Submitted by evilmonkey002 t3_11bunyv in Connecticut

I’m an attorney licensed in Texas, though I haven’t practiced in 13 years. Looking to take the Connecticut bar exam next year due to concerns about the long term security of my federal job. For those that have taken the CT bar exam in the last several years, which prep course/materials did you use? Would you choose it again? I used Barbri when I took the Texas exam in ‘08.



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scatematica t1_ja16qpw wrote

I used themis and had no complaints with it. Use whichever is cheapest, I don’t think they are that different.


IMNOT_A_LAWYER t1_ja0vkon wrote

Barbri or Kaplan will get you across the line.


stengbeng t1_ja2qyzy wrote

Can you not waive in?


evilmonkey002 OP t1_ja3lel0 wrote

No, because I would have had to practice for 5 of the last 10 years. But I haven’t practiced since 2010, when I switched careers.


Em_claff t1_ja1e5ra wrote

Genuinely I think you’ll get the same amount out of any of the big three. I used barbri, it worked. I have friends who used Themis and Kaplan, they also passed


ukie1999 t1_ja8cluk wrote

I haven't graduated yet, but most my my friends that graduated last year took Themis and passed. I know BarBri had some issues with site outages last summer that Themis users didn't have. You really can't go wrong with either, though Themis breaks down their subjects into shorter videos (think 15-25 mins), while BarBri does much longer ones, so depending on your study style one may be better than the other. Best of luck!!