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MyFianceMadeMeJoin t1_j9fa1og wrote

None of the towns you’re looking at are walkable urban areas. They’re suburban with charming downtowns areas that have limited housing in the commercial sections of town. With that said, they’re all easy commutes it Hartford, safe, at least present as being against racism (these are wealthier predominantly white towns so the reality and the impression don’t align perfectly), and convenient places to live. Hartford is also much safer than it sounds like you’ve concluded. It’s not without its problems, but it’s safer than many of the other major cities in the state and certainly safer than other capital cities in the country. You can safely walk around downtown anytime and even the more crime dense areas during the day without an issue.


FrequentAd1126 OP t1_j9g2l5y wrote

Thank you! This is the kind of perspective we were looking (hoping) for


CT-Best t1_j9ibsrd wrote

The Farmington Valley (Simsbury, Avon, Farmington, etc.) is one of the best places for walkability. So if you value traveling around town/state without being stuck in a car, you should look into Farmington Valley.