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MormonReformist t1_j7u4dds wrote

I say we pour boiling water on him.


PointOfTheJoke t1_j7u6efo wrote

Thats a little inhuman. We should put a towel over his face so it doesnt get into his eyes or anything


WhittlingDan t1_j7uond2 wrote

Boiling waterboarding.... George w. Bush would be proud.


anothertimewaster t1_j7uj749 wrote

His Twitter account has all the signs of a ticking time bomb. This guy is Fox News angry.


WhittlingDan t1_j7uoso2 wrote

And established sociopathic/psychopathic tendencies.


greenglasstree t1_j81n8zb wrote

I mean his father is a former police officers, and police officers are among the top 10 professions with the highest percentage of psychopaths, and psychopathy is partially heritable.

His father is a psychopath and so is he.


Darkling5499 t1_j7uaxze wrote

Glad they caught him now before he advanced along that trail and ended up with 6 dead people in his basement.


flagrant-fowl3 t1_j7uble1 wrote

He’s still gonna end up there


boondangle7 t1_j7unksa wrote

Yep. This is just Chapter 2 in the latest edition of 'Everybody Saw it Coming'

Condolences to the parents of the strangled children we'll need before he's removed from society.


hemingways-lemonade t1_j7zxp4d wrote

This is actually chapter three. He was arrested for abusing an ex's dogs before the cat abuse cases.


greenglasstree t1_j7v2pqr wrote

I don't see why we can't do preventative life sentences without parole for these types of people. We all know that animal abuse will eventually lead to murder/rape, so he should be locked up forever starting now. it's bullshit that he was allowed to post $10k bail. Bail is just get out of jail for rich people.


BlizBlitz t1_j7v3uhq wrote

We don’t know that, I’m not saying this guy isn’t a sicko and it is possible but that is a massive abuse of human rights.


greenglasstree t1_j7v4bky wrote

We all know that he's a psychopath. You can't cure psychopathy.


TacoDaTugBoat t1_j7vqx5j wrote

We don’t currently have a cure for cancer, but we’re trying. There are people that are sociopaths that lead healthy fulfilling lives. Required therapy with mandatory check ins similar to parole.

You’re not a goat fucker till you fuck a goat.


WhittlingDan t1_j7y70nn wrote

There is no definitive test. Its not like there is a blood test or scan. Second where is the proof that 100% of people that met the definition would go on to harm? The whole concept of better to set 10 guilty free than condemn one innocent is pretty damn important. I wouldn't be surprised if you met some criteria for something harmful or related to criminal activity, should we incarcerate you just to be safe? What's next? Eugenica?


GetYoAzzWhacked t1_j7zvptr wrote

You don't know anything and neither do we, you're letting your love of animals cloud your judgment!


pfmiller0 t1_j7wd1sz wrote

You can't imprison people for crimes they might commit. But you could increase penalties for the animal abuse itself.


GetYoAzzWhacked t1_j7zvbn9 wrote

That's scary af that you in your mind think someone who abused an animal deserves a preventative life sentence without parole, thank GOD your not in power and will never be!!!


thedude_CT t1_j7ujl0e wrote

He's still out and tweeting his grievances with Democrats every hour. Pretty sad existence


urkiddingrite OP t1_j7wv4ll wrote

Considering his parents picked him up from court he probably lives in their basement


jon_hendry t1_j7ufx1l wrote

Ran for state legislature in 2016 as a Republican


the-crotch t1_j7uj8w2 wrote

> Neuberger was first charged with animal cruelty in 2018 when he faced four counts of first-degree malicious wounding of an animal after police said he injured his then-fiancee’s two 5-year-old Cavalier King Charles spaniels, Thor and Charlie.

Wow. Even if it was possible for any animal to deserve this kind of abuse, Cavalier King Charles spaniels are literally bred to be kind and loving. That's another layer of shitty


Darondo t1_j7w4lk8 wrote

And he brutally murdered his girlfriend’s cat. This dude needs to be removed from society, one way or another.


hayfero t1_j7ugm9x wrote

He lives in the same town as me 😩


_coffeehouse t1_j7ulhyf wrote

Find his house 🫡


bogotol t1_j7zm2k8 wrote

You can find it on vision appraisal fairfield


HighJeanette t1_j7uyys9 wrote



Turd__Fergusson t1_j7wfi65 wrote

Why what


HighJeanette t1_j7wxhok wrote

Why find his house?


Turd__Fergusson t1_j7wxp33 wrote

Because? Mail him aspca stuff and what not


HighJeanette t1_j7yo7j5 wrote

You want to tell him how to get his hands on more animals?


Turd__Fergusson t1_j7z9x9u wrote

Yeah how about no?


HighJeanette t1_j7zlgsr wrote

Then don't send him literature on how to get animals. What are you thinking?


