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hymen_destroyer t1_j6uj9yr wrote

I was born here, went to college in Canada, fucked around in upstate NY for a couple years, then moved back. The thing is it's not particularly better or worse than most other places but I never really felt at home anywhere else. I just fit in here better. It's not the most exciting place and it's pretty expensive but I love it anyway


IndicationOver t1_j6u947d wrote

My friend regrets moving to FL, hates it. Misses CT, confirmed it to me once again just the past Monday.


[deleted] OP t1_j6u97pz wrote

Where in FL?


frissonFry t1_j6v0rvr wrote



CatsNSquirrels t1_j6v7gwd wrote

This is the correct answer.


renduh t1_j6vi192 wrote

Speaking as someone who was born and raised in FL, moved to CT at 21, and has been here for over a decade now…can confirm. FL is an awful place to live.


Vandersnatch182 t1_j6wq3i3 wrote

Their governor might be our next president, and honestly, that is terrifying.


Academic-One-9135 t1_j6xk7br wrote

Florida has turned into a ultra right wing experiment which puts Texas to shame


IndicationOver t1_j6v5fxf wrote

Pembroke Pines


darthgizm0 t1_j6vwknm wrote

Funny enough I grew up in Pembroke Pines and planning to move to Cheshire next month. Rent/homes are too pricey and I love the "country" type of homes


Adventurous-Aide664 t1_j6vbigr wrote

Wife and I moved to Florida in 2015. We enjoyed our time there but decided to come back for several reasons. The biggest thing was family, we have two kids now and everyone we know lives in CT. Aside from that though, the allure of Florida eventually wears away and you start seeing all the negatives. Terrible infrastructure with no real public transit anywhere in the state, underfunded schools with horribly unqualified teachers that seemingly get worse every year, and the low cost of living we enjoyed is no more since Florida is now one of the most expensive places to live.

Also, while I prefer warm weather generally, years of it always being hot wears on you. I am thankful for cool weather now. Finally, it's so darn flat and there are no real trails to enjoy.

There are some aspects that I'll miss about Florida but I'm happy to be home.


SamuraiPanda19 t1_j6vuobc wrote

Route 19 in some parts of Florida makes 95 in Stamford look like kindergarten


samuraisammich t1_j6wxcrb wrote

My wife and I have come to the exact same conclusions after a 5 year hiatus to the panhandle. Move back this year and have not looked back. All these CT snowbirds get there feathers all rustled when the topic comes up. It’s always the “really?!” In disbelief that we didn’t like it there.


Welcome2FightClub t1_j6xftpg wrote

The CT bashers that have lived here their whole lives and never left are the most annoying people. They are always astonished that I didn't like it down there and take it as some personal offense on behalf of a place they've only vacationed. People who have never lived in Florida base they opinion on it from going to Miami Beach or Disney. I mean if I didn't have to wake up and go to work every day in some specific place I bet I would love it too.


Adventurous-Aide664 t1_j6wxtwx wrote

It's funny they would get all up in arms when they're snowbirds and run away from Florida in the spring, summer and fall lol


[deleted] OP t1_j6vceqh wrote

Where in FL did you live?


Adventurous-Aide664 t1_j6vcptu wrote

Cape Coral


carcadoodledo t1_j7fru6s wrote

Where? We were on SW 1st Place


Adventurous-Aide664 t1_j7fsf0x wrote

Ha! That's too funny. Our house is near the intersection of Santa Barbara and Trafalgar.


carcadoodledo t1_j7fsxo1 wrote

Up 40th, take a left and onto Santa Barbara. Be about a mile plus to you. Might go down and visit or Sox Spring Training but not even sure.


Adventurous-Aide664 t1_j7ftxxv wrote

We kept our house to rent out so we'll be back fairly often but yeah, no chance we'll move back permanently


carcadoodledo t1_j7g25xh wrote

Wish we could have kept the house but couldn’t afford 2 houses


Adventurous-Aide664 t1_j7g3dhh wrote

We're renting ours out as a vacation rental so it's thankfully more than paid for.


carcadoodledo t1_j7frrj8 wrote

Wife and I spent 15 years in that shithole state. Agreed with all your points. We have 3 kids who all live up here, family all in New England.

I’d add all the fake christians and terrible politics.

Lucky for us, we sold in May and made good money.


Adventurous-Aide664 t1_j7fs9cx wrote

I had a neighbor that flew a flag on this ridiculously tall flagpole that said, "Fuck Biden and Fuck you too for voting for him" with a middle finger picture. For Christmas they had a baby Jesus nativity scene.

