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FrequentAd1126 OP t1_j9g22fo wrote

I appreciate the descriptive response. Perhaps I've focused too much on the few negative reviews I stumbled across.


Impossible_Watch7154 t1_j9g2gmn wrote

The BOTS out there are numerous- be careful what sources you read. Greater Hartford now has the best housing market in the USA


robinredrunner t1_j9ggf0y wrote

It's funny. We had never been to nor thought about moving to Connecticut just two years ago. After a metric shit-ton of research it was at the top of our list. I guess we weren't alone.


yankeeinparadise t1_j9n4qq5 wrote

We’re glad you’re here!


robinredrunner t1_j9orq8x wrote

Thanks! It’s been quite a relief to be here.


yankeeinparadise t1_j9oswhc wrote

I was born and raised in CT, left to the south for college then stayed for a bit (13 years!) but it was wonderful to return in 2015 with my husband and three kids. It’s a great place to raise a family. My southern born husband never wants to leave, so I guess that is a bonus.