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gyokuro OP t1_j6sa111 wrote

DCP's primary interest in cannabis is protecting the revenue stream and therefore protecting the incumbent 4 licensed producers. Think about why only one oversight action has occurred during their entire decade-plus tenure as regulator. And that only happened because one of the lab directors accidentally told on himself.

Connecticut Dems sure do love their identity politics and theater, though. It's gonna be a tough choice for them!


Glasscubething t1_j6sxiv1 wrote

You seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of what the DCP is. Only one oversight action in a decade? I think you’re being overly conspiratorial on this in general.

For example.

> Through its Legal Division, the Department enhanced enforcement of consumer protection laws by effectively resolving issues of concern with persons and establishments it regulates. These initiatives included 191 compliance meetings, 37 formal hearings/administrative complaints, 64 formal hearing decisions, 174 Settlement Agreements, Consent Decrees and Stipulations, 28 Assurances of Voluntary Compliance, 12 subpoenas/civil investigative demands, and 0 Declaratory Ruling were issued.