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Hey, as the title says myself and my partner (both 29m) are moving to Connecticut next month through a work opportunity of mine (L1B visa). We both currently live in Sri Lanka.

The client I work for has their office in Hartford and we are expected to come into office 3 days a week (Tuesday through Thursday).

My question is, where should I move to? After doing a fair bit of research I have narrowed it down to one of West Hartford, Glastonbury, Simsbury or Avon. Most lists that go over good places to live in Connecticut consist of 80% of places close to New York simply because of that fact. These places are all too far for a 3 days a week commute I feel. So, I’m trying to decide between the four I’ve narrowed it down to while mainly looking at the following:

  1. LGBTQ friendly - this for me is my main priority. We have had to “hide” our relationship in SL for obvious reasons. We are looking at moving to the US as an opportunity to finally just be our selves. From what I’ve read it seems all four areas are similarly non-hostile. Would appreciate any insight though.

  2. Asian friendly (non-racist) - similar to above, from what I’ve read there doesn’t seem to be much discrimination. But again, open to any insight one could offer on this.

  3. Crime and safety - this seems to be an issue the closer to Hartford you get, with numerous articles mentioning Hartford as a place where “one does not walk from one place to the next”. Is it really that bad? If it is, is it just as bad in West Hartford (and potentially Glastonbury, Avon, Simsbury)?

  4. Urbanization - the other factor we are looking at is how “modern” the cities/towns are. We currently live in an apartment close to the capital in SL and could be described as city folk who enjoy the more rural areas only occasionally. The impression I’ve got of Connecticut as a whole is that of a state past it’s prime that still manages to hold its charm through beautiful landscapes and it’s laidback lifestyle. Which I take to mean is more suited for families looking to settle down into a peaceful lifestyle. Less suited for a gay couple looking to start living their lives (we do have kids on our minds but not for another 5 years at least). Would West Hartford be the only place that could offer us something close to that?

Would appreciate any insight thats on offer!



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mrjharder11 t1_j9ea2tx wrote

West end of Hartford or West Hartford are close enough to take the bus. West end very quiet and a heterogeneous mix of people and incomes. I would rather live here than West Hartford proper. Property taxes can be high in Hartford.

West Hartford has everything you need but still just a quick bus ride down Farmington Ave to downtown Hartford. Probably easier to find housing but it's also a bit crowded. Very popular shopping and dining areas. Both places very nice to raise a family.

The other towns you mention are also nice residential suburbs but you'll need a car for sure. US suburbs are nice and quiet but you need a car to function within the paradigm. The commute sucks unless you leave early for/from work.


Impossible_Watch7154 t1_j9enqgl wrote

I would not call Connecticut 'past its prime' It is a densely populated state (740 people per square mile) with a long history in a very desirable geographic region - New England. Its proximity to New York City and Boston- make it an envied location globally.

Add to this a moderate climate, forest covered hills and mountains and a beautiful coast line. Its not overly hot, dry, or congested (although the states southwest near NYC can become frenetic)

The state has one of the best economies in the nation currently. So its hardly 'past its prime'.

The state is considered one of the best states for quality of life and low crime.

Connecticut's future as a 'climate haven' will make it a prime place to live now and years ahead. Most of the American south will become very hot- while areas further west will face increasing heat and water shortages.

Racism exists here- but Connecticut's strong hate crime laws enacted over 30 years ago limits overt racism. Also the states highly educated electorate helps reduce racism, homophobia, sexism.

West Hartford is a nice town- but there are certainly other towns in greater Hartford that are diverse and good places to live.


danaaa405 t1_j9ev19g wrote

If you need a realtor please let me know! So many great areas.


AnimeCiety t1_j9ew5jk wrote

Most towns in CT surrounding Hartford will meet your requirements of 1-3. There are plenty of other towns like Windsor, Manchester, Rocky Hill that also has a good amount of rental options for young working professionals.

Your ask on urbanization is not easily going to be met. Imo even West Hartford isn’t comparable to what most would think of as a “City”. Perhaps downtown New Haven would be as close as you can get in CT and be within reasonable hybrid commuting to Hartford.


MyFianceMadeMeJoin t1_j9fa1og wrote

None of the towns you’re looking at are walkable urban areas. They’re suburban with charming downtowns areas that have limited housing in the commercial sections of town. With that said, they’re all easy commutes it Hartford, safe, at least present as being against racism (these are wealthier predominantly white towns so the reality and the impression don’t align perfectly), and convenient places to live. Hartford is also much safer than it sounds like you’ve concluded. It’s not without its problems, but it’s safer than many of the other major cities in the state and certainly safer than other capital cities in the country. You can safely walk around downtown anytime and even the more crime dense areas during the day without an issue.


robinredrunner t1_j9fap57 wrote

To second others, I think West Hartford or the west side of Hartford is your best bet. I recently moved my family to WH from the southern US and have found people to be very tolerant towards ethnic diversity and sexuality. The areas near the Center and on the border of WH and Hartford area fairly dense and urban-ish.

I wouldn’t consider anywhere around here to be incredibly diverse except Boston and NYC. That said, WH does have a sizable Asian community and is probably more diverse than the other places you mentioned.

There is no significant crime in any of those places you mentioned except Hartford. Not to say the crime rate is zero, but people in my neighborhood have no problems letting their children walk to school or the Center. We do the same. The west side of Hartford is pretty safe too as far as I can tell but you’ll want to check some stats on that.

One of the best things about here is you can go from being in an urban area to hiking trails in like a 15 minute drive. The rural areas have some interesting terrain and nice water features too. The further you go the more interesting it gets.

