Submitted by ElizaSeaME t3_11dikqb in Connecticut

Live on the shoreline... need a whole foods trip. I am kind of between Milford and Glastonbury. Is either a better option for my drive? The Milford one appears smaller than the Glastonbury option. Thanks!



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bladerunner_203 t1_ja8tn6m wrote

So it sounds like you live in the old saybrook/Westbrook area. I’d recommend going to Glastonbury because route 9 is a much nicer ride compared to 95.


ElizaSeaME OP t1_ja8u5ih wrote

Actually Madison/ Guilford line so Milford is 10 minutes closer BUT I agree the glastonbury ride is much better, and at 830-9 AM may even be a similar travel time.


bladerunner_203 t1_ja8voqi wrote

It would be worth traveling to Milford if you are going weekdays during off peak hours. Like between 10AM-2PM.


CTMQ_ t1_ja8w9lf wrote

I guess I should be happy I live within 10 minutes of 3 different Whole Foods stores?

I didn't know people straight up traveled for groceries. (I know, I know, they sell some specialty items I suppose.)


TheAnt06 t1_ja92f1f wrote

Every couple of months I drive from the shoreline to Trader Joes in Orange to stock up on their Chicken Tikka Masala samosas because they're disgustingly goodf


alisa62 t1_ja93x2q wrote

I LOVE those samosas! I travel from Essex to West Hartford on occasion for them.


TheAnt06 t1_ja948ni wrote

Do I care if I scald the roof of my mouth every time I eat them? No

Do I eat the entire package in one sitting? Yes


Mascbro26 t1_jab1gkl wrote

I've never had anything from Trader Joes that wasn't bangin. They have the best prepared food/snacks anywhere.


CTMQ_ t1_ja95v4g wrote

the removed comment asked where - NW West Hartford. Small WF in Bishop's Corner, Huge new one up 44 in Avon, and mid-sized one in West Hartford center. All 3 are quite different TBH. (and the story of why the tiny one nearest me still exists is ridiculous - it has no right to exist with 2 much larger stores within a couple miles, but there it is - right next to a Big Y which is often more expensive for many things.


gatogrande t1_ja8vqrp wrote

Parking in G'bury is nicer


Observant_Neighbor t1_ja92l7g wrote

Since Whole Foods was purchased by Amazon, my perception is reduced stock, reduced service, fewer employees and same or higher prices.

Milford is a smaller store and the traffic on Rt 1 there is often crazy. A nice drive from the shoreline to glastonbury might be nicer to a larger store.


curbthemeplays t1_jabdkeo wrote

Not sure it’s smaller? I’m looking at the footprints on Google Maps at the same zoom level and Milford’s looks bigger.

The traffic isn’t usually bad near WF. I live in town and reports of it being bad are grossly overrated. It is bad for a few hours on Saturday’s and during the holidays, otherwise pretty manageable.


Prize-Hedgehog t1_ja919vf wrote

Hopefully soon they will start on the Old Saybrook Whole Foods, so you won’t have to take the hike.


curbthemeplays t1_jabd6qs wrote

Milford WF is fine if it’s closer. Also I’m not sure it’s smaller. Looking at the footprints on Google Maps, Milford actually looks bigger.

Anyway, I’d just try both, or whatever’s quicker on a given day (just check on Google Maps for real time traffic).


missmoxiesue t1_ja8yklw wrote

I live in MA and I go to a lot of Whole Foods when I travel to CT, since I don't really know the local stores. I find they are all a little different. For example, the Whole Foods closets to me has a crap meat department and the prepared meals section always looks like I missed a busload of tourists; the trays are empty and the counters are messy. So I go to one much further away and plan errands convenient to that store.

I was just in West Hartford and stopped at one store, looked for some things I normally pick up, and they didn't have it. So I went to my usual place later that day.