself to get the house


ashlietta t1_j9dqq25 wrote

$72.62 - 650ish sq ft, 1 bedroom apartment with gas heat from CNG. I absolutely will refuse to move anywhere with electric heat in this state.


CTRealtorCarl t1_j9dssih wrote

$146.24, 2100 square feet 2 people, baseboard heat fueled by oil. 433 total kWh.

We put a lot of effort into making our home as energy efficient (electricity and oil) this year and I think its paying off. Obviously, the warm winter is helping.


PhizyT t1_j9dwan7 wrote

$11.28, 3 Oil


KindaEgotistical OP t1_j9dwed1 wrote

You must have blackmailed eversource that’s like $2 more just to have a connection with eversource 😭😭


PhizyT t1_j9dwqof wrote

Connection is $9.62.

We own a solar array.


KindaEgotistical OP t1_j9dwtk9 wrote

God bless you man that’s amazing


PhizyT t1_j9dwxl3 wrote

Best purchase ever. Return on investment was 10 years. Now it's just free energy.


Steadfast_Skeleton_ t1_j9e7t3o wrote

Current $165, previous $100. Paying what my summer bill usually is in winter.


AdHistorical7107 t1_j9elgmv wrote

2k Sq ft. Family of 3. About 1600kw. Big christmas display. About $445. Was under think energy. I have oil for heat


Swede577 t1_j9eloz0 wrote

I only pay the monthly $9.62 connection charge year round. I installed solar panels 8 years ago and converted my house to all electric. Heat pump water heater, heat pumps for ac/heat, induction stove, heat pump dryer, etc.

According to my energy monitor my 1800 sqft house used 8500 kwh for all of 2022 or about 700 kwh a month. My heat pumps consumed 2500 kwh of that electricty for heating/cooling.

Where was everyone 8 years ago when panels were $1.50 a watt to install? The prices now are like $3.50+ watt. The net metering was also way better than the current one they changed to last Jan. The state was offering massive upfront cash incentives as well. The payback period was like 5.5 years. I was the only house in my neighborhood for years with panels.


MyFianceMadeMeJoin t1_j9f20yr wrote

I see so many people explaining how solar helped them in January, if I generated 15 kW a day in January that was a great day. Things are already starting to turn around and production is moving towards enough to cover a whole days worth of consumption but man, November to January are sad production months for me.


Swede577 t1_j9j8g1i wrote

I'm on an old net metering plan. All my summer production gets carried through winter and resets in April.


fuserx t1_j9et2o2 wrote

January was $182. 3800 sq ft. Oil heat so that bill is higher But Hybrid electric hot water


cncamusic t1_j9ev175 wrote

  1. Gas (hydronic) heat with a single large sunroom that uses a heat pump/mini split running almost 24/7. Wife and I wfh and we have a toddler. Keep the house at a constant 68. Roughly 1700 sqft I think?

1500mgsalt t1_j9dr5yj wrote

$534.11 2 people 1440 sq feet Electric heat.


itselectric69 t1_j9e4jxo wrote

My buddy, same size house…. $1200. Idk how!


TheSpacePopeIX t1_j9ht530 wrote

Do the energy audit. They’ll tell you how, and you can fix a lot of it for pretty cheap since all of the it is rebates.


itselectric69 t1_j9uu27b wrote

Oh yeah! We got free insulation a couple years ago, best deal!


TheSpacePopeIX t1_j9uy1aj wrote

How is your bill still so high? You guys got something going on eating mad electricity.


itselectric69 t1_j9zrl7f wrote

It’s my buddies. They have oil/electric heat. But idk how they’re that high. Unless they’re cranking the heat to 80°. But the electric is upstairs only, so you’d think they’d be fine.


KindaEgotistical OP t1_j9dracb wrote

If you don’t mind me asking this seems like a lot. How is this possible? How did it become so high?


realbusabusa t1_j9ds0in wrote

It's the electric heat that is a killer


1500mgsalt t1_j9dvlvt wrote

Yes, it’s the electric heat and not enough insulation. We do have Eversource as our supplier but I think the first two are the biggest reasons.


KindaEgotistical OP t1_j9dwmbs wrote

I’d definitely look into insulation or alternative suppliers or something to help make your home energy efficient because for two people that seems like a lot and I abused my electric heat 2 years back and had so many things running


1500mgsalt t1_j9g46mn wrote

Oh.. and another big reason is my husband refuses to turn down the heat. He said he’d rather get a second job lol.


bri1468 t1_j9dwf5b wrote

Natural gas heat, household of 5. 1400 sq foot ish house. $177 this month, last month 155.


Ikea_Man t1_j9dy22q wrote

1800ish sqft house, gas heat, electric bill was $170ish?

gas has actually been the higher bill, was $220 last month


footfun169 t1_j9ef64d wrote

I went to Direct energy. They offered me a rate of 15.99 for 48 months


la_ct t1_j9efwkb wrote

Electric $330, Heating Oil $435. 3200 sq/ft. Electric bill is roughly triple what is was when I moved to CT 15 years ago.


rjlets_575 t1_j9et0m0 wrote

$305.00 pellet stove , 2700sf, just two people, electric hot water heater, electric dryer and range.