The dumbest most hateful people live in Florida.


carcadoodledo t1_j7fttpu wrote

I’d just laugh at a neighbor. A “Christian” who loved Trump. The man grabbing women by the pu**y and who cheated on Wife #1 with #2, cheated on #2 with #3, etc…


Pancrat t1_j6uqvub wrote

Hawaii. Money problems


Adorable-Hedgehog-31 t1_j6wtnqn wrote

I moved to NYC for several years, realized that I hate people, then moved to rural CT.


FluffyBiscuitx2 t1_j72v1cj wrote

The equivalent of running errands and not realizing it’s a holiday. “Ahh people!” 😂


LazyUpvote88 t1_j6uzktl wrote

Moved down south for a bit, which totally helped me appreciate CT more. We are not hung up on the civil war, we have good Italian food, and people here drive at least the speed limit.


velociraptorbaby t1_j6wk76o wrote

It kills me how limited the food options are down south. My in laws are there and we eat terribly all week when we visit unless my MIL cooks. No breakfast places that aren't waffle house, no sandwich shops, no good Italian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese food. Just fast food. So much fast food.


Welcome2FightClub t1_j6xgf6y wrote

I remember when I first moved to Florida I count believe how almost everything seemed to be a chain restaurant. Plaza after plaza of generic crappy fast food places and Cheesecake Factory type restaurants. There were so many chains I had never even heard of that were on every other corner down in Tampa.


JimmyRigsPCs t1_j6yt807 wrote

Yeah i dont go down south much but i visited my friends in Peachtree City, GA and its almost like a college campus there lol. Everything just seems so "plastic". I asked where there was a deli to get a sub and they looked at me funny lol. Just didnt feel like a place I'd ever be able to call home.


Billh491 t1_j6uhpun wrote

Born in Mass 1959 moved to Texas 1977 back to mass 1987 then to CT 1989 til now.

Regret not so much had some good times there just missed New England.


iwantitthatway6 t1_j6u8lru wrote

My brother and his wife moved to Texas in 2015. They were pretty miserable and came back within 1 year. They said summer heat was brutal, rampant racism, mosquitoes/bugs like they’ve never seen before. Oh and apparently the traffic is a nightmare.


CatsNSquirrels t1_j6v7ske wrote

Can concur. Native Texan here who spent 40+ years there before moving here last fall. I LOVE it here. I don’t miss Texas at all. In fact, I’ve been avoiding a trip to visit my dad because I dread going back there so much. So many problems on so many levels, and the heat/weather sucks.


Phantastic_Elastic t1_j6ufmdb wrote

I moved to new Jersey for 8 years... I don't regret it, but I came back here to settle down and raise kids. Property in north jersey was crazy expensive, lifestyle was very high stress, and traffic was horrible. There are parts of southwest CT that are just like Jersey, so when I say I came back here, I mean back east of the river.


xiviajikx t1_j6wnkdy wrote

Made a similar move from North NJ having been there for 2 years earlier in the pandemic since I had a favorable living situation through family members. Was able to save and buy a house to move back, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


laceyourbootsup t1_j6verzj wrote

Grew up here, went to college in New Hampshire, lived in a suburb of Atlanta, Suburb of Philadelphia, and Tampa.

Suburb of Atl (Alpharetta) was nice. I could’ve made a life there but I was young and not ready to settle.

Horsham PA was not bad but it didn’t feel like home. I didn’t like Philadelphia as a city. Id isn’t know it well but it did not feel safe.

Florida is not New England. I love New England suburbs, neighborhoods, towns. Each town in CT has a feel to it that I can’t describe but it’s safe, beautiful, quiet, warming. Also CT fall is better than any weather out there. Late August through October is unbeatable. I couldn’t stand the Florida heat. It never leaves. Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas.

I don’t know… hard to describe but CT just feels right. I get the same vibes in MA, VT, ME also


x6tance t1_j6w05ds wrote

Horsham felt like the most quintessential American town, ever. I liked what I saw.

Similar feelings towards Alpharetta. It has that new development in the South feeling.

But I do prefer New England over both


danaaa405 t1_j6utk1e wrote

My husband And he dragged me back with him!


wherehaveubeen t1_j6utyt1 wrote

I lived in Manhattan for a few years and then flirted hard with Delaware county PA. Ended up back in CT and happy I did.


fudgerly t1_j6v27pp wrote

Moved to Illinois for a 8 years. I don’t regret it, but it’s great to be back. New England is home.


ashlietta t1_j6v9337 wrote

Moved to Florida for 6 years. I didn’t necessarily regret it but I missed home and family. I had several nieces and nephews born in that timeframe and I felt like I was missing out on spending time with them. Also, the traffic and humidity were both absolutely INSANE. Glad to be back


IdiotFlyFisherman t1_j6uqjte wrote

Went to college in Maine and loved there for a year afterwards. I came back for more diverse saltwater fishing, friends and family. Also Maine never really felt like home, which counts for a lot.