Agree with the other comments about CT not being past its prime. This is one of the oldest regions in the US and it is nestled between two world class cities. It makes sense that it is not some kind of boom town and thankfully so. There are political and financial challenges to be sure, but people tend to blow them out of proportion. Problems here are no worse than problems in other parts of the country.

Good luck!


gmattheis t1_j9fhriw wrote

if you're going to have a car, middletown, on the cromwell border (north) is a decent reach to hartford, and can be more cost effective than some of the other areas. Middletown is extremely progressive and LBGTQ+ friendly.

if no car, new britain along the fastrak line is a good and convienent way into down town hartford and the surrounding areas.

i've found that in connecticut, most people don't give a shit about your orientation if you are a good neighbor and take care of yourself and be outwardly friendly, but not too invasive.


B00ZE_TAN t1_j9fwfs5 wrote

Come get one of these brand new luxury apartments right in downtown New Britain. You could walk to the best museum, and the most beautiful new parks in the Hartford area. Walk right out your front door and be at one of several high restaurants in the city, all different types of wonderful cuisine, from all over the world. Zagat Award winning Chinese food(Great Taste), There is a whole street of Polish restraints(Starpolska), bakeries(Kasia), shops(Martin Rosol),with authentic Polish offerings, voted on best in the state, Puerto Rican food (Criollisimo,Mofongo), several Thai restaurants(Mai Kong), beautiful Jamaican spots with amazing ox tail(Taste of Jamaica). New Britain is known for the holy grail, Capital lunch, if you want to enjoy the American classics, of 2 up and a coke, then go catch a ball game at Beehive stadium, this the only city in the area. Night life is starting to move in, we have 2 breweries, a couple of new cool bars downtown, and several other spots sprinkled around. If you play golf we have the most state of the art public facilities in the area, and if you don’t there is a great place to have drinks over looking the course! You are very close to everything, The mall is there with all the top stores in it(Vans) All major highways are easily, several to get you anywhere fast. New Britain is a city that is very much on the rise, and has the best leadership in the state. Be part of CTs Rising Star! (sorry Hartford, you had that title for to long and did nothing with it)


realbusabusa t1_j9fx4gq wrote

Are you looking rent or buy? Renting in downtown Hartford might be a great option for you, they have built (and are still building) lots of new units. The serious crime in Hartford is not really downtown and is more drug and gang related than random.


mrjharder11 t1_j9g4d5x wrote

NP. Also the crime in downtown Hartford isn't really a problem if you're just working there and maybe dining at night. Hartford is a commuter city so it kind of dies down after 6 pm. It doesn't have the heartbeat like New Haven or a big city like New York or Boston. Friday and Saturday are the only late nights in Hartford. Good luck and welcome to the States!


gregra193 t1_j9ggnkv wrote

I’m gonna recommend West Hartford proper over Hartford. It will just be a nicer experience.

When looking for apartments, avoid places that have electric baseboard heat as it’ll cost you a fortune.

I think you may need to be married to bring your partner via L-1, please double check that.


essaitchthrowaway3 t1_j9gmf36 wrote

Stick to West Hartford, but I hope you got money. WeHa is great, but it ain't cheap.


houseonthehilltop t1_j9hcigg wrote

If I were you I would choose West Hartford and live close to the town center and blueback square. Maybe apartment life first to see how you like it.


FrequentAd1126 OP t1_j9huznm wrote

You do. We got married remotely via Utah county. Modern problems require modern solutions I guess. We’re doing everything we can to ensure we can prove our 5 year relationship as legit, fingers crossed.


FrequentAd1126 OP t1_j9hv94b wrote

Based on colleagues who have been transferred before me, I’d likely get paid somewhere in the e 100-130k range, will find out exactly what my compensation will be this week. My husband will look for some part time work when he comes on as well, so we expect to be able to manage and save something hopefully.


noced t1_j9i6wgt wrote

Welcome to Connecticut!


CT-Best t1_j9ibsrd wrote

The Farmington Valley (Simsbury, Avon, Farmington, etc.) is one of the best places for walkability. So if you value traveling around town/state without being stuck in a car, you should look into Farmington Valley.


swisscheese_wall t1_j9iew7s wrote

West Hartford does check all your boxes; you should look into Farmington as well. Not quite as urban but lower taxes than WeHa or Hartford.


Adventurous_Ad_3415 t1_j9jhbil wrote

Don’t move here. State in bad shape economically( big businesses going out, small businesses closing, lot of place with lease sign), bad infrastructure, everything old and outdated, abandoned properties around Can’t wait to move out from here( couple more years unfortunately) Moved in 1,5 year ago and it was huge mistake. Living in West Hartford btw. Lot more states are better, much better. Some people never live somewhere else and can’t compare


yankeeinparadise t1_j9oswhc wrote

I was born and raised in CT, left to the south for college then stayed for a bit (13 years!) but it was wonderful to return in 2015 with my husband and three kids. It’s a great place to raise a family. My southern born husband never wants to leave, so I guess that is a bonus.


Impossible_Watch7154 t1_jabzlk6 wrote

Are housing prices collapsing here? Housing in the greater Hartford area? said it was Number 1 in the USA

Connecticut's economy grew from $251.0 billion in the second quarter of2022 to $252.5 billion in the third quarter. The 2.5% annualized expansion rate was the 23rd largest of the 47 states to report economic growth.



Do me a favor- when you want to talk facts fine- of you want to disseminate BS and lies- then get lost. Or go into your MAGA world of delusion. Or re you a Russian bot?

Retail all over the country is going a fundamental change- forced by on line shopping- if you were informed - this is something you would have noticed.

Climate change is going to make people think twice about moving to the south- and believe me its going to get ugly.