KindaEgotistical OP t1_j9etwlu wrote

I was questioning for a second why 305 with a pellet stove but i mean 2700 sq ft that’s a lot to heat


rjlets_575 t1_j9evcuu wrote

I just switched on Friday to Town Square so it should go down.


MyFianceMadeMeJoin t1_j9f1lef wrote

$384. Oil heat, 2 people, a solar array, and 1200 sq feet. I have no idea how it’s so goddamn high, there’s a nonzero chance the well pump never kicks off and needs replacing.


merryone2K t1_j9f1yib wrote

$384; electric heat (efficient heat pump mini-split installed 2020), 1275 square foot log cabin with open loft, LOTS of gaming electronics and computers courtesy of my son. Twice what it was in 2021.


Ramulon t1_j9fnscn wrote

419 electric heat


1984isnowpleb t1_j9fp0ci wrote

Just over or under $80 for Jan ; December was like 120 but I had a electric space heater cranking for a week while I was sick. I have a wall mounted mini split in a small apt 750 sq ft


bwheels231 t1_j9fudb2 wrote

640$. 3400 sq ft. Oil heat. Wife, me and 1 kiddo.


heathenliberal t1_j9hqx8v wrote

$531, two adults in 850 square foot condo, one room has the vents closed, forced air electric heat. We keep the house very cold, 55 all day, 65 when we're home, 58 when sleeping. It sucks that our bill is this high.


thebatfan5194 t1_j9eknfn wrote

Around $200, just my wife and I, oil heat, 2200 sq foot house


Armsmaster2112 t1_j9evn9e wrote

$55.02, for a 888 sf apartment. Natural gas heat and that bill was for 62.89


projectwise5 t1_j9f2lqy wrote

1200 SF, 2 people with natural gas heat. Electric was $95, Gas $205


One-Awareness-5818 t1_j9fa1ir wrote

160$, family of four, stay home all day, oil heating, 170 gallons from September to Jan 21. 150$-180$ is about the average unless it is hot summer month or spring cleaning. We try not to use dryer and hang dry all the clothes. Electric cooking and everything else.


u16173 t1_j9fpobq wrote

$377. 2200 Sq ft, 4 people


HighJeanette t1_j9fuhj5 wrote

$104.00 Gas heat 1260 sq feet


cpt_buttcheeks t1_j9fw5a6 wrote

$177.00, electric heat. One bedroom condo, two floors. Without budget billing it would have been $256 and change


DeskFan203 t1_j9g2hc1 wrote


2300 Sq ft house, oil heat (with wood stove going occasionally).

Edit: only 2 humans in the house. Hubs is home all of the time so if he was working out of the home, it'd be much lower, I'm sure.


Jets237 t1_j9g4bvo wrote

my usage came down about 25% vs last January but the price I paid went up 12%...


521 this month with eversource :-(

1300sqft townhouse (2bdr 1.5bth) 2 adults, 1 kid, and 2 dogs


ijuanaspearfish t1_j9gj4tw wrote

I heat with gas and my bill was over 350. My Electric wasnt bad at around 280.

With summer around the corner, my pool and central AC is gonna kill my wallet.

Family of 5.


shortstuff64 t1_j9hb1ck wrote

1350sqf house electric $155 (up 50 from previous year due to rate increase) oil budget $240 per mo. Oil expense increase $700 from the previous year.


Lizzer1152 t1_j9hskvq wrote

1500 sq feet. Hot water heat / radiators. Both of these figures are from January. I did NOT lock in an oil price this year. Electric - $186 Oil - $670 for 140 gallons. Should not need another top off for a while with these mild temps. Though may use more heating on our second story with a newborn coming. But we’ll see how the spring temps play our.


teamhog t1_j9i1372 wrote

Our supplier rate is going from $0.089 to $0.1389. We keep our thermostat set to 62 in the winter & 82 in the summer. We use about 787 kwh/month.
On average our bill will go up from $185/month to $230 or so.

Hopefully by year’s end we’ll have solar and do geothermal next year.


well-okay t1_j9i1ibb wrote

$180, 760sqft 1 bedroom apartment. Electric heat but honestly that’s irrelevant because our heat hasn’t been on all winter. Genuinely not sure wtf we’re paying for. Family size of 2 people.


Tommyt5150 t1_j9i3ov1 wrote

Mine actually dropped last month $782 this past month $488. Summer it runs $900-1400.


Dear_Gene_7660 t1_j9i80b2 wrote

Norwich (NPU): 3334' sq. house. $335 for water sewer and electric (combined bill). Switching (this week) from oil steam heat and hot water to natural gas steam heat. Natural gas service will also be provided through NPU. Propane stove.


Vermigs t1_j9i949a wrote

$84, gas heat, 1500 sq ft.


danhm t1_j9ifvai wrote

$215 averaged between the last two months, family of 3. Wood pellet stove mostly but electric heat in the bedrooms. I locked in awhile ago with a supplier at 8.99 cents/kwh until December 2024, really lucked out. Would've been an extra $130 (!!!) with Eversource's rate.