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mrjharder11 t1_j9ea7lp wrote

Forgot to mention West End used to be called the Gayest zip code in CT but that was like ten years ago not sure if that's changed much.


FrequentAd1126 OP t1_j9g19x4 wrote

Thank you! Certainly seems like West of Hartford might be the way to go for us


mrjharder11 t1_j9g4d5x wrote

NP. Also the crime in downtown Hartford isn't really a problem if you're just working there and maybe dining at night. Hartford is a commuter city so it kind of dies down after 6 pm. It doesn't have the heartbeat like New Haven or a big city like New York or Boston. Friday and Saturday are the only late nights in Hartford. Good luck and welcome to the States!


gregra193 t1_j9ggnkv wrote

I’m gonna recommend West Hartford proper over Hartford. It will just be a nicer experience.

When looking for apartments, avoid places that have electric baseboard heat as it’ll cost you a fortune.

I think you may need to be married to bring your partner via L-1, please double check that.


FrequentAd1126 OP t1_j9huznm wrote

You do. We got married remotely via Utah county. Modern problems require modern solutions I guess. We’re doing everything we can to ensure we can prove our 5 year relationship as legit, fingers crossed.