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Impossible_Watch7154 t1_jabzlk6 wrote

Are housing prices collapsing here? Housing in the greater Hartford area? said it was Number 1 in the USA

Connecticut's economy grew from $251.0 billion in the second quarter of2022 to $252.5 billion in the third quarter. The 2.5% annualized expansion rate was the 23rd largest of the 47 states to report economic growth.



Do me a favor- when you want to talk facts fine- of you want to disseminate BS and lies- then get lost. Or go into your MAGA world of delusion. Or re you a Russian bot?

Retail all over the country is going a fundamental change- forced by on line shopping- if you were informed - this is something you would have noticed.

Climate change is going to make people think twice about moving to the south- and believe me its going to get ugly.