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Jets237 t1_j9ft0hq wrote

I get it Om Buds Man?


Sooo... Sounds like they need to hire a demand planner and a supply planner and kick off a state wide S&OP process...


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_j9ftsy5 wrote

How would that not be a price fixing conspiracy?


Jets237 t1_j9fu6eg wrote

how is demand and supply planning price fixing. what do you mean?


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_j9fv59z wrote

Retailers and growers getting together to decide and agree upon how much to grow and how much they'll buy?


Jets237 t1_j9fx9tn wrote

Not exactly... this process is driven by demand. You have state employees (not affiliated with the growers) create a demand forecast for both medical and recreational purchasers. They then analyze the capacity at all growers to see if it will cover demand. Since the state decided to limit competition - they need to know if those suppliers can meet demand or not.

Growers should be doing this independently on their end, but the question is... is there a capacity issue here or, since the lead time to grow if fairly long, is it just a temporary shortage?

Once we have a good understanding of supply capacity and demand expectations on a monthly basis we can determine what issue to solve for. It may be bringing in more suppliers so they can meet demand or better planning industry wide.

At no point should the suppliers meet to discuss and there's no reason for that since this is essentially a state run industry


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_j9g0wcb wrote

Oh I get you, that doesn't sound as nefarious as the definition I read.

Sounds like they should be doing this on their own.


1234nameuser t1_j9ezddu wrote

Was checking inventory last night across CT, what I bought before is still sold out and can't afford the jump in prices after Rec opening up.

I'm about to spend 2hrs spewing pollution across CT for the privilege of giving MA my money, good job guys!


gyokuro OP t1_j9f3vfq wrote

Right now, patients have no one on the inside looking out for their interests. That’s what led to this idea. Patients have been getting trampled for years. This is finally a step in the right direction. That’s what matters.


gyokuro OP t1_j9evj0g wrote

To my fellow patients: Contact your state representatives and tell them you're counting on their support for HB5539.


Flimsy_Patience_7780 t1_j9iep6h wrote

All this bs about “medical patients will get priority” but in reality it’s “make as much money as possible once we go rec and…oh wait…what does giving priority to medical even mean?”

Sorry but if you don’t have separate markets and instead just jam rec and med markets all together you cannot promise we will get priority on any products. Therefore you cannot promise patients their medication.

So, so disappointed in the CT roll out. Glad I moved to VT, but realizing my CT card has become more and more obsolete.


youmustbeanexpert t1_j9evn7a wrote

Open interstate trading in sure there is a lot of pot in different states.


OGZackov t1_j9fkm5r wrote

Federal legalization required and too many republicans in the Senate and house for that


BobbyRobertson t1_j9f2i8n wrote

I thought the problem was there were already too many people on buds, man


Infamous_Bend4521 t1_j9iglvq wrote

I has nothing g to do with a fing shortage!!!!!the recreational side is flush with products and as a medical patient I was told it is ok for me to purchase the rec at the rec prices! Complete price gouging!