HPDeskJet t1_j6utcld wrote

Moved to Texas from 2017 to 2019. I really liked Texas but the heat was brutal and the lack of seasons got pretty old pretty quick. I also had a really hard time making friends in my 30's. I'm happy to be back but I do miss Texas. I visit as often as I can.


currentlyhigh t1_j6w62n8 wrote

I moved to Texas and it was terrible.

Came back in less than a year


Shellsbells821 t1_j6vnsmu wrote

Born and raised in Milford. Moved to Michigan for 10 years. Never leaving again. This is home. Hard to change.


Boddah067 t1_j6vx08q wrote

Moved to California for just shy of 5 years. Made great money and rent was cheap where I lived. I came back because I didn’t like the people and I was burned out in my career (auto body). The increasingly worse fire seasons didn’t help. My car also got stolen 2 months before I left.


brdoma1991 t1_j6wdlg0 wrote

Boston and Tennessee. Loved them both, both had their super unique charms and their drawbacks. In the end, CT is where the family is so I came back


[deleted] OP t1_j6wiuci wrote

Had to move from rural RI back to new London. It wasn’t a safe environment to raise kids. I have no idea why people think it’s a good idea to leave civilization with their little ones. It was mad max out here.


gswerve3 t1_j6wmgz7 wrote

Moved down to Charlotte NC for work and moved back up to CT 5 months later. We missed our family and friends, the ocean and food options. Never intended to stay in CT, was nice to go somewhere else for a bit and gain some perspective and a new appreciation


wwoliver04 t1_j6x184g wrote

I did the same, but only lasted 3 months. It’s a vastly different culture down there


saucymcbutterface t1_j6wqp4s wrote

I moved to Hawaii and noped back out for many reasons. Money, space, and decency is scarce. Homeless people are literally everywhere. And not just down on their luck people I mean violent meth people shitting on the sidewalk or throwing glass bottles at you. The traffic is absolutely ridiculous (45 minutes to go 3 miles) and the police don’t give a single fuck about anything other than the tourists. The tourists themselves are super entitled and rude, as if everyone who lives there is solely there for their entertainment. Random violence is super common. Social services are a joke. It’s just awful on every level. And if all that wasn’t bad enough, roaches everywhere! No matter how rich you are, you have roach problems. I hated every minute of those years and spent tens of thousands to come back.


emalways t1_j6xax7c wrote

If you don’t mind me asking, which island? My dream is to move to Maui, but yes.. money!


saucymcbutterface t1_j6xkv9m wrote

It was Oahu, so it was admittedly the most populated island. I don’t know how it is living on the other islands. Maybe it’s better, maybe it’s just the same. I recommend going out there for as long as you can to get a feel for how it is being a local before committing to the move. And if you decide to do it and have pets, ask people on the Hawai’i subreddit about how to get them there safely. It’s a whole thing. Good luck with your choice!


1Enthusiast t1_j6uytpx wrote

Missed being close to family so I came back. Had a way better time in the south


margo37 t1_j6wss64 wrote

I certainly don’t regret ever moving away, but I did wind up coming back once it came time to buy a house and start having kids. After college I moved across the country and thought I would never come back. I spent several years between Austin and Denver and had an amazing time, but eventually I wanted to be back near family and close friends and feel a bit more settled. I’ve gained a new appreciation for this state as I’ve gotten older and am really happy to be living here now.


Welcome2FightClub t1_j6xd4v7 wrote

Born and raised here and moved to Florida at 19 to go to school and just to do something different. The first year or two I liked it down there and had fun and enjoyed the weather but after that I started to get homesick. I missed the seasons, I missed not having to deal with unbearable heat, I missed having conversations about places I knew, and mostly I missed the people.

When I say the people I mean the way people are up here. Not necessarily rude but more that people up here keep to themselves but are nice/friendly enough if you approach them. Florida is different. You get lots of people from all over the country that can't wait to tell you their life story and where they're from and sometimes it just gets exhausting. They also don't seem to understand personal space down there as everyone needs to wait in line 6 inches behind you or be way too close when having a conversation.

I ended top meeting my now wife who is a native Floridian so I got stuck there for a while, about 9 years total. The last half of those 9 years I was miserable down there and couldn't wait to move. It took some convincing but my wife finally agreed to make the move up to Connecticut and she loves it here. We started off renting for a year in middletown to let her get a feel for CT and to be close to everything and it seemed to help the transition. After about 9 months we settled down and bought a house and now have a two year old.