Turd__Fergusson t1_j7zr0r0 wrote

I didn’t say he should get animals, he should get literature on how to donate and what not. Jeez


HighJeanette t1_j7zu2bd wrote

Why in the world would a man who tortures animals donate money to animals?


Turd__Fergusson t1_j7zuyn7 wrote

Smh, hopefully he would find it annoying. Send all sorts of unsolicited literature to his house. Free tampons, mormon stuff whatever


HighJeanette t1_j802bzj wrote

Ah, I see. Well yes, that would certainly fix his wagon and show him the errors of his way.


MuchFunInNY t1_j7wmi7s wrote

Collect mice and send them toward his house. He'll really come to appreciate cats!


hayfero t1_j7zft92 wrote

I’d like to put a banner on his yard that says like animal abuser or something.

If his neighbors don’t know about his behavior, they should.


greenglasstree t1_j81n2wm wrote

Friendly reminder that it's legal to protest outside someone's residence in CT.


hayfero t1_j82axsz wrote

Wow I had no idea. I guess I didn’t consider the legality of people protesting outside politicians homes.


essaitchthrowaway3 t1_j7usor7 wrote

Is he a Republican?

I bet he's a Republican.

Yup. Wouldn't you know it, he's a Republican.


north7 t1_j7utc0c wrote

What is it about the Republican party that appeals to literal psychopaths?
We may never know...


CiforDayZServer t1_j7uvpgz wrote

Cliffs notes for Google search results:

Raymond Neuberger, 39 of Fairfield Connecticut former Republican member of Fairfield’s Representative Town Meeting from 2013 to 2017 and ran for state representative in 2016.

Police said Neuberger poured boiling water on Thor and fractured several of Charlie’s ribs. Burns covered 8 to 10 percent of Thor’s body when his owner sought treatment for him on June 22, 2017, according to a warrant for Neuberger's arrest.

Police said Neuberger beat Gem and doused the cat in bleach while his girlfriend was not home. When Neuberger’s girlfriend returned on Aug. 7, she found Gem in poor condition and rushed the dying cat to an animal hospital, police said. During a necropsy, police said, veterinarians determined Gem had suffered head trauma, collapsed lungs, a ruptured liver and a broken fang.


1JoMac1 t1_j7vkwkx wrote

Holy hell what a complete bastard of a human being. If you're running around treating animals like Fluffies there really should be a registry so people know not to leave you alone with one.


Terrifinglybeautiful t1_j7ugcq7 wrote

That is one ugly, bloated, mentally ill looking POS. Needs to face the same treatment he did to those poor animals asap


JackSpratCould t1_j7vunnk wrote

..."Neuberger celebrated the outcome, shouting, "I'm free!" before driving away with his parents."

I love that this is in the article.


Barkingpanther t1_j7zenwv wrote

You think that’s a top ten parenting moment for mom and dad? They put that in the Xmas newsletter?


CiforDayZServer t1_j7uuzrv wrote

Guys, he’s in the party of Lincoln, this is obviously a deep state plot to silence the truth. /s

I won’t make any earnest comments on this situation as I’m fairly sure they would be criminal.


caring_impaired t1_j7wrhs6 wrote

Something needs to be done. He won’t stop.


senor_el_tostado t1_j7un06x wrote

It just never ends with these people. Cruelty, injustice and horror. This is their calling card. Animal or human, they don't care.


greenglasstree t1_j7v37tj wrote

Is it legal to protest outside his house, since he posted bail?


BobLI t1_j7wkcef wrote

If the address is correct, an apartment building behind a gate, so definitely no sidewalk.


GaryBuseyWithRabies t1_j7vxqia wrote

This guy is well known in Fairfield and Fairfield politics. He is a shitty human being.


EfficiencySuch6361 t1_j7uy55o wrote

Sterilize and lobotomize this steaming pile of garbage


Just_Jer t1_j7vcck7 wrote

it IS is a person like this free to walk around? a cat? any animal, really. they are treasures and it makes me sick to think this person is free...


Bigballerway93 t1_j7vdyjh wrote

Will they actually do something or let him go again?


ZwischenzugZugzwang t1_j7vpjbq wrote

Someone should lock this guy in a cage with a lion or some wolves and see how he does when the animal can fight back


Pinocchio226 t1_j7w277q wrote

Big tough guy. Drop his ass in a vat of chlorine bleach!


scottyf_ct t1_j7w6dh8 wrote

I'd like to return the favor


kev___416 t1_j7wg18g wrote

Give him the death penalty pls


dreemurthememer t1_j7wtfir wrote

Situations like this really make you wish marooning would make a comeback.


Resident_Ad_4152 t1_j7xua31 wrote

Agreed. Maroon him on Vancouver Island. Since he likes abusing cats we can let the massive puma population abuse him.


WhittlingDan t1_j7y7wbl wrote

Marooning was usually done on narrow strips of land that were completely submerged at high tide. Most people that were marooned drown rather quickly or worse.