The lack of family and the unbelievably poor school system down in Florida was a big factor in her agreeing to move and I am glad we got out when we did with everything going on down there. All in all I think CT is a great place to live. Yes, it is expensive, but you get what you pay for. The school systems are great, the political situation is more in line with us, and for me I just fit in better with the people up here.


GoPikachuGo1 t1_j6ur2z1 wrote

I regret being gone from may to October.

Perfectly happy being anywhere further south in the other months


BronzedAppleFritter t1_j6x14pw wrote

I moved from CT to Chicago and can't wait to move back to New England, we're planning on it in the relative short term.

There's a Midwestern tinge to everything that I am so excited to get away from, having to deal with that for like 10 years is probably the biggest motivator.


[deleted] OP t1_j6x7lfp wrote

Is the midwestern tinge a bad thing? Lol


BronzedAppleFritter t1_j6xaal1 wrote

I really don't like it. I'd definitely call it bad, but it's probably not fair to say that it's objectively bad.

I think the general attitude is more casual or less caring about details and presentation and things like that than I am, or what I'm used to back home. Stuff like how people dress at weddings, or whether you directly introduce two people you know who don't know each other. Or how people in the Midwest make this "Ope" noise as a kind of replacement for "excuse me."

It's mostly small stuff, but there's enough of them that they add up. The city and metro isn't as nearly as bad with it. People tend to care more for lack of a better phrase (although they have their own minor issues -- constant little brother syndrome with NYC, how they think they invented pepper and egg sandwiches, etc.). But you can still feel it around the edges and I'm tired of it.


Academic-One-9135 t1_j6xjvc5 wrote

I moved down the the DC area 5 1/2 years ago and can’t wait to move back. There’s so much I miss, bagels, the shoreline, the diversity, 24 hour Greek diners, pizza and so on. Where I live there are no backroads which means no detours when there’s traffic. There’s no package stores, just stores owned by the state where there’s less of a selection and at higher prices. Everything here is new. All the restaurants are chains or look like them and the only places to shop are big box stores. Also, housing prices and taxes are much higher here than in CT. Thankfully, we still have a house up there and I have a job that makes it easy for me to visit as much as I’d like


Previous-Swan3112 t1_j6xokl3 wrote

Lived in LA & SF for 9 years. When the opportunity to move back came I did. Best decision I ever made.


PotentialNo3801 t1_j6xz1ym wrote

The opposite. Grew up in CT. Moved to FL for 3 years. Recently came back for a better paying job. Totally regret it.


[deleted] OP t1_j6y1zn8 wrote

Loll why do you regret coming back?


PotentialNo3801 t1_j6y2ad6 wrote

I created a really nice little life down there (friends, volunteering, new hobbies). There are less opportunities to continue those things here.


[deleted] OP t1_j6y2zs8 wrote

Where in FL did you live? Are you going back?


PotentialNo3801 t1_j6y3dsl wrote

I lived in the Orlando area. I'd definitely like to go back, but I'm trying to stick it out a year here (because of the lease and the new job). I have applied to one job back down there but it's a lengthy lengthy process and it could be more than a year before I hear good or bad about it.


[deleted] OP t1_j6y3k8t wrote

Ohh, nice! Hope you get the job down there!


PotentialNo3801 t1_j6y3f95 wrote

Are you thinking about leaving?


[deleted] OP t1_j6y3l36 wrote

Yes lol


PotentialNo3801 t1_j6y3snc wrote

Do it! Hahaha even if it's just a trial run and makes you appreciate CT more afterward. I think it's a great idea to live somewhere else.


kimwim43 t1_j6z2hie wrote

I live in Central CT, was moved to bumfuck NY, was there for 4+ years on a dairy farm. It was awful. People were awful, stupid, proud of being stupid. Couldn't get anything without driving far too far.
I came home, and am much happier.


5tar67 t1_j6xcgk0 wrote

Colorado, money problems.


jtherese t1_j6xw970 wrote

I moved south and it’s not awful but I miss CT a lot. I’d like to return but we just can’t afford it 😓


Likeapuma24 t1_j6xx3em wrote

Lived on Oahu for 4 years, yet here I am back in CT. The #1 draw was family. Having nearby relatives is a lifesaver sometimes.

Not sure I'd ever get sick of the perfect weather & beaches of Hawaii. Could definitely do without the traffic, cost of living, & $1500/18+ hour flights to visit family. And road trips... You can go in a million circles, but it's always the same sights


Limp_Stress4254 t1_j6zhem2 wrote

I didn’t live in ct (I live in the south) but I stayed in Connecticut for a good bit and unfortunately had to come back to continue high school a while back. I am for sure planning to move to Connecticut soon though, the feeling of Connecticut is very comforting and it’s beautiful there


satansdebtcollector t1_j6zjr9u wrote

Grew up in the "Mental" as these youngsters call it, I still call it Middletown, also known as "home", and i've traveled the world, and while although I do find myself constantly wanting to move out west, California to be exact, I don't jump right to it for the simple fact that I will most likely find myself back in Connecticut. There's something about New England's spring time and autumn that you just can't experience anywhere else. Plus I now live in East Haddam minutes outside of Salmon River Valley, and it's freakin beautiful in the valley. Great fishing, one of the last places you can enjoy off-roaring without people breaking your balls, and of course the serenity of the great outdoors. I think that's what keeps me here. Or at least that's what I tell myself.


ClarkSN95 t1_j6ykxpp wrote

Never thought I'd live in a place I hate more than CT, but 2 years in Mass proved me wrong.

Lived here 32 of the 35 years I've been alive and can't wait to leave.


[deleted] OP t1_j6ywprq wrote

Loll what are you waiting for


ClarkSN95 t1_j6yxkii wrote

$106k job and waiting for the right plot of land in NH to pop up. I have nothing but time


Adventurous_Ad_3415 t1_j7frr49 wrote

Regret to move in


[deleted] OP t1_j7fs5ge wrote

Lol what happened?


Adventurous_Ad_3415 t1_j7h20v4 wrote

Everything old and outdated. All changes going very very very slow. I don’t care about higher taxes if state give something back, but CT give nothing back It looks like everything is dying Check how many sign for lease. Business going out, people moving out A lot of abandoned buildings and neighborhoods, ghettos and slums There is no hope here


UmbreHonest t1_j6vu92f wrote

I’m moving to Texas tomorrow. Not looking back, I loved growing up here but there’s nothing for me in CT anymore. The town I grew up in is not the same. Trumbull. The mall is closing down, it’s getting more violent, way too expensive. I was gonna stay to raise kids but it’s not like how it was when I grew up there.


mlassoff t1_j6w8tch wrote

If you think Trumbull is violent, you’ll love Texas. /s


UmbreHonest t1_j6wqgcy wrote

Literally not sure why I’m getting downvoted because everywhere depends lol, Trumbull is not the town it used to be. Every few days it seems Trumbull is in local news for another fight breaking out in the mall, or another overdose in Trumbull center (remember the week there were literally multiple?) part of it is because it’s next to Bridgeport I know. Shit changes, I personally don’t have a reason to be here anymore. I’m not gonna stay locked here…. I’m not gonna pretend Connecticut is this perfect place. I can’t afford it anymore. I had to move to New Haven because it’s the cheapest place I could find rent, and a few months of living in New Haven has been absolutely miserable.

I’ve loved this state my whole life. I really have. But there’s nothing left for me here. Others have said they have family and friends here to keep them here or bring them back, but I sadly don’t. I wish I did, but two of my siblings and my dad passed away. My brother moved to New Mexico and my mom retired to Florida, nothing is tying me here and too many things remind me off the loss of my family. I can’t afford to raise kids here, nor do I want to at this point. Especially New Haven. I’m gonna miss the seasons a lot. Especially the fall, and Christmases won’t feel the same. But to be fair they stopped feeling the same a while ago.


SonicBoom6 t1_j6uqvdn wrote

Moved to CA to meet my other half. Jobs are shit and pay are shit. Racism problems, cop beating people, cop pull people over for ridiculous things, incompetent people in gov., water problems, theft, bad traffic, not friendly people, and high vehicle registration which is also the property tax. You name it. Both north and south CA.

Moved to upstate NY. It was ok until the influx of immigrants from Africa come in we got our cars broken into, we got our house broken into. The pay is a little better but not that great. Business are shady. People lie to get their jobs so management are incompetent.

After 8 years away I came back to CT. Oly moley this place turn to shit itself. Pay is better but expensive in rent compare to CA and NY. I stop watching the weather cuz they are over exaggerating. Lazy employees, entitled people, incompetent drivers, the food variety suck compare to out of state, and pan handler everywhere.

No matter where you go this country is out of hand.


asshat_deluxe t1_j6v3zl3 wrote

eh, you might live in a crappy town. So what if the weather man exaggerates, really with the trash on cable news you complain about the weather man? Good help post covid is hard to get period, no matter where you live, and drivers have always sucked, but yeah they are worse now. The food variety is great if you know how to look for it. Pan handlers are not everywhere, in fact they are illegal in my town. Seems like your only happy when it rains bro....